Hello! It is me who is Jan-Einar.

I was born in 1966 and did not have a good start in life, I am namely born 3 months prematurely. In the hospital I was put in a incubator, and the vicar came the following day to christen me. In 1966 it probably was a little miracle that I survived, weighing only slightly more than 1000 grams.

But the years went by and I grew up. What I remember from my childhood is that I often enjoyed disassembling radios and other technical facilities. I was probably about 7-8 years when I built my first radio receiver, it was a crystal receiver, the aerial was a copper wire about 70 meters long which I mounted in the trees in the forest below Fredriksten fortress in Halden. Soon I realized that the library had many books about radio technology. I was often to be found in the library to read and borrow books. Each and every day after school I visited a radio workshop to learn more stuff. Then I used to get old electronic components.

In school I was picked on almost every day for my interest, and they thought it was funny picking on me. I became angry and sad, and I often misunderstood what my class mates at my own age really meant. Now I know why, I am born with a disorder called Aspergers syndrome. By that time no one had heard about it.

But the years went by and I became an adolescent, and when I turned 14 I became a Christian, I received The Lord, Jesus Christ. I got myself a guitar and started playing on it. Later I joined the youth choir in the Congregation called Pinsemenigheten Salen, Halden. So as a 15 year old I was rebaptised. I practised and practised on my guitar, and began to play together with the Juniorchoir in the congregation, later on also in the youthchoir.

At the same time I started to grow an interest for photography. I shot pictures in black and white and developed them myself. Then I started to take pictures for the newspaper called Tistaposten. Later I also took pictures for Halden Arbeiderblad by one occasion.

The time went by, and I attended a study at "Elektrolinjen" (a course for electrotechnology at a college) and later on at a music line. But I had to quit the latter because I broke my arm … then I got really depressed.

I got work at a radio station in the town, Solradio'n ("The Sun Radio"), and assisted there (day and night) as a volunteer technician, everything from news recordings to music recordings was done there.

I did also do mixing work for some local bands, and soon I mixed for some more familiar bands. And the time went by…. with lots of interests and special interests.

Then the day came when my sister, May-Liss, told about a work colleague. This work colleague has a son diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome, and my sister got an aha-experience, "This is almost as hearing about my brother". Then she said to me: I think you have got a syndrome". And she was right. A while later I was diagnosed Aspergers syndrome. Since then I have moved from Halden to Oslo, where I live today.

Here in Oslo I received more help concerning Aspergers syndrome, so now I have two assistants helping me, every week, making my appartment tidy, and I have order in my economy. I first got a assistant called Arild, but after a year he quit for another job, then I got Stine and Kristin. She who helped me making all this come true is Tove.