Here are listed every freeware and open source (and some abandonware) solitaire mahjongg there exists (at least that's my intention and goal). Do you know about other freeware solitaire mahjongg games? Please, let me know...

Due to lack of server space, I can not offer all files for download. Please visit the games' homepage to download. If any links are dead and you're unable to download a game, please contact me, and I will make the game file available for download.

Abramania Mah Jongg 1.0


Nice graphics. 2 tile sets and 8 layouts. High score list. German language only. Req.: Win9x/ME/2000/XP. Also called 'Abe Mah Jongg' or Abi's Mahjongg. It's in fact only a demo for the shareware 'De Luxe' version, but since its fully functional, no nags, and the website is dead and the shareware version gone; I have listed it under freeware games.

1.7 mb - download from Caiman

Abramania (dead)

Price: 0




Solitaire mahjongg games with default images based on illustrations by Sir John Tenniel for Lewis Carroll's "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" and "through the Looking Glass". Designed by Christopher and Morgana Abbey. For more information, please see the review of Moraff's Mahjongg games in the shareware section. It is a "freeware" (audio nag screen at exit) and modified version of Moraff's YourJongg 2.0. Sometimes also called 'Moraff's Wonderland Tarot' or 'Alice Tiles' .

7,8 mb - download from:

The Wonderland Tarot

Price: 0


Amazing Mahjongg 5.63


I'm sorry to say; not very amazing. Only standard tile set, layout and one background. Hint, demo and reshuffle. Later versions are shareware and much better....

- 619 kb

Thinking Thing Software

Price: 0


AS - Mahjongg 0.1 Freeware

First version of a promising game who will be able to load both Kyodai tilesets and .rkp/reko cardsets (big archive of user made cardsets to solitaire card games). Kyodai tilesets works fine, but the reko cardsets needs more work. Negative: Only standard layout, only 726x656 window, buttons to small. Unlimited undo, hint, highscore, timer, restart 
791 kb - download from: Andreas Sauer Price: 0


B-Jongg 0.0.4 Freeware

Tucows review: "A nice MahJongg program for the BeOS. Smooth graphics and simple options. Also gives you hints if you can't figure it out." Versions for PC (Intel) and Mac (PowerPC). Versions for R3 and R4.5. Source available. Author: Chris Wiggs from (dead now). Made in 1998. Alternative download locations: Tucows /
40/56 kb - download from: BeArchives Price: 0


CarJongg 7.0 Freeware

A solitaire mahjongg game where the default tileset has pictures of cars for car enthusiasts. There are photos of Fords, Chevys, Toyotas, and others. 3 tilesets in all and only the standard layout. For more information, please see the review of Moraff's Mahjongg games in the shareware section.

Also called 'Dealer's CarJongg' (made for the website It is a "freeware" (audio nag screen at exit) and modified version of Moraff's MoreJongg 7.0. 

5,3 mb - download from: Caiman Price: 0


CDDC Mah Jongg 1.53


Clear and good graphics. 2 tile sets (colorful variant of the standard tiles and a fun animal tilesets). Two modes: Solo (Standard) and Challenge mode (record scores for three successive rounds) and the score will automatically be published on producers homepage. Three more tilesets on homepage. Pause and hints. English and French language. Website in French only.

Req.: Win9x/ME/NT/2000/XP and 800x600 or larger.

2.6 MB - download from homepage:

CDDC Software

Price: 0


Chinese Tiles 1.1.1 Abandonware

There is supposed to be several layouts and tilesets (unknown how many to me). 2 screen resolutions (512x384 and 640x480). Undo, peek, high score. Make your own tilesets with the attached template. For Macintosh. Req.: System 7 (or greater). From 1994. Shareware ($10 US), but abandonware today. Author: Predrag Stanojevic, Sweden. A version called 'Yeti Tiles' was made by 'SubGenius'.
964 kb - download from: MacFreeGames Price: N/A


CL_Mahjongg 1.1 Freeware

7 layouts, sound. Tile highlighting. Undo, redo. CL_Mahjongg is inspired by Gnome Mahjongg. Author: Ricardo Dalcorsso Fodra. Versions for Windows (98, 98 SE, 2000, ME, XP, DirectX 8+, ClanLib 0.6 (included)) and Linux (req.: ClanLib 0.6 (which requires Hermes and ZLib). Screenshot Windows version.
1,44 mb (win) and 600 kb (linux): RDFodra Price: 0


D-Mahjongg 1.01


Nice little game. Standard mahjongg tileset. Shuffle, hint, undo, high score. Installation, game and website in Spanish (?) only. Needs the Delphi library file vcl50.bpl (640 kb). 

Req.: Win 95, 98, NT, 2000, ME. Author: Daniel Kähler Osmari.

390 kb - download from:

Daniel K.O. Website

Price: 0


Double 2.0.4 Freeware

From the homepage: Free Shanghai solitaire style game for the Macintosh. The picture shown uses various icons downloaded from More beautiful icons can be found at chilliday or icon factory. This application requires CarbonLib 1.0.4 or later and can run on OS X. Download version 2.0.4 (700k) Classic or OS X
700 kb (OS X) and 750 (Classic):  PCV Soft Price: 0


Drachen 2.0 Freeware

Solitaire mahjongg game. Author: Dirk Woitha. Game in German, an English translation by Jochen Fass exists. Versions for ST Color and ST monochrome. Only standard layout, demo, cheat (remove tiles), high score. Drachen means Dragon. Written in GFA Basic.

Available in 'Serenade Disk 5' 

741 kb
Price: 0


Drachen 2.0.1 Freeware
Small solitaire mahjongg game with a tileset who is a mix between numbers, letters and pictures. Two difficulty levels, undo, reshuffle, hint. 

Author: Peter Zarth (2001). Website, game and installation in German only. Versions for Win9x and XP. 

341/286 kb - download from: Peter Zarth Price: 0


Dragon 1.03 Freeware

"A game like Shanghai" (all I know...) Author: Jochen Pier, Köln. The game was programmed with the help of TCL on a Apple Macintosh Classic II in 1993.
- 65 kb Jochen Pier Price: 0


Dragonboard 0.8c


Good version from Germany. Redo/Hint. Only standard tiles and the standard 'Dragon' layout, but the 'Bonus pack' (321 kb) has 9 more layouts. German and Spanish language versions available. Layout Editor (104 kb). Req.: DirectX 5.0 and HTML Help.

285 kb - download from:

Arbeitskreis Spielkultur

Price: 0


FarmersMahJongg 0.9.1 Freeware

Undo, hint. Versions for Mac OS X, Mac OS X Server and NEXTSTEP. Source available. ObjectFarm Public License. Author: Tom Engel.
1, 0 mb - download from: Farmers MahJongg Price: N/A


Fiendish Games Mah Jongg 1.0


Simple version. Good for a "quickie". No sound, small screen and only standard layout. Modern and Ancient tilesets. Hint. But: the tile graphics are designed in a way that makes it difficult to see which tiles are placed on the same level, and which ones are not. Made in 2000. Req.: Windows 95 /98 /Me /NT /2000, 16 MB of RAM, Pentium 166. Homepage dead.

615 kb - download from:


Price: 0


Flags Majong 1.01 Freeware

Solitaire mahjongg game where the countries flags are used as the tiles. Music and statistics. Several board colors, Pyramid and U-shape layouts. Personal settings (each user can personalize the board color, board layout, music options). But the "log-in" feature is both irritating and unnecessary difficult. Author: Suvathana So, Homepage. Req.: 600 MHz /250 MB RAM /800x600+, Win 95 /98 /ME /NT /2000 /XP
3,3 mb - download from  WinSite Price: 0


FreeJongg 1.0c Freeware

Solitaire mahjongg game for PalmOS. 320x320 high-res graphics, 15 layouts and 7 table backgrounds. Undo, redo, hint, shuffle.

Color or Grayscale Palm OS device running OS 3.5 or later (supports Palm OS 5) and make sure you have at least 350 KB of free memory after installation. Will not run on the Handara 330. Author: William Osborne
135 kb - download from: William Osborne Price: 0


Freestyle Mahjong 1.0 (beta)


Simple solitaire mahjongg game. 16 different layouts, only one "wacky" tileset. You can edit the layouts and save your own variants. Change view with the keyboard arrows. Req.: DirectX. Game and website in French only. 

- 777 kb 

Freestyle Software (dead)

Price: 0


Gekko Mahjongg Xmas Edition 1.0


A special freeware Christmas version of the shareware Gekko Mahjongg game. The Christmas theme is complete with sound, background, tileset, and graphics. 3 layouts (easy, medium, hard). It is not possible to use other tilesets etc. Your own music (mp3/mid) and backgrounds (jpg) can be used in the game. Very good graphics. Req.: DirectX6.1 or higher. Made in 2000.

- 3,4 mb (Tucows)


Price: 0


Gnome Mahjongg 2.7.8 Open Source

Gnome Mahjongg is part of the 'gnome-games' package, who itself is a part of Gnome (desktop environment and developer platform for Unix and Linux systems). Several tilesets, background is changeable, three difficulty levels, pause, undo, redo, hint, shuffle, restart, high score, moveable toolbar, specify game seed. Current maintainer: Callum McKenzie. . Source to v.2.7, download 2.7.8.An 'Easy tileset' with western (i.e., Latin) number, letters, and symbols are also available.
Homepage: gnome-games Price: N/A


Gunshy 1.3 Freeware

Gunshy is perhaps the earliest Shanghai clone for the Macintosh and the mostly widespread on this platform. It was made by E.C. Horvath in 1987-1988. You can customize the tile and background pictures in ResEdit.

Mark's GunShy (Nude Mahjongg Game) [pay up...]
Simpsons Gunshy Game 2.0 (The Simpsons Depot) (screenshot)
PowerMac Gunshy - match tiles with pictures of Macs

Fiona Apple -(singer) gunshy game
Sarah McLachlan (dead link) gunshy game ()

- 40 kb No homepage Price: 0



haihai 2 1.50 Freeware

Small and nice Japanese freeware game. 3 modes: Normal (Shanghai with 5 layouts), Line (Shisen-Sho) and Wall (Shisen-Sho again???). High score (5 best). Req.: Windows 95 /98 /Me /2000 /XP and DirectX 5.0. In game: Right-click for menu (undo, redo, restart) and Enter to select new mode. Homepage: POKE SOFT
500 kb - download from   Caiman Price: 0


Henge 1.04 Abandonware

Called "the Celtic Game of stones". Celtic inspired stoneset. 12 layouts. Main point is the ability to remove in four directions instead of two. Versions for PC ( 100 MHz Pentium and Windows 95 / 98) and Mac (system 7.1 or later). Made in Macromedia Director. Sound. Made by the now dead company 'MagiCastle' (1997). Author: Ken Totten. Shareware ($20), now abandonware. In shareware version only one layout is available (and that is the version available for download below). A nice review here. Review and screenshot based on windows version.
Update: The author has announced a comeback in 2005 with an updated shareware version of Henge, please see the MagiCastle website
TUCOWS 4,6 mb (Mac) - - 3,2 mb (Windows) Price: N/A


IBM Mahjongg Solitaire 2.20 ???

From OS/2 World: This a nice Mahjongg game that comes included with Warp 4 Client. It includes several kind of mahjongg in the same game, check the screen shot. From: PSP Boca Programming Center, written by: Jurg von Konel. Technically it's not freeware. You could say it 'free' with OS/2. And it's almost abandonware (I mean OS/2...)
Homepage: None Price: N/A


Jongi Jongo 1.02 Freeware

15 layouts and Layout Editor. Sound. Nice, but it is difficult to se the different levels of tiles. Website, installation and game in German only. Req: Windows 95 and above. Made in 2000 by Dirk Schubert.
606 kb - download from: DS eMedia Price: 0


Jongi Jongo 2.0 Freeware

Features:  20 layouts, 5 topics, layout editor, highscore list, transparency, sound effects and music (CD audio). Made in 2001 by Dirk Schubert. Req.: Pentium II 350 MHz, 32 MB ram, Windows 9x/ME/2000, DirectX 7. Website, installation and game in German only. Was shareware (10 €) but went freeware in 2004. 
3,0 mb - download from: DS eMedia Price: 0


Kyodai 1.21


Early (and free) version of one the most famous mahjongg solitaire games. Only traditional and 'Big Hole' layout. MIDI music and Hint/redo. 

Author: Rene-Gilles Deberdt (aka Naoki Haga) 1997. All later versions are shareware (under the name 'Kyodai MahJongg') Req.: Win3.1/Win95.

- 50 kb

Kyodai Mahjongg

Price: 0


KMahjongg for KDE Open Source

KMahjongg is an open-source implementation of the popular Mahjongg game written specifically for KDE (graphical desktop environment for Unix/Linux). 18 tilesets, 9 backgrounds and almost 70 layouts can be downloaded. Layout Editor. You can make your own tilesets and backgrounds (bmp). Create themes (a combination of a tile set, background, and layout). KMahjongg is part of the KDE Games Center. Author: Mathias Mueller.
Homepage: KMahjongg Price: N/A


LexJongg 1.2 Open Source

Allegro version. Features several random board layouts and has an (unsupported) layout editor. Written as a preparation for BlitzHack in 9 hours. Versions for Windows (Direct X) and Linux. Source code (929 kb) available. Made by Lennart Steinke ("Spellcaster"). From a review: "It lacks replay value because there are no high scores and you only get to play one random board per game". How to use the editor: Start the game with the parameter "editor" (open the shortcut for the game and editor behind the name of the executable). In the editor use 1-6 to change the layer of the layout. L to load a layout, S to save it. (Thanks to Lennart!)
925 kb - download from: Steinke.Net Price: N/A


Lopan 0.9 Open Source

A clone of the Amiga version of Activisions's original 'Shanghai'. Req.: SDL (Simple DirectMedia Library) who is a cross-platform multimedia library. Author: Dave Ashley. Originally named 'SDL Shanghai' (name was changed after legal threats). Also known as 'SDL Lopan'. Works at least in Linux and BeOS. (R5/Intel). BeOS version ported by Eugenia Loli-Queru.
368 kb - Download from homepage:  Author Price: N/A


MacTaipei 1.0 Freeware

Play the solitaire game using the Mahjong tiles. Highscore. System requirements: sound output, Color Quickdraw, System 7.x., Mac 60 Mhz, 8 mb ram. Written in Codewarrior C version 8 - a 68k application. Author: Frans Breukelman (1999)
135 kb - download from: Frans Breukelman Price: N/A


Mah Jongg 0.02 Freeware

!MahJongg by David Chapman, 1998

For the Acorn machine with RISC OS

185 kb - download from: Quercus Price: 0


Mah Jongg 2.1 Abandonware

7 tilesets (it's possible to make your own), several layouts and backgrounds, Statistics (high score?) . Author: Bernd Wetzel. For OS/2 (Req.: 2.1 or higher, runs on the workplace shell). Shareware US $25 (1995), abandonware today. Wrongly named 'Mah Jongg Dragon' on OS/2 World
279 kb - download from:  OS/2 World Price: N/A


Mah Jongg 2.21 Freeware

Nice little game with 3 tilesets (traditional, flags or grayscale), 8 layouts, and the background changes with the tileset. 
Seems abandoned. Author now only presents the online Java version, called Another JONGG on his site.
748 kb - download from: Author's site Price: N/A


Mah Jongg (Flash)


Macromedia Flash version. 6 layouts (classic, ring, pyramid, hole, hexagon, arena). Standard mahjongg tile set. Hint function.

You can play this game online at the producers site also; but you have to register (free). 

- 405 kb


Price: 0


Mah Jongg III Lite


3D version. Only standard layout and tileset. Tilt, zoom, rotate, hint, undo. 

Created by Soft Enterprises (dead) for Data Becker. It's in fact only a demo for the commercial 'Mah Jongg III : The Ultimate Quest', but since its fully functional, no nags, and the game itself seems to be discontinued; I have listed it under freeware games.

- 935 kb


Price: 0


Mah Jongg Solitaire (DOS)


Very simple DOS game. Hint and Undo. 
Author: Loren Blaney. Written in his XPL0 Programming Language.

Req.: 286+, 640x480 VGA

42 kb - download:

The XPL0 Programming Language



Mah Jongg Solitaire 1.1


Old (1992/1993) game for Windows and OS/2 (Req.: Warp 3 with DIVE or later). Nothing to see here, move along people...
Review and screenshot based on Windows version. Made by 'Syncrosoft'. Shareware then ($20), abandonware today.

-  119 kb (Win) - - 49 kb (os/2)


Price: 0


Mah Jongg -V-G-A 3.0


Old, but popular ms-dos game from 1991 by Ron Balewski. Abandonware. High score, help. Very popular in it's time because of all the user made tilesets available (100+ in .TIS format). You will probably have to use a "slow down' utility.

-297 kb - download from WinSite


Price: NA


Mahjong 1.0 Freeware

From review: "The tile drawings are sufficiently different to allow you to play correctly in spite of the small size of our screens. Sadly, the game is a bit slow".

Made in 2001 - Req.: PocketPC (ARM/XSCALE) 


108 kb - download from: PocketPC Freewares Price: 0


Mahjong 2000 – Luxury Edition 2.0


Nice game who's strong point is the optional picture in the right hand side window. You can use your own bitmaps. Standard layout and tile set. Automatic Play function. Available in seven languages (Italian, Dutch, Romanian, Swedish, English, German and Spanish). Hundreds of wise sayings that comments the results achieved. The pretty woman is Sarah Michelle Gellar ('Buffy - the Vampire Slayer') [This picture does not follow the game]. 2 versions for XP: 3.2 and 4.0. Sites have a tendency to disappear; alternative: Austrian site.

519 kb - download from:

Fine Art Studio

Price: 0


MahJongg (2)


Simple version. In German only. Buggy. Author: Wolfram Böck

337 kb - download from:

Price: 0


Mahjongg (


Standalone exe of a Macromedia Flash version. Standard mahjongg tileset and six different difficulty levels. Also available as a .swf and online (see the Online section)

- 555 kb

Price: 0

MahJongg for PalmPilot version 1.1a Freeware
7 layouts, undo and hint. Using the grayscale features of the PalmPilot comes with  4-gray-color graphics. Released in 1998 (Ingolf Kübler) and was developed under Palm OS 2.0 on a Palm Pilot Professional. This game is perhaps of historic interest only, it doesn't run on newer Palms and is no longer available from the authors site
- 46 kb Ingolf's PalmPilot Page Price: 0


Mahjongg solitaire 1.17 (D. F. Valot)


OK game. 13 layouts and 18 tile sets. Re-sizeable. Undo and Hints. High scores. You can design your own tile sets (bmp-files). Author: Daniel F. Valot. Versions for OS/2 (req.: OS/2 Warp 3 with DIVE or later) and Windows available. Review and screenshot based on Windows version. 

2,6 mb - download from homepage:


Price: 0


Mahjongg 1.08 (U. Foerster)


Average game. Only standard tile set. English and German language. Hint and undo, Hall of fame, sound, Competition mode (play against the clock). Author: Ulrich Foerster (2001). 

Req.: Win9x/ME/NT/2000/XP, 800x600+ and 32 MB RAM

2.4 mb - download from homepage: 


Price: 0


Mah-Jongg 5.1.30 (D. Schmidtke)  



Good version. 6 layouts (Mah-Jongg, Lion, Butterfly, Atrium, Snake and Portal). 4 tile sets: Mah-Jongg, Medieval, Road signs (USA) and Road signs (Germany). You can use your images as backgrounds. Auto cycle option through tile sets and layouts. This is the last freeware version (1997), later versions are shareware ('Mah-Jongg 3000 Pro' - discontinued). Req.: Win9x. Author: Detlev Schmidtke.

- 2,5 mb

Price: 0


Mah-Jongg 3000 Pro 6.4.195


Good version. 8 layouts and 6 tile sets. You can use your images as backgrounds. Auto cycle option through tile sets and layouts. Hall of Fame, hint, sound. Since the game was discontinued around 2000, I list it as abandonware. GoInside review. Use bird as name/sn.
Req.: Win9x. Author: Detlev Schmidtke

- 2.7 mb


Price: N/A




Decent graphics. Only standard layout and tileset. Hint, save/ load games. Made in Allegro - a game programming library for C/C++ developers (you have to download their windows library first). Windows (34 kb), dos (213 kb) and linux (84 kb) versions. Author: Daniel Harmon. 

34/213/84 kb - download from:

Daniel Harmon

Price: 0


Mahjongg 1.0.0 GNU GPL Freeware

Small solitaire mahjongg game. 6 layouts. Hint. 

Graphics from Kmahjongg (KDE). Source available. 

Ported to the Zaurus by Robert Ernst. 
Available in German and English.

Req.: qpe-base ($QPE_VERSION)


61/67 kb - download from: Zaurus software Price: 0


MahJongg 1.5.6 (P. Voes)


Good graphics. Only standard layout and the regular mahjongg tile set. Hint available. Author: Patrick DPFS Voes

Req.: Win9x/ME/NT/2000/XP and VB6

1.5 mb - download from: 


Price: 0


Mahjongg 1.7 Freeware

Undo, reshuffle, hint, timer, highscore, several tilesets, layouts and backgrounds. Author: YNOP Talton (2000) Req.: R5. Authors homepage dead. Some tilesets available at Lelldorin. Anyone have a working download link for v.1.7 ?? BeBits list v.1.7 - but download dead.
287 kb - download from: BeZip (v. 1.6) Price: 0


Mahjongg 3.1.2


Simple version. Only one tile set (and not very good) and standard layout. Hall of fame, hint, undo, sound. Use your own bitmap graphics as backgrounds. Optimized for 3 screen resolutions (640x480, 800x600 and 1024x768). Both game and homepage in German only. Author: Rene Westphal. Req: Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP

928 kb - download from:

Rene Westphal

Price: 0


Mahjongg- BillyBear4Kids.Com


MahJongg for children. Fun tiles and crisp graphics. There is a 30 minutes game limit (feature, not something who cripples the game). 

Req.: Screen resolution 800x600 or larger

- 831 kb


Price: 0


MahJongg for ToolBook Freeware

Old msdos game from 1990. Strange beast : tile images are boxes in different colors and numbers. Requires the 'ToolBook Runtime Engine 1.53' ( - 571 kb). Undo. 

Author: Michael B. Taylor.

- 132 kb Price: NA


MahJongg Solitaire 3D 0.95/6 Freeware


Beautiful 3D solitaire mahjongg game by Reto Schoelly. OpenGL, three dimensional view, a hand drawn aquarelle tilesets. 2 layouts (castle/standard), 2 tilesets (Traditional/Fancy letters). In the Linux version you can download tilesets, layouts and backgrounds or create your own ones and integrate them into the game (not yet in Windows game). Undo, hint, highscore, shadows on/off. More tilesets and layouts available at homepage (only in Linux version). Versions for Windows (0.95) and Linux (0.96). Linux req.: OpenGL drivers and QT library 3.x.Linux source available. RPM packages for SuSE and packages for Xandros deb, Debian,  Slackware, Gentoo
2,6 mb (win) - 4,8 mb (Linux): Reto Schoelly Price: 0

Screenshot Windows version


MajCE 1.0 Freeware
Quote: "It is a simple Mahjongg for Palm PC." I don't even know it's a true mahjongg game or the tile-matching one... 

Author: Epicard. Req.: 2.0 Only

Alternative download site: PocketPC City

56 kb - download from: CEArchives Price: 0


Mindjongg 4.01 Freeware

Standard solitaire mahjongg game. 16 layouts, 10 background images and 8 tilesets. Sound, undo, restart, redo, high score, save and hint. 2 tile sizes to fit different screen resolutions. Req.: Win 95/98/ME. From 2001. Freeware? A matter of definition: Nag screen for registering/updating to shareware version. Originally released as "Shanghai 97". Warning: If you should stumble upon v.5.0 of this game (labeled as freeware) stay away - it's full of spyware!
- 2,6 mb Minder Technology Price: 0


MJ 2000 SR1


Standard solitaire mahjongg game. Works, nothing more to say. Hint, redo / undo, High Score list. Game and website in German only. Req.: Win98+/16 MB ram. Source code available.
There was a DOS version (MJ99) available at the website (awful graphics..), but it has been removed.
Author: Martin Fiddler. 

486 kb - download from homepage:

KeyJ Black Hole

Price: 0


Moraff's MomJongg 1.0


From the ad: "Share the joy of playing this unusual freeware version of Mahjongg with your children. Designed by a mom for other moms and kids, this game features children's artwork on the tiles. You have to see it to appreciate its beauty."  For more information, please see the review of Moraff's Mahjongg games in the shareware section. Nagware (nag screen at exit). Made in 1999. Later versions are shareware.

5,2 mb - download from PCWorld:

Price: 0


MyJongg 2.0 beta


Nice graphics. 6 tilesets (traditional, numbers, alphabet, kai, underwater & animals), 10 different layouts, sounds, choose tile thickness, size, and background color. Timer. 

2.4 mb - download from homepage:

CyLog Software

Price: 0


MyMahj 4.1


Three versions: 2D, 3D (Open GL) and 3D (DirectX). Re-sizeable window (can be played in all screen resolutions). 21 layouts available and 4 tile sets. Can use tile sets made for Kyodai Mahjongg. Use your own images as backgrounds. Make your own layouts with the included Layout Editor. Available in  English and French. Formerly shareware, turned freeware. Also earlier sold as 'Paraben's Mah-Jong'. Author: Olivier Playez. Req.: Win98+, DirectX 8.1+.

2,6 mb - download from homepage:


Price: 0

Screenshot from v. 3.4a



Old, simple DOS version. 4 layouts and 8 tilesets. Undo and Hint. Author: Vincent Gonzales. Requires that the Euphoria Programming Language (950 kb) is installed. Euphoria homepage.

52 kb - download from: 

Euphoria Games

Price: 0


NeoTiles 1.0 Freeware
"A freeware Taipei style game for the Pocket PC (Windows CE). There are 6 levels in all, but each level contains 1 of 5 possible random sub-levels, with the exception of the first and last stage. This makes a grand total of 22 levels in the game". ARM/XSCALE MIPS SH3

Author: Stephen Heald (SHEALD), 2001

231 kb - download from : Pocket PC for You Price: 0


Nile Tiles Mah Jongg Solitaire Freeware

Standalone shockwave flash version of the online 'Nile Tiles'. Also labeled as 'Free Mah Jongg 1.0'. Only standard tileset and layouts. Hint and zoom.

Works as an advertising for the commercial 'World Championship Mah Jongg Solitaire' from CleverMedia.

345 kb - download from: Price: 0


Peter's GameBox 2.5 Freeware

"The latest version of Peter's GameBox includes eight different games, even more sound effects, adjustable game levels, pause function, support for landscape screens (HPC/HPC Pro). The games included are Blocks, Blocks2, Snake, Same, Cannons, Squash, Mahjongg and Mahjongg Rivers

Windows CE 3.0, PocketPC on SH3, ARM and MIPS processors

Author: Peter Balogh (2001).
618 kb - download from: PocketPC For You Price: 0


Peking 3.11 Freeware
Solitaire mahjongg game for the Atari machine. "Runs on all systems and emulators". One or two player mode. Extra tilesets available. Game and homepage in German. 

Minimum req.: 320x200. Author: Gunnar Gröbel

464 kb - download from:  PPP-Software Price: 0


Premium Mah Jongg II Freeware
Solitaire mahjongg game. Authors: Jens Schulz & Thomas Grube. English, German and Swedish (v. 1) language versions. Color and mono version. You can change the background and tile colors. Timed or untimed game. Atari ST/STe/TT. From 1993. Playable in 320x200/16 colors to 1280x1024/256 colors. Documentations says shareware; author has confirmed it's freeware status to me.
250/300 kb - download from:  Jens Schulz Price: 0


PySol 4.20

Freeware (GNU)

A collection of solitaire card games. Why is it here? Because it has the  solitaire mahjongg game also! 100 layouts and two traditional tile sets. Good graphics. This version is hard to find on the net. Later versions removed the mahjongg games. See also: PySolitaire and UltraSol.

Author: Markus F.X.J Oberhumer.  

- 3,7 mb 

PySol homepage

Price: 0


PySolitaire 0.10 Freeware (GNU/GPL)

PySolitaire (or Python Solitaire) is a fork of 'PySol' (see above) that runs on Windows and has a installer. Almost 100 layouts and over 200 solitaire card games. 3 tilesets. Needs an installation of the Python Programming Language. Should work on Win98, NT, 2000 and XP. Project homepage / SourceForge  / Freshmeat. Developer: Trevor Lowing
33 mb - download from: SourceForge Price: 0


Qt# Mahjongg Open Source / GNU

The author says: .."simple Mahjongg tile game.." 

Requires: Qt# - who is a cross-platform GUI toolkit for Mono and Portable.Net (DotGNU). Author: Rhys Weatherley

17 kb - download from: Southern Storm Software Price: N/A


Sha-Jongg 1.9 Abandonware

Solitaire mahjongg game for the Commodore 64

Made by Magna Media. Author: Stephan Hradek (1994)

27 kb - download from: Magyar Commodore 64 H.Q.  Price:0



Historical / Abandonware

The original 1986 game from Activision who created a whole new genre. Help, complete rules, a tournament mode, "peek" option, undo. See the history section for more information.

Activision is a member of the ESA (formerly IDSA) who strongly oppose to that old games should be made available for download (abandonware). No download here then. 


Homepage: NA

Price: NA


!Shanghai Freeware

!Shanghai made in 1996 by Joe Chan. 

Highscore. For the Acorn machine with RISC OS.

52 kb - download from: Quercus Price: 0


Shanghai 1.06 Freeware

17 'tile formation', 4 tile sets and if you want you can design your own and use those. 

Author: David Chapman (2001). For computers running the RISC OS.

514 kb - download from: David Chapman Price: 0


Shanghai 1.04 Freeware

Author: Paul Vigay (2002)

A RISC OS desktop version. Req.: ABCLib v4.14, RISC OS 3.1+, 468K.

99 kb - download from : Paul Vigay Price: 0


Shanghai Abandonware

Black & White. Runs only on older Macs (MacOS 7.0- 8.1).

Early Activision version?

312 kb - download from: Macintosh Garden Price: 0


Shanghai II Abandonware

'Creator Tool', sound, music, several tilesets. 

Old Activision version? (files compressed 1998)

1,9 mb - download from: Macintosh Garden Price: 0


Shanghai-Fû 3D 1.22 Freeware

Nice and small 3D Japanese version. Run in window or full screen. Only standard tileset and layout. Installation and game and help in Japanese only. Image file with German menu attached. Req.: DirectX6, OpenGL and Win95/98. Made by Takashi Nimura in 2000. I listed this game earlier and wrongly as Shanf 3D.

Main menu:                    In game type:
Start - High score            M - settings for pointer
Settings - 3D settings      W- window or full screen
Help - End                      O - settings
[source: Michael Neef]      X - exit

- 339 kb Website: NA Price: 0


Shanghaï 2.0.1 Freeware (?)

Macintosh, OS 7 or greater. Probably *OLD*....
740 kb - download from: MacFreeGames Price: N/A


Taipei 3.10


Simple version made by David Norris (Microsoft) in 1990. 7 different layouts and Hint option. Rated only 2/10 at Gamehippo. This is the last freeware version.
v.4.0 of this game was in Microsoft Entertainment Pack. 

- 26 kb

Website: NA

Price: 0


Taipei 5.00 Abandonware
A little better version than the freeware one; but graphics are still 'not good'. 8 layouts, hint, select game seed number, auto play, Layout Editor. You can use your own bitmaps as background. Last shareware ($10) version made by David Norris (Microsoft) in 1991. Abandonware.
- 155 kb Website: NA Price: 0


Take Away 2.4.2 Freeware

Several variations: Enigma (Shanghai), Memory (concentration), Gravity (tetris), Follow Me (click on sequences of flashing tiles), The Plush!, Slider (tile slide puzzle). Req.: PowerPC (32 mb Ram), MacOS 8.1+ and Apple's DrawSprocket Library. Author: Ian Howle, homepage: Howlewhere. Also available is a 68k version (2.0.4).
7,2 mb - download from: TUCOWS Price: 0


TEGL Mahjong Solitaire 1.2 


A very simple old DOS game from 1993. Mahjongg and Alphabet tilesets. Hint and "sound". I'm sure the graphics were good that time... .The screenshot is from v.1.1 made in 1989 (I never got the 1.2 version to work on my PC). Update: 1.2 is playable under DOSBOX. Shareware ($15), but the company (TEGL Systems Corporation) is not alive anymore, therefore I list it as abandonware. Download v.1.1 here (81 kb). Author: Richard Tom. 

- 128 kb (v.1.2)

Website: NA

Price: NA

Here: Screenshot from v. 1.2


The Ace of Penguins 1.2 Open Source

The Ace of Penguins is a set of Unix/X solitaire games. Includes clones of freecell, golf, mastermind, merlin, minesweeper, pegged, solitaire, taipei (with editor!), and thornq. Author: DJ Delorie. Versions for Linux, agenda, irix, solaris, freebsd. Source available. GPL. Req: PNG library and ZLib, GNU make and gcc to build.
 129 kb - download from: The Ace of Penguins Price: N/A


Tiles 1.1


A text-based DOS version from 1992. Seven levels with increasing difficulty. A numbers tileset. As the author himself says: " simply can't draw an orchid convincingly in 8 text mode characters and make it look different to the Chrysanthemum." Shareware (optional how much), but abandonware today. Made by Daniel G. Rigal, UK.

- 18 kb

Website: NA

Price: NA


Ultrasol 1.02 Freeware (GNU/GPL)

UltraSol is a modified version of 'PySol' (see above). The basic 'PySol' is extended to include games using Ganjifa playing cards, Hanafuda cards and Mahjongg tiles, Tarock playing cards and the 52 card International Pattern deck. There are nearly 400 different ways to play Solitaire. Linux (Req.: Python with Tkinter and Tcl/Tk) and Windows (Req: a Python interpreter) game. Formerly known as 'FlowerSol'. Developer: T. Kirk.
Homepage and Freshmeat page
5 mb - download from: Freshmeat Price: 0

Screenshot from Linux version


Umpteenth Iteration Shanghai Solitaire


Easy and simple version. Absolutely no frills or extras. Standard layout and tileset. Good for a quickie. Made in Tcl/Tk. 

Author: David G. Slomin

1,2 mb - download from homepage:

David G. Slomin

Price: 0


VB Master Mahjongg 1.0 


Standard mahjongg solitaire game. Only standard tileset. Hint and undo, sound, high score. Req.: Win 9x/NT. Looks best in 800x640. Author: Orville P. Chomer (2000)

3,8 mb - download from: 

Price: 0


xmahjongg 3.61 Freeware

10 tile sets, 24 layouts, undo, redo, hints, cheat, boards that are always solvable (but you can turn this feature off). Can use layouts made for Kyodai Mahjongg, KDE Mahjongg, and the original Xmahjongg format, and tilesets from Kyodai Mahjongg, KDE Mahjongg, and Gnome Mahjongg. For X11/Unix. Pre-built packages available for Red Hat, Debian and NetBSD. Source available. Author: Eddie Kohler.
Download from:  xmahjongg homepage Price: 0




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