For more information about ‘the game of a hundred intelligences’ please visit the following resources:'s MAH-JONGG Zone

The site of 'Mr. Mah-Jongg's" (Tom Sloper) with all you ever want to know about 'true' MahJongg. Excellent F.A.Q for

MahJong News 
The Independent Internet MahJong Newspaper


Martin Rep's site


The Norwegian Mah Jongg Site

Harald Claussen's site about MahJongg history, tile meaning and values, reviews, both 'real' and solitaire Mahjongg. Norwegian and English language. [1999]

 More than 1000 freeware games....
  Freeware games bonanza at Rudi Versele's site

2D racing, 3D breakout, 3D games, 3D racing, 3D shooter, Adventure, Arcade, Board games, Bomberman, Boulderdash, Bouncing ball, Breakout, Card games, Fight games; Four in a row, Jigsaw, Mahjongg, Pacman, Pinball, Platform game, Pong, Puzzle, Shoot em up, Snake, Sokoban, SONIC, Space invaders, Space shooter, Sports, Super Mario, Tetris, X Fun


And at last: Some shameless advertising for my other sites:

Freeware Klondike card game with pictures of Sarah Michelle Gellar. Also card sets, tile sets and sets to Solitaire, MahJongg and Memory games and jigsaw puzzles

My third site: Some of my favorite funny and / or bizarre small freeware "fishing" games...And some mermaids too!


List of online, freeware, shareware and commercial computer games, history and rules for Chinese Checkers and Halma

Not my site, but "my" newsgroup :-)


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