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19. September 2004: Fourth major update. Now also games for PalmOS, PocketPC, BeOS, Atari and Zaurus. Many new games, changes, link fix, new comments. Added Wanted page, bradfregger_shanghai page, shanghai ad 1986 page and expanded Misc. page with screensavers, wallpapers, icons, Shanghai auto-play, play with real tiles and more. Own pages for msdos and windows games. 60.000 unique visitors in eleven and a half month...(v.1.04)

Online: Mahjong (flash/Harter Kern), Mah Jong (flash/FreewebStuff 14), Mahjongg (flash/Freewebstuff 8), Fla-Jong 1.8 (flash/HappyMonitor), Li Hu Tyles (flash), Mahjongg (java/AndKon Arcade), Shanghai MahJongg (MiniClip/flash)

Freeware: Shanghai (mac/abandonware), Shanghai II (mac/abandonware), Jongi Jongo 2.0 (win), Drachen 2.0.1 (win), MahJongg for PalmPilot version 1.1a, NeoTiles 1.0 (PocketPC), FreeJongg 1.0c (PalmOS), Mah Jongg 0.02 (Acorn/Risc OS), !Shanghai (Acorn/Risc OS), Shanghai 1.04 (Risc OS), Shanghai 1.06 (Risc OS), Star Majong 1.0 (PalmOS), Sha-Jongg 1.9 (Commodore 64/abandonware), CarJongg 7.0 (win), Peking 3.11 (Atari), MahJongg Solitaire 3D 0.95/0.96 (win/Linux), AS - Mahjongg 0.1 (win), Mahjong 1.0 (PocketPC), Peter's GameBox 2.5 (PocketPC), MajCE 1.0 (PocketPC), Drachen 2.0 (Atari), Premium Mah Jongg II (Atari), Mahjongg 1.7 (BeOS), Mahjongg 1.0.0 (Zaurus), B-Jongg 0.0.4 (BeOS)

Shareware: Ghost Mahjongg 1.3 (win), Amazing Mahjongg 1.1.0 (PocketPC), Pocket Taipei 2.0 (PocketPC), Naughty Mahjongg 1.0 (win), Sichuan Mahjong 1.02 (PocketPC), Mahjong Dragon 1.0 (PocketPC), MousePeople MahJong Solitaire 1.0 (PocketPC), Shanghai Majong 1.5 (PocketPC), Pocket Mahjongg (Palm OS and PocketPC), P-Jongg 5.5.2 or PalmJongg (PalmOS), Mahjong Solitarus (mac), CEtaipei 1.0 (PocketPC)
Commercial: Simple Mahjongg 1.0 (win), Piles'O'Tiles Desktop 2.2 (mac / PocketPC), The Emperor's Mahjong (PalmOS/PocketPC), Mahjongg Tower 1.7 (Nokia 3801), Mahjongg 2.01 (PalmOS), Mahjongg for Pocket PC 1.0 (PPC, Pocket Manager OS (Casio) and Sony Ericsson P800/P900), 9.95 Mahjong (PalmOS/PocketPC), Shanghai Pocket Essentials (PocketPC and PalmOS), Absolute Mah Jong 1.0 (mac, Linux, PalmOS, PocketPC), Gamebox Asia (PalmOS and PocketPC), Masque Mahjongg (PalmOS and PocketPC), Mah Jongg 1.33 (PalmOS), Mahjongg+ v1.0 (PalmOS), Master Qwan's Mahjongg (win), Mahjong Garden To Go 1.0 (win), tkcMahjongg 2.0 (Zaurus)

Shisen-Sho: Pocket Shisen 1.1 (PalmOS/commercial), Bloxx It (win/commercial), Shisen-Sho 1.3 (mizi/linux freeware), ppcShisen 1.5.2 (PocketPC/shareware), Link (commercial/PocketPC), Pocket-Jongg 3.71 (commercial/wind and PocketPC), Sichuan Majong 1.5 (PocketPC/shareware), TakoShi 0.1.1 (freeware/PalmOS), GShisen (freeware/GNUstep/Mac OS X), ShisenSho (online/FunPuzzles), Jade & Match 1.0 (freeware/PocketPC), Shenzhen 1.1.4 (PalmOS /shareware), Palm Mahjong (Match Mania) 2.02 (PalmOS/shareware), Shisensho - Joshiryo-Hen (emulated abandonware video/arcade under MAME), Ada Links 3.58 (win/commercial), Short Circuitry 1.3 (shareware/mac), Super Circuitry 1.0b (shareware/win), LinLinks 4.0 (shareware/win), Tautology I (freeware/Atari), Tautology II (shareware/Atari), Take-it! (Atari/freeware), PalmShisensho 1.24 (PalmOS/freeware), Zador I & II (freeware/Atari), Shisen-Sho 0.9 (freeware/BeOS), BShisen 1.4 (freeware/BeOS), Shisen-Sho 1.0.0 (freeware/Zaurus)

Ishido: Ishido 1.0 (PalmOS/freeware), gIshido 1.2 (FreeBSD/freeware), PalmShido 1.01 (PalmOS/shareware), PARIshido (freeware/PalmOS), Ishido 1.01 (freeware/BeOS)

Other: Mahjong Rain 1.0 (win/shareware), Nanching Mahjong 1.02 (PocketPC/shareware), Yiching 1.1.4 (shareware/PalmOS), Taipei Solitaire (shareware/PocketPC), Super Pai-oh 2 v.7.0 (shareware/win)

29. March 2004:
Removed vbMahjongg beta 8 (freeware) and vbMahjongg 2.1 (commercial) due to legal threats and accusation of source code theft (1.03b).

28. March 2004: Third major update. Dozen and dozens of small changes (link checks, game updates, new icons, new comments, link to Caiman's free game collection and much more... 30.000 visitors (in five months and three weeks) - (1.03)

Freeware - new games: LexJongg 1.2 (win/linux), NeoTiles 1.0 (PocketPC), MacTaipei 1.0 (mac), Mah Jongg 2.21 (win), Mindjongg 4.01 (win), MahJongg for PalmPilot version 1.1a (PalmPilot)

Shareware: QuickTile (mac), Twilight Mahjongg (mac), Ultimate Mahjong 1.1 (win), Rhiannon's Realm: Celtic Mahjong Solitaire (win/mac), Mah-Gong Special Edition 1.0a (Nintendo)

Commercial - new games: Great Pyramid (win), Dragon's Challenge (win), Solitaire Mahjongg (win/German), Mah Jongg - In 80 Minuten um die Welt (win/German), Art MahJongg and MagJongg (win/German), After Dark Games (win/mac), Nahan: The Ultimate 3D Puzzle Game (win/mac), vbMahjongg 2.1 (win)

Online: Maozedongg (java), Mahjong (Inetplay), Candystand Mahjong 

Shisen-Sho : Nankin 1.10 (win/online), Tiles of Fate (Nintendo), Hong Kong Pairs (win), [haihai 2 1.50 (win)]

Ishido: Mariko - the way of the stones (win/shareware)

Other: Trentyguy (win/freeware)
Tilesets: Added RiverRocks 71 Moraffs mahjongg tilesets

08. February 2004:  Added legal notice for the listing of VBMahjongg in the freeware section. Changed URL for Marc Lesselberg's 'Stuff for Kyodai' site. A couple of comments added.(1.02b) 

24. January 2004: Second major update. Added own pages for OS/2, Linux and Mac. Copied the information about Pretty Good MahJongg from 'Other' to the shareware section. Removed StarGate MiniPai, Sleepy Hollow MiniPai and CastleJong online games. Added 'Is it possible to play a 'solitaire mahjongg' game with real mahjongg tiles?' in Miscellaneous page. A dozen of small corrections and other additions. 14.000 visitors (in three and a half month) (1.02)

Online - new games:  Mahjongg (LucyD), Mahjongg (Karun), Mahjongg Solitaire (KAMS), Mah Jong (GruppoGarage), James Marsters / Spike Mahjongg, Flash Tiles, Tai-Pim, Mahjong 2003 (Javazoo), 

Shisen-Sho - new games: Shisen for Java 1.0 (win/os2/linux/solaris/mac), Shisen for OS/2 1.31, Lin Wu's Challenge (dos), Turn It (dos), KShisen (unix/linux), XShisen 1.51 (X11/linux), GShisen 2000 (Apple2), gshisen 1.1 (freebsd), RuniX (mac), Zador 1.7 (mac)

Ishido - new games: Shih Tao (win), KIshido 0.1 (linux), KIshido 1.02 (linux), Ishido (win)

Freeware - new games: PySolitaire 0.10 (win), Ultrasol 1.02 (linux/win), Jongi Jongo 1.02 (win), MahJongg for ToolBook (dos), xmahjongg 3.61 (X11/unix), KMahjongg for KDE (linux/unix), Gnome Mahjongg 2.5.4 (linux/unix), Lopan 0.9 (linux/BeOS), Mah Jongg 2.1 (os/2), IBM Mahjongg Solitaire 2.20 (os/2), The Ace of Penguins 1.2 (unix/linux), Gunshy 1.3 (mac), Mah Jong Solitaire 2.25b (mac), Qt# Mahjongg (linux), Chinese Tiles 1.1.1 (mac), Shanghaï 2.0.1 (mac), Take Away 2.4.2 (mac), Double 2.0.3 (mac), FarmersMahJongg 0.9.1 (mac/nextstep), haihai 2 1.50 (win), Henge 1.04 (win/mac), Dragon 1.03 (mac), Taipei 5.00 (win)

Shareware - new games: Jongi Jongo 2.0 (win), Mahjong Palace (mac), Game of the Winds 2.2 (mac), MaxJongg 1.04 (win), Mombasa 1.5 (mac), Aki Mahjong Solitaire 1.0.0 (mac), Burning Monkey Mahjong Solitaire 1.0 (mac)

Commercial - new games: Mahjongg Masters 1.01 for Windows, Absolute Mah Jong 1.0 (win), Shanghai (MiniClip.com) (win), The Orient Pack (win), Mahjong Mania Deluxe 1.0 (win)

Other - new games: Pick 11 v.3.0 (win)

10. November 2003: First major update. Added Noah's Ark Deluxe 1.1 (shisen-sho), Flags Majong 1.01 (freeware), Shanghi Memory (online), Disney's Mahjongg (commercial), Xcogitate 1.1 (ishido), 3D Magic Mahjongg (commercial),  New Taipei (online), The Sentinel MiniPai (online), Kahjongg 2.0 (online), SpaceBabes MiniPai (online), Farscape MiniPai (online), Runenlegen 0.1d (ishido), Alchemy 1.2 for windows (ishido), Nile Tiles Mah Jongg Solitaire (freeware), MJ-Flash AI version X.1 (online), Shanf 3D 1.22 (freeware), Rechen-MahJongg 1.0 (other), Naked Mahjongg (commercial), added weirdone's "food" tilesets to moraffs games on the tileset page, added link to Jarno Elonens site (Mahjong solitaire solving algorithm - not!) on the layouts page, Comments page and 'Wanted' notice. Link changes and bug fixes. 2700 visitors first month (Yippy!)(1.01)

13. October 2003: Membership in 'The World Of Mahjong Webring' denied (1.00c)

7. October 2003: Applied for membership to 'The World Of Mahjong Webring' and added 3 - three- counters....(1.00b)

5. October 2003: First version of site online  - 45 online, 38 freeware, 33  shareware, 33 commercial, 23 Shisen-Sho and 11 Ishido games listed (1.00).







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