Tile-matching solitaire mahjongg games, Shisen-Sho games and Ishido games for the Linux operating system. 

Please note that I'm not a Linux user and do not have a Linux distro installed on my computer and that all information and screenshots are taken from the publishers sites and/or other sites who lists games for Linux. If you should find any errors or omissions (who I'm sure there are plenty of...); please contact me.


Absolute Mah Jong 1.0 Commercial

4 game modes: Classic, Word (collect words and form letters), Math (build mathematical expressions) and Shuffle Mah Jong (tiles reshuffle automatically if there is no free moves left). Highscore can be published on the net, layout editor, shuffle, auto save, 66 layouts. There is a very crippled demo available (it will expire after 10 games among other things). Also versions for Windows, Mac, PalmOS, and PocketPC. Review based on Windows version.
Download demo (3,6 mb) Absolutist Price: $16.95

Screenshot from Windows version


CL_Mahjongg 1.1 Freeware
7 layouts, sound. Tile highlighting. Undo, redo. CL_Mahjongg is inspired by Gnome Mahjongg.  Author: Ricardo Dalcorsso Fodra. Versions for Windows (98, 98 SE, 2000, ME, XP, DirectX 8+, ClanLib 0.6 (included)) and Linux (req.: ClanLib 0.6 (which requires Hermes and ZLib). Screenshot Windows version.
1,44 mb (win) and 600 kb (linux): RDFodra Price: 0


gIshido 1.2 Freeware
Ishido clone for the FreeBSD OS. 

"A tile game which challenges you to place tiles of six colors and six shapes onto a 12x8 grid."

(size?) - download from: FreeBSD Price: 0


Gnome Mahjongg 2.7.8 Open Source
Gnome Mahjongg is part of the 'gnome-games' package, who itself is a part of Gnome (desktop environment and developer platform for Unix and Linux systems). Several tilesets, background is changeable, three difficulty levels, pause, undo, redo, hint, shuffle, restart, high score, moveable toolbar, specify game seed. Current maintainer: Callum McKenzie. Source to v.2.7, download 2.7.8. An 'Easy tileset' with western (i.e., Latin) number, letters, and symbols are also available.
Homepage: gnome-games Price: N/A


GShisen Freeware  

GShisen.app for the GNUstep. Author: Enrico Sersale.

MacOS X version


Price: 0

GShisen.app (GNUstep)


gshisen 1.1 Open Source
Shisen-Sho port to FreeBSD, uses the GNUstep toolkit. 
48 kb - download from: Fresh Ports Price: N/A



KIshido 0.1 Open Source
Author: Brian Wallis. License: GPL. For Linux (X11). RPM builds available at RPM.Bone.Net. Requires KDE (a graphical desktop environment for Unix/Linux).

Might be another version of of KIshido below (but I'm far from sure about this - please help somebody!)

263 kb - download from: Tucows Linux Price: N/A


KIshido 1.02 Open Source
Author: Matthias Köster. For Linux (X11). Req: KDE 1.1.2 (KDE is a graphical desktop environment for Unix/Linux). Information and screenshot taken from 'The Linux Game Tome

Might be another version of KIshido 0.1 above (but I'm far from sure about this - please help somebody!)

Download from: Unknown Price: N/A


KMahjongg for KDE Open Source
KMahjongg is an open-source implementation of the popular Mahjongg game written specifically for KDE (graphical desktop environment for Unix/Linux). 18 tilesets, 9 backgrounds and almost 70 layouts can be downloaded. Layout Editor. You can make your own tilesets and backgrounds (bmp). Create themes ( a combination of a tile set, background, and layout). KMahjongg is part of the KDE Games Center. Author: Mathias Mueller.
Homepage: KMahjongg Price: N/A


KShisen (ShisenSho) Open Source
KShisen is an open-source implementation of Shisen-Sho written specifically for KDE (graphical desktop environment for Unix/Linux).  Highscore, hint, restart, check solvability, undo, redo, different board sizes, speed, and levels, Manual 'The KShisen Handbook'. KShisen is part of the KDE Games Center. Author: Mario Weilguni. 
Screenshot by: Marie-Claude Collilieux (big thanks!)
Available from: KDE Games Center Price: N/A


LexJongg 1.2 Open Source
Allegro version. Features several random board layouts and has an (unsupported) layout editor. Written as a preparation for BlitzHack in 9 hours. Versions for Windows (Direct X) and Linux. Source code (929 kb) available. Made by Lennart Steinke ("Spellcaster"). From a review: "It lacks replay value because there are no high scores and you only get to play one random board per game". How to use the editor: Start the game with the parameter "editor" (open the shortcut for the game and editor behind the name of the executable). In the editor use 1-6 to change the layer of the layout. L to load a layout, S to save it. (Thanks to Lennart!)
925 kb - download from: Steinke.Net Price: N/A


Lopan 0.9 Open Source
A clone of the Amiga version of Activisions's original 'Shanghai'. Req.: SDL (Simple DirectMedia Library) who is a cross-platform multimedia library. Author: Dave Ashley. Originally named 'SDL Shanghai' (name was changed after legal threats). Also known as 'SDL Lopan'. Works at least in Linux and BeOS.
368 kb - Download from homepage: Author Price: N/A




Decent graphics. Only standard layout and tileset. Hint, save/ load games. Made in Allegro - a game programming library for C/C++ developers (you have to download their windows library first). Windows (34 kb), dos (213 kb) and linux (84 kb) versions. Author: Daniel Harmon. 

34/213/84 kb - download from:

Daniel Harmon

Price: 0


MahJongg Solitaire 3D 0.95/0.96 Freeware
Beautiful 3D solitaire mahjongg game by Reto Schoelly. OpenGL, three dimensional view, a hand drawn aquarelle tilesets. 2 layouts (castle/standard), 2 tilesets (Traditional/Fancy letters). In the Linux version you can download tilesets, layouts and backgrounds or create your own ones and integrate them into the game (not yet in Windows game). Undo, hint, highscore, shadows on/off. More tilesets and layouts available at homepage (only in Linux version). Versions for Windows (0.95) and Linux (0.96). Linux req.: OpenGL drivers and QT library 3.x.Linux source available. RPM packages for SuSE and packages for Xandros deb, Debian,  Slackware, Gentoo
2,6 mb (win) - 4,8 mb (Linux): Reto Schoelly Price: 0


NingPo MahJong Deluxe 1.00.27/1.05.04


9 tile sets, 18 layouts and 10 backgrounds in this version. Hint, undo, shuffle, music, sound, high score. Only 2 layouts and 3 tilesets in shareware version. Versions for Windows (95,98,2000,ME,XP and Direct x), Mac OS X (10.2+) and Linux (Linux Operating System 2.2.x or later, Gnu C Libraries (glibc) 2.1.x or later, XFree86). Note: Windows (3.3mb) ($19.95), Linux (5.1mb) ($14.95), OS X 10.2+ (3.7mb) ($19.95). Published by PopCap Games and developed by Pyrogon Inc. The Linux version is ported by Linux Game Publishing.

Download from homepage:


Price: $14.95 (Linux)

Screenshot from Windows version


Qt# Mahjongg Open Source / GNU
The author says: .."simple Mahjongg tile game.." 

Requires: Qt# - who is a cross-platform GUI toolkit for Mono and Portable.Net ( DotGNU). Author: Rhys Weatherley

17 kb - download from: Southern Storm Software Price: N/A


Shisen for Java 1.0 Freeware
Beautiful. 13 tilesets, multiple screen resolutions supported and automatic scaling of tiles, Hall of Fame, undo, redo, hint, peek, restart, pause, use jpg/gif/png-graphics as background, 3 difficulty levels, 6 board size from 14x6 to 30x16, several themes (look-and-feel), English and German language. Req.: Java 2 runtime (download from Java home). Platform independent (runs on OS/2, Linux, Windows, Solaris and Mac OSX). Authors: Uwe and Jürgen aus dem Moore.
5,4MB - Download from homepage: UJ-software Price: 0


Shisen-Sho 1.3 Freeware


Shisen-Sho game for Samsung PDA phone SCH-i519 using the MIZI Linux OS (a Korean Linux embedded OS derivative).  

It is based on the KShisen game by Mario Weilguni for KDE and is available under the GNU General Public License.



70 kb - download from: MIZI Research, Inc Price: 0


Small Rockets Mahjongg


Average or below game. Only the standard tile set and layout in the trial version. Three more layouts and tilesets in registered version. Sound and music. Versions for Windows (req.: Win95/98/ME/NT4/2000) and Linux (req.: X Windows, SDL 1.2, GTK libraries). Review and screenshot based on Windows version.

4.8 mb (win)  / 3,6 mb (linux)

Small Rockets

Price: $14.99


The Ace of Penguins 1.2 Open Source
The Ace of Penguins is a set of Unix/X solitaire games. Includes clones of freecell, golf, mastermind, merlin, minesweeper, pegged, solitaire, taipei (with editor!), and thornq. Author: DJ Delorie. Versions for Linux, agenda, irix, solaris, freebsd. Source available. GPL. Req: PNG library and ZLib, GNU make and gcc to build.
 129 kb - download from: The Ace of Penguins Price: N/A


Ultrasol 1.02 Freeware (GNU/GPL)
UltraSol is a modified version of 'PySol'. The basic 'PySol' is extended to include games using Ganjifa playing cards, Hanafuda cards and Mahjongg tiles, Tarock playing cards and the 52 card International Pattern deck. There are nearly 400 different ways to play Solitaire. Linux (Req.: Python with Tkinter and Tcl/Tk) and Windows (Req: a Python interpreter) game. Formerly known as 'FlowerSol'. Developer: T. Kirk. Homepage and Freshmeat page
5 mb - download from: Freshmeat Price: 0


xmahjongg 3.61 Freeware

10 tile sets, 24 layouts, undo, redo, hints, cheat, boards that are always solvable (but you can turn this feature off). Can use layouts made for Kyodai Mahjongg, KDE Mahjongg, and the original Xmahjongg format, and tilesets from Kyodai Mahjongg, KDE Mahjongg, and Gnome Mahjongg. For X11/Unix. Pre-built packages available for Red Hat, Debian and NetBSD. Source available. Author: Eddie Kohler.
Download from:  xmahjongg homepage Price: 0


XShisen 1.51 Open Source
Shisen-sho game for X11. Undo, search (i.e. hint), restart, highscore, auto-demo mode. Source available. Req.: C++ compiler like gcc, Motif 1.2+ or X11R5 Xaw+ (to build), Xpm library. Confirmed to work on Linux 1.3.30 and HP-UX 9.05. Author: Masaoki Kobayashi

Online version: WebShisen (java-applet)

Download: Homepage Price: N/A



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