19.05.05 Guy alias Amorandi`s Geronimo med Fanta og Tessa 4 h15.jpg (61249 byte)

Amorandi`s Geronimo,

 born 03.05.2005 

1 male and 3 females

(Vi-Vi`s Tobias x Amorandi`s Bonita Primrose)




Breeder of Golden Retriever

-litters only occasionally available for suitable homes











Randi Dahle Johansen og Anne-Rigmor Grønbeck,

Sollihøgda 35, 1783 Halden, Norway

Tlf. 0047 69 18 67 91



veien til torpet.JPG (351668 byte) 

Weekends and holidays we enjoy here in Munkedal in Sweeden 




Amorandi`s If Not For You.

born 12.03.07  (N UCH A Mi Manera Av Badiras x Amorandi`s Fable O`The Gannet )  

Fanny i midnattsolens land, 11 mnd . h 23 cm.JPG (152764 byte)

Amorandi`s Cora Sandel, born June 2th, 2001

 in the Midnigt Sun in Gildeskål, May 2002



Litter from Amorandi`s Bonita Primrose and Clio

Amorandi`s Effie Marconi, 10 mnd. h15.jpg (132255 byte)

Amorandi`s Effie Marconi, born April 6 th 2004



Amorandi`s Camilla Collett, 4.jan.04.jpg (50157 byte)

Her petname is Juni, born June 2th, 2001, 

Amorandi's Camilla Collett;


Amorandi's Bonita Primrose born November 17th, 2000, here 8 month old together with Jago, 8 weeks old

Bonita og Caro. aug.01.JPG (47245 byte)


The historie about us and our golden retrievers


Our Golden Retrievers
















Litter born Mars 19th, 1999

"Dancing" litter



Litter born November 17th, 2000


S UCH LP 1 Goldteam Leading Like A Lion


Vi-Vi's Cassina Primrose

Click here

  puppies were born November 17th, 2000

 Click here 

Litter born June 2th, 2001


Goldenlines Dutch Duty- Free 


  Lovelight's First Honestry

6 dogs + 4 bitches

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Litter born April 17 th 2003


Donnyrose Julius


Vi-Vi `s Cassina Primrose

4 males + 3 females


Litter born  April 4 th 2004




Amorandi`s Bonita Primrose


We are to psychiatric nurses who are living  in  Halden in Norway with our dearest 5 Golden -girls and 1 dachs.You find the place on the map in south-east  part of the country, nearby the sweedish border called Svinesund.

We bought our first golden retriever bitch in 1989.

 Her name was TessaClik on her name and you find another picture of her and her pedgree. 

She was not a show-dog, and we knew nothing about  how  to show a golden retriever. But Tessa was a calm and lovely lady, and we loved her very  much. To us she was beautiful, and everything we wanted from a dog. 

Tessa, 2 years old

We think a lot about health in our breeding, and hopefully we will have butiful goldens with good temptations.

  Kajsa's valper i hundeg.u.bordet, mindre utsnitt, skarpere.gif (74410 byte)

Amorandi's first litter, born Mars 19th, 1999 

Parents: Shibbina's Great Order and Lovelight's First Honestry

11 puppies was born;  7 dogs and 4 bitches



Hera slikker valper 1 uke.GIF (107460 byte)

Vi-Vi's Cassina Primrose and her puppies

Her first litter was born November 17th, 2000!

Clik here


Father :  SUCH LPI Goldteam Leading Like A Lion

   Mother: Vi-Vi's Cassina Primrose




Next litter was born June 2th, 2001


From this litter we have our youngest Golden girl:


7 weeks old

Amorandi's Camilla Collett

 Litter born: 23.07.2004:

 Vi-Vi`s Cassine Primrose



Jamoon Troika For Ninell

2 boys and 3 girls

Pedigee  litter




We are living with 5 Golden Retriever girls  today:

Kajsa, Hera, Sandie, Bonita and Juni.

Hera, Kajsa og Sandie, aug.2000, klarere, litt mindre utsnitt.gif (79429 byte)

 Hera, Kajsa and Sandie, Aug.2000 

When you visit their sites by cliking on their names, you will find the date of birth, breeders, health (hips, elbow, eye), show- results and pedigrees.You will also find a portrett on the next site for each one.

When Tessa died, we bought  our second golden retriever  bitch in 1996; her name is

   Lovelight's First Honestry, born September 12th, 1996

She is a strong, healthy bitch, with a lot of energi. She is the leader of the "girls"and she likes to work. She is elegant and sensitive, beautiful and a good  girl we think. 

She is the mother of our first litter  borneMars the 19th 1999 and our  third litter born June 2th, 2001


She comes from Kennel Lovelight.

We bought our second bitch  the next year, in 1997. Her name  is 

   Vi-Vi's Cassina Primrose , born October 4th, 1997

and her petname is Hera. She is sensitive, soft and the most lovely  girl you can think of. But she has a strong will too. She likes very much to use her nose  and  she learns very easy, and can be good in obedience. She does not like shows very much but has her 1. prizes in quality...


Vi-Vi's Cassina Primrose 8 weeks old

Her pet name is Hera. Here she is 12 weeks old.

From Hera's first litter we have

Our good girl...

Bonita Primrose profil venstre i vindu.JPG (12278 byte)

Amorandi's Bonita Primrose

born November 17th, 2000

Here are pictures from this litter when they were 10 month old

Fra Hera`s valpetreff. Alle.JPG (191517 byte)

see more of them here


Amorandi's Goldie Raindance , Mars 19th, 1999 --July 30th 2003

This is Sandie. She was Kajsa's daughter from her first litter.  She was a happy and "smiling"  good girl, strong and sensitiv. She liked  to do all the same as her mother , and she loved to compete and be the best ....She became very seek from anemi / tumor, and we had to let her go..She was loved, and we miss her!

Amorandi's Goldie Raindance

Ganzo. portrett aug.2000, mindre utsnitt med burgunder ramme.GIF (67770 byte)

Amorandi`s DoThe Locamotion






Tina 11 1/2 years old

She was a long hair small dachs, and she had a great personality...

see died January 7th 2003 

Tina i Halden 4.8.2000.JPG (167599 byte)























Anne-Rigmor Grønbeck


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