A clarification: The game mentioned first below here; Ishido: Way of The Stones, is the original game - the first Ishido game and the creator are Michael Feinberg.

Ishido: Way of The Stones was developed and published by Publishing International for the Macintosh in 1989. The year after Accolade published the DOS version.


The original concept and design was with Michael Feinberg. Producer was Brad Fregger (the producer for Shanghai), lead programmers were Ian Gilman and Michael Sandige, Brodie Lockard (the inventor of Shanghai) contributed with graphics.


Ishido is a puzzle board game and belongs to the "meditative strategy" genre, just like Shanghai. It is easy to learn and hard to master. It can use Mahjongg type tiles, but also other tile sets (called stone sets). But instead of removing tiles, in Ishido you have to put all the tiles (stones) onto the board. You have to match 72 stones on a board of 96 squares. 


Each stone set has two attributes: a color and a symbol or shape. There are 6 colors and 6 symbols/shapes in each stone set, thus creating 36 unique stones. Each stone comes in a pair, hence 72 stones in each stone set.


The stones must be placed adjacent to others, you get most points by when placing it adjacent to four stones (a 'four-way'). The catch is that the stone must match his neighbor in color or shape. To make a 'four-way' two stones must match in shape and two in color.


Ishido is a made up Japanese word.


Ishido comes with 6 stone sets, 5 different game boards, High Score list, Undo, Hint, and oriental music. It has four game mode: Solitaire, Cooperative (2 players work together), Tournament (several people plays entire identical games) and Challenge (against a second player or the computer).


Abandonware (DOS- download from 'Home of TheUnderdogs)
                      (MAC - Download from Ian Gilman)


Alchemy 1.2 for windows Shareware

In this variant the tiles are magical runes. The goal is to turn the entire board into gold. Runes must be placed next to an existing Rune, and they must match all adjacent Runes in either their shape, their color, or both. "Stones" act as wild cards. "Skulls" are magical bombs. Normal 'strategic mode' and 'time-trial mode'. Music, sound, hint, high score and customs cursors. In the trial there is no high score, no time trial and several nag screens. Req.: Windows 95, 98, 2000, or ME with Direct X, Pentium II 200 Mhz , 32 mb RAM. There is also an MAC OS X version.
1, 8 mb - download from:  PopCap Games Price: $19.95


Flowers Ishido 1.2


Small, but good freeware Ishido clone. Two tile sets: Flowers and numbers. High score list. No mahjongg tile set. Made in 1997. 
Author: Luciano Vernaschi. Req.: vbrun300.dll, Win3.1/95+.

874 kb - download from homepage:




gIshido 1.2 Freeware

Ishido clone for the FreeBSD OS. 

"A tile game which challenges you to place tiles of six colors and six shapes onto a 12x8 grid."

(size?) - download from: FreeBSD Price: 0


Idigicon Ishido


Very good Ishido clone. 3 levels: easy, Medium and Hard. 3 tile sets. High score and music. Aaarghh: Only three tries in the demo; that's way to crippling, shame on you! Req.: 300MHz CPU, 32MB ram, 8MB Video Card; Win9x/ME/2000/XP.

3,4 mb - Download from:

Idigicon Ishido

Price: $4.99



Free Online

Online version. Pretty good. Rules in German only. Seems to work in Internet Explorer only. Javascript.

Play at Tanner Webdesign


Ishido Freeware

Small and lackluster windows clone. Author: Douglas Mayfield. Said to be a port of Ishido for X. No mahjongg tileset.
- 24 kb Homepage: NA Price: 0


Ishido 1.0 Freeware

Ishido clone for Palm V and Palm OS v3.5. 

Author: Juergen Bermann (2002)

7 kb - download from: FreewarePalm Price: 0


Ishido 1.01 Freeware

Ishido game. No mahjongg tileset. Author: Martin Hentrich (2000). Intel/R5. Only in German. 

Alternative download site: BeBits
34 Kb - download from: Martin Hentrich Price: 0


KIshido 0.1 Open Source

Author: Brian Wallis. License: GPL. For Linux (X11). RPM builds available at RPM.Bone.Net. Requires KDE (a graphical desktop environment for Unix/Linux).

Might be another version of of KIshido below (but I'm far from sure about this - please help somebody!)

263 kb - download from: Tucows Linux Price: N/A


KIshido 1.02 Open Source

Author: Matthias Köster. For Linux (X11). Req: KDE 1.1.2 (KDE is a graphical desktop environment for Unix/Linux). Information and screenshot taken from 'The Linux Game Tome'  

Might be another version of KIshido 0.1 above (but I'm far from sure about this - please help somebody!)

Download from: Unknown Price: N/A


Mariko - The way of The Stones 1.0 Commercial

New Ishido game (96 fields and 66/72 stones). English or German, highscore, 3 modes: competition, tournament, league, 14 levels, hints, several tilesets. Developed by Gzwo software development. Req.: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP, Pentium PII 300, DirectX compatible video card, 32mb ram, DirectX 8.1. There is a demo available (5 day limited trial, 2 layouts and tile sets).
2,5 mb - demo - download from: Mad Data Price: $ 19.95


PalmShido 1.01 Shareware

Ishido game for the PalmOS. System requirements

PalmShido runs on any Palm OS™ handheld and needs about 17 K of free memory on the device. Nag screen in shareware version.
46 kb - download from: PalmAdd Software Price: $ 9.00


PARIshido 1.5 Freeware
A " bare bones version of Ishido". Includes a "learning mode" that shows the player all available moves (good for beginners).

Req.: Colour Palm. Author: PRyan (Sitenook)

8 kb - download from: Sitenook Price: 0


Passage 3 (v. 2.54)


Beautiful graphics. Nice gameplay. No mahjongg tile sets (but I list it anyway...). Spoken rules and tips. Internet High score list. 4 game variants in shareware version, 24 when registered and also 150 levels. Nine additional tilesets (themes) available for download (6.1 mb). Req.: DirectX 6.1 or later. A freeware version (The Christmas Edition) can be downloaded here ( - 3,9 mb)

4,0 MB - download from:


Price: $19.99


Runenlegen 0.1d Freeware

A very good freeware Ishido clone. It has four variants: Beginner, Celtic, Ishido, Passage. 72 runes are to be placed on a 12 x 8 measured board of 96 squares. The runes have six different colors and symbols of the Futhark, a early Germanic alphabet. The name Runenlegen is German and means nothing more than Rune placing. Demo mode, hints, and high score, English, Spanish and German language. Req.: HTML help, Windows 98 and up.
131 kb - download from:  Arbeitskreis Spielkultur Price: 0


Shih Dao 3.7


Good version. Tile strategy game. 72 tiles must be placed on the board. Hints, undo, self running demo, demo tutorial, help, music. Over 30 tile sets and boards. Only 4 tile sets and 2 backgrounds (boards) in shareware version. Req.: Win3.1+. Made by Digital Empires (1995), distributed by Arcanum (Nels Anderson). Another screenshot.

865 kb - Download from homepage:


Price: $20


Shih Tao Shareware

Ishido game. Three modes (rule sets), high score, Helpers, sound, 3 board sizes, unlimited undo, 20 symbol sets, sound, 15+ background melodies. Calls itself incorrectly an 'adaptation of an old Asian board game'. Req: Windows 98 and above. The trial is time-limited (30 days)
2,3 mb - download from: OINK KG Price: $14.99 




Perhaps the first Ishido clone? Today it looks terrible. Made in Turbo Pascal 4.0 for the CGA screen. DOS text-mode game. Made by Alan Meiss (1990-1991). No mahjongg tiles. Included here for historical reasons. Rules very similar to the original Ishido (press F1 for detailed help). Listed as Shareware, but no limitations. Most definitively abandonware today.

- shogatsu.zip - 14 kb

Homepage: NA





Toag is described as the Egyptian version of Ishido. Graphics are good, but the game board is to small and the advertising in the upper field is annoying. Internet high score list. Windows.

1,3 mb - download from 

Locatha Ind.

Price: 0


Wishido 1.01


Pretty good Ishido clone. Several board sets in registered version. High score list. Not much mahjongg about it, though. Author: Raimonds Rudmanis. Req.: Win95+, DirectX3.0+

814 kb - Download from: 

Wishido homepage

Price: $12


Xcogitate 1.1 Shareware

Ishido clone. Only 588x434 playable screen. 3 difficulty levels, hint, high score, shuffle (new game each time), sound.
Author: Martijn Dekker. Req.: Win 95/98/NT/2000/XP. 
Also versions for Java and PocketPC.
Java online version can be played here. The trial version only has the easy level, no hint, no highs core and no shuffle (you play the same game each time)
204 kb - download from: PFF Software Price:$9.99



Pyramad 1.2


Egyptian theme. Your goal is to build a complete pyramid from randomly drawn blocks. You must match hieroglyphics along each side of the blocks in order to place them together. Good standalone guide explain the rules. Must run in 256 colors. Made by Magicastle 1997. Shareware ($20), probably abandonware today. Only one level in shareware version (and that is the version available for download). Review and screenshot based on windows version. Read other reviews here and here

: The author has announced a comeback in 2005 with an updated shareware version of Pyramad, please see the MagiCastle website.

Pyramad was originally published as a two player board game in 1982, and revamped to a solitaire puzzle game. It's rules are unique and it predates Ishido. You must match symbols along each side of the board and stacking them to form a pyramid.

3,8 mb win 3,5 mb mac

Homepage: NA



Ishido 1989 source: Brad Fregger: Lucky that way, cop. 1998 - ISBN: 1-887472-56-8. 
And MobyGames.

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