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I have no commercial connections to any of the games or their producers mentioned on this site. The only thing I'm guilty of is being a paying and registered customer of several of the games. I have also made the Norwegian language file for the shareware game 'MyMahj'. And I'm the author of the freeware 'MahJongg Klondike' (a simple Klondike card game with the Kyodai Mah Jongg 'look and feel') available at the 'Other' page. My site is a fan site with no advertising or cookies. 

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Why did I make this site?

Well, I've liked solitaire mahjongg games for a long time. And when I had created my first custom tile set to Kyodai MahJongg and Moraff's YourJongg I wanted to spread the word. That was a difficult task. There was no website primarily dedicated to solitaire mahjongg games; there is no newsgroup or Yahoo / MSN groups.

There is an newsgroup called ‘’ but this newsgroup are only for ‘true mahjongg’, not solitaire mahjongg. The regulars in that group does not like it if you post messages / questions about solitaire mahjongg. The Rationale for the newsgroup's Charter clearly states that tile-matching games are "not mah-jongg". One funny soul once called the mahjong newsgroup: :-)

They recommend the newsgroup ’’ for these messages. Unfortunately, this is an more or less dead newsgroup. There should absolutely have been a ‘’ newsgroup.

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And at last: Some shameless advertising for my other sites:

Freeware Klondike card game with pictures of Sarah Michelle Gellar. Also card sets, tile sets and sets to Solitaire, MahJongg and Memory games and jigsaw puzzles

Some of my favorite funny and / or bizarre small freeware "fishing" games...
And some mermaids too!


List of online, freeware, shareware and commercial computer games, history and rules for Chinese Checkers and Halma



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