Some commercially sold (retail) solitaire mahjongg games. These games have either no shareware version or only offers a demo or a very limited trial version (often an limitation on how many times you can play, or are time limited, or crippled in such a way at it's almost unplayable).

2004 Mahjongg (3r)


3D version. Good graphics. 5 game types (Solitaire Mahjongg, Lines, Tetris, Blocks, Memory). 42 layouts. Undo, zoom, hint, shuffle, sound, music, high score, songs (MIDI classical music), and a Layout Editor. Req.: 3D graphics accelerator video card (Open GL), Win95x, 300MHz cpu and 64mb RAM. Authors: Vladimir Popolitov and Elenza Zueva. There is a 3,2 mb demo available (expires after 7 days). Download from Tucows



Price: $16.95


21st Century Mah Jong - solitaire 1&2


Three difficulty levels and 10 layouts. 20 tilesets (animals, flowers, nature, science, Christmas, fairy etc.). Hall of fame, sounds, undo, zoom, hint, training mode, demo, 10 background images. Tileset Editor (make your own with bitmap files). Version 1 and 2 also sold separately for $9.99 each. Req.: Win 95/98/NT/2000/Me/XP


21st Software



3D Magic Mahjongg 1.15 Commercial

3D version played in an "ancient tower". 50 layouts, 9 tile sets and 7 rendered backgrounds. Lightning and particle effects, fog/shadows, statistics for each layout, background music, 3 video modes (800x600, 1024x768, 1280x960), board can be viewed from any angle. The games strong point is the Game analysis who check at each move if a layout is still solvable. Req.: Win 95/98/ME/2000/XP, Pentium PII 300, DirectX compatible video card (3D acceleration and 16 MB Video-RAM recommended, 32mb ram, DirectX 8.1 The trial version is limited to ten days and has only 3 backgrounds, five layouts and two tilesets (classical and characters).

Two variants also available at $14.95: 3D Magic Mahjongg Holidays Edition and 3D Magic Mahjongg '4th of July'

5,3 mb - download from: Suricate Software Price: $ 19.95.

[Note: I have been a late beta tester for this game]

Second website


3D Mahjong (Solitaire) 1.03


3D version. 20 layouts and two tilesets (traditional and kids). 3- dimensional layouts. Hint, Super Hint (shows all possibilities), music, sound, high score, shuffle. The game is sometimes called '3D Mahjongg Solitaire' and sometimes '3D Mah Jongg' only. There is a 16 mb trial/demo available (only 7 trials) at DarkBasic Pro Showcase. Req.: Win 98/2000/NT4/XP, Direct X9.0, 64 Mb Ram, 3D Video Card w/16Mb RAM.



Price:$ 19.95 


3D Mahjongg


Seems to be a very good high quality graphics 3D version. Pan or tilt at any angle. 99 or 100 layouts, high score, hints, undo, shuffle. Req: Win 98/ME/2000/XP and DirectX 7+. 
Seems to have been developed by 'White Lynx'. Sold by ''.

Note: Don't confuse this with '3D Mahjong' - a true mahjongg game from Zhu Lian.



Price: $12.97


5 Star MahJongg 1.01


Average game (not as good as it claims...). 48 layouts (ranked from Easy to Very Hard) and 6 tile sets ( Classical, Egyptian, Medieval, Primitive, Ancient and Pop). 3 modes: Easy (for Kids), Normal Mode and Tournament mode (realistic simulation). Choose random or solvable boards. High score lists, sounds, shuffle, hint. Note: Only 10 tries in the shareware version. Req.: Win95/98/ME/NT/2000. Developed for QA by HyperVisual. A retail version was earlier sold by WizardWorks under the name 'Mah Jong Mania! (seems to be discontinued now).

1,8 mb - download from:

Quantum Axcess

Price: $14,95


9.95 Mahjong Commercial

Solitaire mahjongg game. 50 layouts (12 to 154 tiles), backgrounds, 3 tile sets, unlimited undo/redo, high-score, hint, shuffle, 

Versions for PalmOS (3.5+) and PocketPC

Publisher: 9.95 Soft Price: $9.95

Screenshot from PalmOS version


Absolute Mah Jong 1.1


4 game modes: Classic, Word (collect words and form letters), Math (build mathematical expressions) and Shuffle Mah Jong (tiles reshuffle automatically if there is no free moves left). Highscore can be published on the net, layout editor, shuffle, auto save, 66 layouts. There is a very crippled demo available (it will expire after 10 games among other things). Also versions for Mac, Linux, PalmOS, and PocketPC.
Download demo (3,3 mb) Absolutist Price: $24


After Dark Games Commercial

After Dark Games is a collection of 11 games (card, puzzle, arcade, tetris, word games). ", colorful graphics and engaging music and sound". Includes 'Mooshu Tiles' (a solitaire mahjongg game) who gives you a fortune cookie when you finish. Made by Sierra (Berkely Systems) in 1998. Discontinued. For Mac (PowerMac, System 7.5.5 +) and Windows (95/98/ME). Buy at Amazon. Reviews: GameSpotLadyDragon / The Critical Eye / MobyGames.
Producer: Sierra Price: $4.99 +


Art Mahjongg 1.02 Commercial

Quote: "...many levels in the classic design as well as brand new designs....handpixelated graphics.....backgrounds ranging from knights themes to science fiction themes." 4 tilesets and four levels (?), MP3- sounds, German language only. Req.: DirectX 8.1+, 8 mb ram, Win 95/ 98/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP. A repackaged version (of this game or Magnussoft's MagJongg is being sold by KOCH Media UltraLine Games as Mahjongg (9,99 €)
Producer: Magnussoft Price: 14.99 EUR


Bicycle Board Games


'Mahjong' is one of fifteen board games in this collection from Microsoft. 5 layouts. List of all games: Mancala, Color Match, Vanish, Five Dice, Mill, Chess, Checkers, Chinese Checkers, Dominoes, Backgammon, Four-in-a-Row, Sink the Ships, Reversi, Mahjong, Cross and Circles. Req.: 95/98/Me/2000/XP. More information at Microsoft. Buy at Amazon.



Price: $19.99


Cats Mah Jong Solitaire


2D/3D solitaire mahjongg game. Also includes a true multiplayer mahjongg game and Shisen-Sho. 20 tile sets and 150 layouts. Layout Editor, difficulty levels, sounds, undo, hint, pause, zoom, demo, high score list. A 6,9 demo is available for download (you can only play it five times). Req.: Win 98/NT/2000/ME/XP


21st Software

Price: $17.95


Cosmi Championship Mah Jongg Commercial

3D graphics, music, several backgrounds, different skill levels. Also a Memory Mah Jongg game (concentration) 

Req.: Windows 98 or higher.  Buy at Amazon.

Publisher: Cosmi Price: $9.99


Dragon's Challenge Commercial

Standard solitaire mahjongg game. 12 layouts, 6 tilesets, 18 backgrounds, sound, hint, shuffle, undo, tournament mode. First published 1996. Probably a licensed game from Activision. The publishers Expert Software died in 2002. Review from 2000 at KickstartNews. System req.: Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME, 486DX 100Mhz+, 8MB RAM
Available for purchase at and JBSoftware
Publisher: Expert Software Price: $ 12.95


Disney's Mahjongg Commercial

Solitaire Mahjongg game made for small children and featuring Disney characters. 2 game modes (1-player Shanghai, 2-player Shanghai) and two mini games: a tile slider puzzle and a game where you have to match tiles that are next to each other (with several options and variants). 6 tilesets (traditional, Pooh & Friends, Disney Princess, Mickey & Friends, Disney Film Classics and Disney Villains). Sound, music, timer, 150 layouts. Req.: Windows 98 / ME / XP, P-233, 32MB RAM, 2MB Video, DirectX 9.0b. Buy at

There once also existed a 'Mulan MahJongg' in the 'Disney's Hot Shots' game series (review in Swedish and screenshot).

Publisher: Disney Store Price: $9.99


Galaxy of Mahjongg



4 different games: Game of Four Winds SE (limited version of Berry Bloem's true mahjongg game), RahJongg (limited version of 'Curse of Ra' with only 22 levels), Solitaire (70 backgrounds and 18 tilesets) and Rivers (Shisen-Sho).

Galaxy of Mahjongg 2: Same content as above and MahJongg Empire (se below). Buy at MyGamerOutlet






Gamebox Asia Commercial

Graphics and features looks impressive. Three game modes: Standard solitaire mahjong, Shisen-Sho, and Nagori (memory). 320x320 high-res graphics, 80 layouts, 3 tilesets and 7 backgrounds. Tournament mode (28 levels), multiplayer, unlimited undo, sound, music, shuffle, hint. 2 reviews: PDASquare and Schoon's Place. Versions for Palm OS 5 and Pocket PC. Demo versions available.
Producer: Gamebox Asia Price: $9.95


Great Pyramid Commercial

From the description: "Match tiles in this Egyptian-theme PC game...MahJongg-type game play". Sorry:  Don't know whether this is a standard solitaire mahjongg game or perhaps Shisen-Sho. Very little information found and the screenshot is inconclusive. From 1998. Discontinued game - no information anymore on eGames site. Req.: Win 95/98.

Buy at ($9.99)DigitalRiver ($14.99)

Publisher: eGames Price: $9.99


GSP MahJongg


6 themed sets of tiles (tilesets), 6 backgrounds, hint, 10 different layouts, standard and time mode. Req.: Win 95/98/ME/2000. Box cover. Sold by some other stores in a different package (screenshot). A time-limited demo (14 days) is available from WinSite (3,4 mb).



Price: £9.99


Hoyle Mahjong Tiles


Hoyle's version was originally named 'Zen Bones' and appeared first in 'Hoyle Board Games 2000'. Two variants: Gravity Tiles (SameGame) and Memory Tiles (Concentration-type game). The 'Mahjong Tiles' game is in Hoyle Solitaire & Mah Jong Tiles ($19.99), Hoyle Mahjong Tiles ($10.75), Hoyle Table Games 2004, Hoyle Board Games 2004, Hoyle Puzzle Games 2004 - $29.99 each. Buy at Amazon. The screenshot is from Hoyle Board Games 2003.





King's Mahjongg


2D and 3D. 25 layouts, 15 tilesets, different difficulty levels, use your own images as backgrounds. Made by SoftKey, a division of MindScape. 

Req.: Pentium 133 MHz, 32 MB RAM, Win 95/98/ME/XP 



Price: £10.00


MagJongg 1.05 Commercial

4 different background settings (a.o. Viking times and ancient Egypt). Three different levels of difficulty available. Hand drawn backgrounds, MP3-sounds, German language only. This is probably just an older version of Art Mahjongg. Req.: DirectX 8.1+, 8 mb ram, Win 95/ 98/ Me/ NT/ 2000/ XP. A repackaged version (of this game or Magnussoft's Art MahJongg is being sold by KOCH Media UltraLine Games as Mahjongg (9,99 €).
Producer: Magnussoft Price: 9.99 EUR


Mah Jong (Idigicon)


On the positive side: 40 layouts, 6 tile sets and Level Editor. Built in Jukebox (plays mp3, xm and mod files).  On the negative side: You can only play the demo three times (Softwrap control). Author: Steve Smith. Req.: Win 95/ 98/ ME/ 2000/XP, DirectX 7, 300 Mhz CPU, 32 mb ram and 8 mb video card. An older version was called 'Dragon Tiles' (see Xmystik) (3.2 mb - download not available, email me for this file!).

4,3 mb - download from:


Price: $10-15


Mah Jongg 1


Good graphics, hint, music, high score. 10 levels with increasing difficulty. Req.: Win98/NT4/Win2000/ME/XP and Macromedia Flash 5+. 
Installation, game and website in German only. Online play also.



Price: €1.90


Mah Jongg 1.33 Commercial

Solitaire mahjongg game for PalmOS 3.5+. 

Features: . Change point of view, peek under a tile (only once), all games solvable, 10 layouts. Available in English and German. Trial version available (game stops before the end).

Publisher: Price: $ 7.00


Mah Jongg 2 - The Curse of Morxius


The successor to 'Mah Jongg 1'. The game promises better graphics on tiles, 12 levels and 10 bonus levels. Online play. Also called 'Mah Jongg Premium'. Req.: Win98 OSR1/ SE/ NT/ 2000/ ME/XP and Macromedia Flash MX+. Easiest place to buy from: T-online. A 2,1 mb demo can be downloaded at WinSite ($9.95). A Christmas edition (Mah Jongg X-mas) can be played here.



Price: €2.60


Mah Jongg - In 80 Minuten um die Welt

Or: "MahJongg -Around the World in 80 Minutes". Another good game (bright graphics) from Crenetic and this time there's a "story"...You have 80 minutes time to get around the world on three different routes. 44 levels (144 to 400 tiles), 6 tilesets, 12 songs, sound, hints, highscore. Language: German. Req.: Win98,NT,2000,ME,XP, Macromedia Flash 7, Pentium 1200 Mhz and 64 mb ram. More info, demo (2,1 mb) and online play at or download from WinSite.



Price: €9,95 / $19.95


Mah Jongg World


Play Solitaire or online. Also Tetris Mah Jongg. 21 tilesets. Tileset Editor. Sound and High score. German only. 

Req.: Win 98, ME, 2000, XP, Pentium 266Mhz, 64 mb RAM, DirectX 8.


Data Becker

Price: € 4,95


Mahjong Garden To Go 1.0 Commercial

I agree with the ad: "Attractive graphics". Three game modes: Traditional, Garden (you have free cells to temporary re-locate tiles which you feel "are in the way"), and Waterwheel (if you match the right tiles water will turn the wheel). 44 layouts, sound, music, reshuffle, hint, undo. Be rewarded with tokens and 'mahjong treasures'. 9,2 mb demo available (60 min. trial) - you must be connected to the internet. Req.: Windows 98 / Me / 2000 / XP, DirectX 7.0.
Publisher: Pogo Price: $19.99


Mahjong Mania Deluxe 1.0 Commercial

Main point: Play boards with up to 1600 tiles. 100+ layouts and more available for download. Use your own graphics as backgrounds. Themes (preset selection of tilesets, backgrounds, music, layout). Board Editor (make own layouts up to 432 tiles). Hint, sound, music, local or online highscore. Personally I think the tile graphics could have been better. Req.: 200+, 64 mb ram, windows 95+. Trial version available (seven days or ten times play only)
4,6 demo available: Rockets Games Price: $19.99


Mahjong Ultimate


Standard solitaire mahjongg game and 'Mahjong Memory'. 51 layouts, 250 backgrounds, 50 tilesets, 10 songs. Hint, high score. Versions for Mac and Windows (9x, DirectX 5+, Pentium 66 MHz). Review based on windows version.
Purchase link not working.


Webfoot Games

Price: (?)


Mahjongg+ v1.0 Commercial

Solitaire mahjongg game for PalmOS 3.1+. Several layouts, unlimited undo, replay, support for color, 16 levels of gray scale, four levels of gray scale, and black and white. A trial version was available at Palm Gaming World earlier, but has disappeared. Author: Chris Olson. Free add-ons still available at Palm Gaming World
Publisher:  PalmGear Price: $10.00


Mahjongg 2.01 Commercial

3 difficulty levels, 8-bit color and greyscale support, several layouts, tilesets and backgrounds, expansion packs available, undo, hint, shuffle, hints, zoom, sound, highscore.

Req.: Palm OS® 3.0 or above. You can only play 10 times in the demo version (276 kb).

A repacked version of v. 1.00 called Mahjongg for Palm OS by Global Star Software Limited is being sold for $10.99 at Amazon. Works only in PalmOS 3.5.

Producer: Astraware Price: $17.95


Mahjongg Challenge Commercial

12 variations, several levels of difficulty (inverting columns, testing your memory, wild cards, against the clock).
Hint, undo, shuffle, different tile sets, layouts and backgrounds. Req.: Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP, 16 mb ram, 233 MHz Pentium+, DirectX 3.0+

Buy at Amazon or

Producer: Channel Sources Price: $10.55


Mahjongg Classic


4 layouts and 4 tilesets (Modern, Greek, Egyptian and Ancient). Digital soundtrack. Hint.

Req.: Win 98 / Me, Pentium 200+, 32 MB RAM


Global star Software

Price: $9.99


MahJongg Empire


A mahjongg solitaire derivative. A tournament-type game, time doesn't count, only the value of the pairs you remove (if you remove a 9 of Bamboo you get 9 points). 3D. Many layouts. Only one tileset. No music. Originally made by Thomas Patchell at 'XtremeGames 3D' and named 'Shogun Mahjongg'. 

Req.: Win 95/98/Me/2000/XP, Pentium 700, Memory: 64 RAM, Direct X7+



Price: $14.99


Mahjongg for Pocket PC 1.0 Commercial


Versions for Pocket PC/WinCE, Pocket Manager OS Pocket Manager OS (Casio BE-300 and Casio BE-500) and Sony Ericsson P800/P900 (SymbianOS). 

15 days trial are available from the homepage. 

Screenshot from PocketPC version

The same game is being sold by ClickGamer under the name of 'Mahjong'... 


Producer:  Top321 Price: $7.95


Mahjongg Madness


Very little information on or Broderbund's homepages. Quote from customer at : "I ordered this game because it said I had a choice of 1500 different tiles to choose from, but the choices were very disappointing. They were many real pictures, like you would see from a clip art program, making it very hard to pick out the difference in tiles on the screen."


Broderbund / Amazon

Price: $9.99


MahJongg Master 4


Commercial version of the shareware Kyodai MahJongg 18.42

2D and 3D solitaire mahjongg game. Five additional mini games: 2 Player Solitaire, Memory, Clicks, Slider, and Rivers. Over 1001 backgrounds, 130 board layouts plus layout editor to create your own, and 250 tilesets. Req.: Win95 /98 /ME /2000 /XP



Price: $ 12.99


MahJongg Master Deluxe Suite


'MahJongg Master 5' has the traditional solitaire mahjongg game and 7 additional mini games. 389 3D rendered tile sets, 261 layouts and 1400 backgrounds. Layout Editor. Based on the shareware 'Kyodai MahJongg'.

'MahJongg Patience' is based on favorite Solitaire card games, such as Free Cell, Klondike, and Wild Dragons. 10 complete MahJongg games each with its own unique set of rules. [Probably a licensed version of 'Pretty Good MahJongg' (se the 'Other' section)]

Req.: Win 95/98/Me/XP/2000, Pentium 233, Memory: 16 MB, Direct X 8.0 




Price: $ 19.99


Mahjongg Mystery 1.01 Commercial

Play in Classic mode or Arcade mode (against time), 25 layouts, 3 difficulty levels, sound, high score, undo, shuffle, hint. A demo (3,4 mb) is available from the producers homepage: restrictions are: Only 15 tries, only one tileset, only 3 layouts and no saved highscore.. 

Earlier known as Mahjongg Masters 1.01 for Windows (just renamed and repacked the game). Demo of original game (7,8 mb) available at ZDNet.

MahJongg Fortuna Deluxe 1.00 (horoscope themed
      variant) also available 

Homepage: Zylom Price: €19.95


Mahjongg Towers II - The Rise Of Shanghai 1.1

With 500+ boards (tile layouts) included and the opportunity to download 100 new ones each week (?) this one looks good. Includes a Board Editor and you can upload your own layouts. You can play "towers" with up to 432 tiles and up to 9 level deep. 9 tile sets. 3 modes: Classic, Concentration, Scramble. Sound, music, hints and high score list. The demo version works for 60 minutes. Req.: 300 MHz CPU, Win95+, 32 mb memory, IE4+.

BigFishGames has five other games based on the same code with their own theme: Mahjongg USA, Mahjongg Holidays, Mahjongg Easter, Mahjong Halloween and Mahjongg Valentine.

5,8 mb - download from:


Price: $19.95


Mahjongg Variations 1.2


The ad says you can play Mahjongg Solitaire in 12 unique ways. Standard can be played in four variations ('Simple' (tiles doesn't have to be 'free'), 'Standard' (sic!), and two variations of standard with different degree of hint and shuffle available). 'Wild Cards' (match wild card tiles for bonuses), 'Tools' (all kind of help), 'Memory', 'Zapper' (zap away blocking tiles), Time Challenge (against the clock), 'Flipper' (flip the order of columns), 'Spares & Doubles (cheat with extra tiles), 'Puzzle' (all solve able). There are 16 tilesets, 16 backgrounds, 16 layouts and 800 unique puzzle levels. Sound, music, hint, shuffle, high score.

Only 4 tilesets, 4 backgrounds and 4 layouts in demo version. Limited to 15 times. Req: Win 95,98,ME,NT4,2000,XP and DirectX 6.1+

6,2 mb - download from:

Twilight Games

Price: $ 24.95 


Masque Mahjongg


100 tilesets, 400 layouts, 2500 backgrounds. Includes five new Mahjongg games, each with different rule variations - Niagara, Three Lines, Recall, Lines of Five and Alignment. Use your own pictures as backgrounds. Layout Editor. Eight music tracks. Windows (95,98,NT,2000,ME,XP) and Mac OS X versions. Update: And for PalmOS and PocketPC.


Masque Publishing

Price: $24.99


Master Qwan's Mahjongg Commercial

Nice and clear graphics. 24 layouts and 4 tilesets. Highscore, reshuffle. 4 different modes: Standard, Memory (with regular layouts!), SpeedMatch (find the pairs shown within 12 seconds) and Challenge Master Qwan. Must play and succeed in many layouts before you can enter World Championship Mode. The approach is perhaps to pedagogic...Master Qwan shows and tells.. and will show you the move if you haven't figured it out in 30 seconds...

4,5 mb demo available (only 60 minutes gameplay) and it needs an Internet connection to play.  Developed by GameRival. Req.: Win98+, 400MHz Pentium, 64 mb RAM

Publisher: TryGames Price: €16.70


Mega Mahjongg


120 tile sets, 475 backgrounds, 350 layouts, multiple difficulty settings, hints, tips, single or multi-player mode, 2D and 3D graphics, customizable layouts, music. 

There seems to be special versions of 'Arcade Mahjongg', 'Ultimate Mahjongg' and 'Twilight Mahjongg' in this box (information taken from a customers review at Amazon and the 'legal notice' at Encores site).

Req.: Win 98/ME/2000/XP, 266MHz Pentium, 32MB RAM. 


Encore Software

Price: $19.99


Nahan: The Ultimate 3D Puzzle Game

Nahan is customizable 3D tile matching game. Rotate a 3D layout forwards/ backwards and left/right, zoom in/out, several backgrounds, block patterns, tile layout and 13 audio tracks, hints, musical tracks, layout editor. Reviews: GameGirls, MobyGames. Developed by Electric Sheep and published by Global Star Software in 1998 (retail price was $14.99 - $19.99). Req.: Mac OS, Windows 95/98/ME. Discontinued and impossible (?) to buy. Watch Amazon!
Producer: Global Star Price: NA


Naked Mahjongg Commercial

Solitaire mahjongg game where all the tiles are of course adorned with explicit pictures of females. Part of SpeedStrips Adult CD-Rom. I don't know if this is a own made game or just an adult tileset to an already existing game.
Publisher: SpeedStrip Interactive Price: $ 32-33




Piles'O'Tiles Desktop 2.2.1



28 boards (layout). Four tilesets available (incl. one mahjongg set). Online high score, hint. Tileset /level editor in registered version. Author: Andy Kellett. Req.: Versions for Windows (req.:95/98/ME/2000/XP and DirectX 8.1), Macintosh (OS8.5 w/ CarbonLib, OS X Compatible, 400Mhz+) and Pocket PC (ARM/XScale and MIPS) available. A crippled demo (only five boards and two rounds of play) can be downloaded from the homepage. Review based on Windows versions

4,0 mb Demo - download from:


Price: $ 16.95


Shanghai ( Commercial

3000 levels (layouts) and 72 tilesets. Hint. Shockwave Flash. 

Demo available with five layouts.

Little information on homepage.
2,2 mb - demo - download from: MiniClip Price:$ 9.95


Shanghai: Second Dynasty


Despite being released in 1999, this is still one of the best solitaire mahjongg games on the market. There are four true mahjongg games ( Chinese, Japanese, Western, American Mah-Jongg) and seven variations of the Shanghai game: Classic, Kids, Two-Player, Windstorm (match tiles according to the prevailing wind), Arcade (against time), Dynasty (compete against four others in time mode), Power Dragon's Eye (either try to fill the layout or remove), Pandamonium (several plays on the same board). 54 tilesets, 143 layouts, 10 music tracks. You can use custom tilesets and there is an Layout Editor. 

There is a good review at CDMAG. Another at GameSpot. The last game in Activision's line of Shanghai games. Re-sold by Xplosiv in 2003. Activision's Support Center.
Req.: Win 95/98/ME/XP.





Shanghai Pocket Essentials Commercial


Solitaire mahjongg game for PocketPC and PalmOS, 

Layout Editor ( up to five levels deep), grayscale or color, 100 layouts, highscore, 2 difficulty levels (36 tiles or 24 tiles), timer, hint, 3 tilesets (9 in PalmOS version) , bonus packs available (music/tilesets), 4 ways to play - incl. standard and Contemplation (tiles are upside down).

14 days trial versions available.


Publisher: Landware Price: $14.95

Screenshot PocketPC version


Shanghi Infinity


60 layout, 2 playing modes: Shanghi 144 and Shanghi Mini 72 tiles. Shuffle, hint and Undo. Req.: Windows 95, 98, ME, 2K, XP, NT, 450 Mhz+. Flash MX game. A 1,5 demo is available (whit the crucial limitation that you only can remove 60 tiles in each game...). Developed by Jetacer Interactive.

An older version: 'Shanghi' is available for $9.99


Tornado Games

Price: $14.95


Simple Mahjongg 1.0 Commercial

A game that lives up to its name: simple. Only the standard mahjongg tileset, hint, shuffle, redo, undo. The available demo (1,9 mb) has a one hour play limit.
Req.: Win95/98/ME/NT 4.x/2000/XP, P2, 4MB video card, 
Direct X 6.1

A lot of the freeware offerings are much better than this.
Publisher: Twilight Games Price: $ 9.95


Solitaire Mahjongg Commercial

20 layouts, 20 tilesets, use your own mp3, 16 backgrounds, undo, shuffle, three difficulty levels, jukebox function.

Language: German. Req: Win 95, 98, Me, 2000, XP, Pentium+, 32 mb ram

Producer: Digital Tainment Pool Price: EUR 9.99


Look how
they spell
 it.. !


Super Mah Jong Solitaire 2.06


20 layouts and 3 tilesets. Sound, music. Hint, help, undo, reshuffle, high score. Only 12 tries in the demo version (1,9 mb). Versions for Windows (95/98/ME/2000/XP, 32 Mb RAM) and MacOS X (10.1+).



Price: $ 19.95

Screenshot from Windows version


tkcMahjongg 2.0 Commercial

For the handheld Sharp Zaurus. The game contains 105 tile layouts, two tile sets, and eight different backgrounds (mostly anime nude art). You can create your own layouts with a layout editor. 

"Qtopia application". Req.: 1.3mb of RAM. Versions for both SL-5x00, and C-7xx series Zaurii. 

Favorable reviews are at LinuxDevices and at PDA Buyers Guide.

Publisher: Price: $4.95


The Emperor's Mahjong


Very good graphics and game. Single and two player mode. 72 layouts, 6 themes, 3 tilesets, 3 difficulty levels. In the 'Emperor's Challenge' you have to solve the 12 layouts in each theme successive. Music, hint, undo, reshuffle, online high score. Layout Editor. Developed by Hexacto, sold by Broderbund. Req.: Win 95, 98, Me, 2000, XP, Pentium 266 Mhz and 64 mb ram. PocketPC and Palm versions available.



Price: $ 19.95


The Orient Pack Commercial

MahJongg comes with 7 layouts, 4 tilesets, 10 backgrounds, hints, undo and Beginners and Expert mode. Shisen has the same four tilesets and 10 backgrounds. The games can be played for free online (java applets) - MahJongg - Shisen-Sho. Purchase page. Download Size: 2.9MB
Publisher: 4WebGames Price: $ 5


Tiles Of The Dragon


Old ms-dos solitaire mahjongg game made by SoftDisk Publishing in 1993. Solitaire and Tournament mode (with a pre-established time limit per game). Hint, undo. Author: Tom Hall. 231 kb. Review at HOTU. The game has been spotted on abandonware sites.

Req.: DOS 3.30 or higher.


SoftDisk Publishing

Price: $9.95


Ultimate Mahjongg 5


Seems to be a very good version. 5 ways to play (Standard, Two Player, Memory, Waterfall (SameGame), Rivers (shisen-sho).  Play against the clock or two-player. Online play. 300+ tile sets, 1250+ backgrounds, and 200+ layouts. Create your own layouts. Developed by Gunnar Games, sold by ValuSoft. Req.: Win 98/ME/XP, P90 MHz, 16 MB RAM, DirectX.

The Mahjongg part in ''s 'Solitaire & Mahjongg' package also seems to be this game.



Price: $9.99


Price: 0


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