Undead Arena

(formaly known as Squareheads)
Undead Arena is a first person shooter game. It's still a early in development, although is a while since I've done any huge updates.


You can check out the webstart demo here. (Java 1.4 required)

The keys can be changed in the menu. The default keys are:
w - move forward
s - move backward
a - move left
d - move right
c - toggle debug camera
t or return - shows chat field
move mouse - look around
left mouse click - shoot

Press "Create Game" in the main menu. Customize your game and press "Create" to start a game. Join an existing game by pressing "Join Game" in the main menu. Enter the ip of the server and press "Join".

Brighten the screen by using the brightness slider in the Setup menu. The game will normaly be to dark.



Feel free to send me a mail at: tombryntesen at tiscali dot no.