Autism interferes with areas of the brain which control verbal and non-verbal communication, social interaction, and sensory developement. Children or adults with autism may exhibit repeated body movements such as hand flapping and rocking, show unusual reponses to people or attachments to objects, and resist changes in routine. In some cases, aggressive and or self injurious behavior may be present.

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Asperger is a kind of autism, where the persons mind is functioning normally in most cases. In those areas where these persons have problems the difficulties seems unexplicable for the environments.

One peculiarity with people diagnosed with AS is the fact that they do not "get" irony and metaphors in spoken language, they do usually not laugh of the same things as so-called "normally functioning" people. But you cannot say these people do not have a sense of humour, but they find it difficult to assign the usual rules for socializing, the "unwritten" rules must be learned and explained explicitly.

These people often find it hard to behave "normally", since they have to concentrate to do things the way they have been told is normal.

Often a person with Aspergers syndrome needs an "interpreter" in certain situations, to get an answer on "why he laughs now", "why she said so", "what shall I reply on the last utterance", "what does that facial expression mean", how thoroughly does one tell about ones private life and when is it applicable, etc.