Tile-matching solitaire mahjongg, Shisen-Sho and Ishido games for the Macintosh OS / computer. These games are probably most known as 'Gunshy' or 'Mombasa' on the Mac.

Please note that I do not have a Mac computer and that all information and screenshots are taken from the publishers sites and/or other sites who lists games for the Macintosh. If you should find any errors or omissions (who I'm sure there are plenty of...); please contact me.

The North Coast Macintosh User Group's monthly newsletter, The Mouse Tales, reviewed 6 solitaire mahjongg games in their November 2003 issue: Shanghai: Second Dynasty, Ning Po MahJong, Mah Jong Solitaire (BoneHead), Mahjong Palace, Super Mah Jong Solitaire, and Farmers MahJong. You might wanna check out their reviews also.


Absolute Mah Jong 1.0 Commercial

4 game modes: Classic, Word (collect words and form letters), Math (build mathematical expressions) and Shuffle Mah Jong (tiles reshuffle automatically if there is no free moves left). Highscore can be published on the net, layout editor, shuffle, auto save, 66 layouts. There is a very crippled demo available (it will expire after 10 games among other things). Req.: Mac OS 9 or later. Also versions for Windows, Linux, PalmOS, and PocketPC. Review based on Windows version.
Download demo (2,0 mb) Absolutist Price: $16.95

Screenshot from Windows version


Alchemy 1.2 Shareware
In this variant the tiles are magical runes. The goal is to turn the entire board into gold. Runes must be placed next to an existing Rune, and they must match all adjacent Runes in either their shape, their color, or both. "Stones" act as wild cards. "Skulls" are magical bombs. Normal 'strategic mode' and 'time-trial mode'. Music, sound, hint, high score and customs cursors. In the trial there is no high score, no time trial and several nag screens. Versions for Windows (req.: Windows 95, 98, 2000, or ME with Direct X, Pentium II 200 Mhz , 32 mb RAM). and an MAC OS X version.
1, 8 mb - download from:  PopCap Games Price: $19.95


After Dark Games Commercial
After Dark Games is a collection of 11 games (card, puzzle, arcade, tetris, word games). "...sharp, colorful graphics and engaging music and sound". Includes 'Mooshu Tiles' (a solitaire mahjongg game) who gives you a fortune cookie when you finish. 2 tilesets and several layouts. Made by Sierra (Berkely Systems) in 1998. Discontinued. For Mac (PowerMac, System 7.5.5 +) and Windows (95/98/ME). Buy at Amazon. Reviews: GameSpotLadyDragon / The Critical Eye / MobyGames.
Producer: Sierra Price: $4.99 +


Aki Mahjong Solitaire 1.0.2 Shareware
Screenshots says beautiful graphics... Timelimit play, highscore, 3 levels of difficulty, 12 levels, several layouts, 3 music tracks. Fragments of Japanese culture and history during gameplay. Requirements: Mac OS X 10.1 or later. Only three levels in demo.
17,7 Mb - download from: Ambrosia Software Price: $20.00


Burning Monkey Mahjong Solitaire 1.1 Shareware
"Burning Monkey Fun..." , "multiple tile layouts (40), random layout generator, monkey pals, customizable backgrounds, with photos by Sandia Ren". The colors are bright and charming, the animations are a bit crude but fun. Reviews: Applelinks, MacGamer. For Mac OS X 10.1 or higher, ram req.: 64 Mb, 333MHz G3, 60MB hard disk space
22,8 mb - download from: Freeverse Price: $19.95


Chinese Tiles 1.1.1 Abandonware
There is supposed to be several layouts and tilesets (unknown how many to me). 2 screen resolutions (512x384 and 640x480). Undo, peek, high score. Make your own tilesets with the attached template. For Macintosh. Req.: System 7 (or greater). From 1994. Shareware ($10 US), but abandonware today. Author: Predrag Stanojevic, Sweden. A version called 'Yeti Tiles' was made by 'SubGenius'.
964 kb - download from: MacFreeGames Price: N/A


Double 2.0.4 Freeware
From the homepage: Free Shanghai solitaire style game for the Macintosh. The picture shown uses various icons downloaded from http://xicons.macnn.com/. More beautiful icons can be found at chilliday or icon factory. This application requires CarbonLib 1.0.4 or later and can run on OS X. Download version 2.0.4 (700k) Classic or OS X
700 kb (OS X) and 750 (Classic): PCV Soft Price: 0


Dragon 1.03 Freeware
"A game like Shanghai" (all I know...) Author: Jochen Pier, Köln. The game was programmed with the help of TCL on a Apple Macintosh Classic II in 1993.
- 65 kb Jochen Pier Price: 0


FarmersMahJongg 0.9.1 Freeware
Undo, hint. Versions for Mac OS X, Mac OS X Server and NEXTSTEP. Source available. ObjectFarm Public License. Author: Tom Engel.
1, 0 mb - download from: Farmers MahJongg Price: N/A


Game of the Winds 2.2 Shareware
20 layouts and an layout editor, 4 tilesets ("Letters" - alphabet, "Shapes" - shapes and colors, "Road Signs" and standard "Mahjongg", high score. German and English. Author: Martin Cordsmeier. For Macintosh. Req.: System 7.0 or later.
830 kb - download from:  Martin Cordsmeier Price: $10.00


GShisen Freeware  

GShisen.app for the GNUstep. Author: Enrico Sersale.

MacOS X version


Price: 0

GShisen.app (GNUstep)


GShisen 2000 Open Source
Shisen-Sho clone for Apple II. Review of an old version (1998). Author: Kelvin Sherlock.
34 kb - download from: A2Central Price: N/A

 - old screenshot


Gunshy 1.3 Freeware
Gunshy is perhaps the earliest Shanghai clone for the Macintosh and the mostly widespread on this platform. It was made by E.C. Horvath in 1987-1988. You can customize the tile and background pictures in ResEdit.

Mark's GunShy (Nude Mahjongg Game) [pay up...]
Simpsons Gunshy Game 2.0 (The Simpsons Depot) (screenshot)
PowerMac Gunshy - match tiles with pictures of Macs

Fiona Apple -(singer) gunshy game
Sarah McLachlan (dead link) gunshy game ()

- 40 kb No homepage Price: 0


Henge 1.04 Abandonware
Called "the Celtic Game of stones". Celtic inspired stone set. 12 layouts. Versions for PC ( 100 MHz Pentium and Windows 95 / 98) and Mac (system 7.1 or later). Made in Macromedia Flash. Sound. Made by the now dead company 'MagiCastle' (1997). Shareware ($20), now abandonware. In shareware version only one layout is available (and that is the version available for download below). A nice review here. Review and screenshot based on windows version.
Update: The author has announced a comeback in 2005 with an updated shareware version of Henge, please see the MagiCastle website
TUCOWS 4,6 mb (Mac) - - 3,2 mb (Windows) Price: N/A


MacTaipei 1.0 Freeware
Play the solitaire game using the Mahjong tiles. Highscore. System requirements: sound output, Color Quickdraw, System 7.x., Mac 60 Mhz, 8 mb ram. Written in Codewarrior C version 8 - a 68k application. Author: Frans Breukelman (1999)
135 kb - download from: Frans Breukelman Price: N/A


Mah Jong Solitaire 2 v.1.80 Shareware
32 bit high resolution graphics, OpenGL 3D, music player, layout browser, statistics, undo, shuffle, suggest, five difficulty options, six different game modes including memory, two turns, and classic. Layout Editor, use your own backgrounds, 11 tilesets, 50 layouts, high score. Req: Mac OS X 10.1+. There is also available a 'Mah Jong Solitaire' 1 v. 3.25 ($ 8,50) with X 10.1+ version and classic version ( 8.6+).
15,4 mb - download from: Bonehead Projects Price: $12,50


Mahjong Palace 1.02 Shareware
Several layouts, backgrounds, tile sets, Layout Editor, hint, shuffle. Author: Glenn Seemann. For Macintosh. Req.: Mac OS 8.6/9/X, 12mb Ram, 800x600 display
7,3 mb - download from: GlennsGames Price: $14.95


Mahjong Solitarus Shareware

5 tile themes, 20 game levels, layout editor (share your layouts over the net with other users), "chill-out" music, high score for each layout. No access to the 20 game levels and the layout editor in the shareware version. 

Req.: Mac OS X, G3 400Mhz, 16Mb video card.

4,2 mb - download from: DanLabGames Price: $ 15


Mahjong Ultimate


Standard solitaire mahjongg game and 'Mahjong Memory'. 51 layouts, 250 backgrounds, 50 tilesets, 10 songs. Hint, high score. Versions for Mac and Windows (9x, DirectX 5+, Pentium 66 MHz). Review based on windows version.
Purchase link not working.


Webfoot Games

Price: (?)

Screenshot from Windows version


Masque Mahjongg


100 tilesets, 400 layouts, 2500 backgrounds. Includes five new Mahjongg games, each with different rule variations - Niagara, Three Lines, Recall, Lines of Five and Alignment. Use your own pictures as backgrounds. Layout Editor. Eight music tracks. Windows (95,98,NT,2000,ME,XP) and Mac OS X versions.


Masque Publishing

Price: $24.99


Mombasa 1.5 Shareware
Author: Glenn R. Wichman. For Mac Classic.
181 kb - download from: TUCOWS Price: $7.00


Nahan: The Ultimate 3D Puzzle Game Commercial
Nahan is customizable 3D tile matching game. Rotate a 3D layout forwards/ backwards and left/right, zoom in/out, several backgrounds, block patterns, tile layout and 13 audio tracks, hints, musical tracks, layout editor. Reviews: GameGirls, MobyGames. Developed by Electric Sheep and published by Global Star Software in 1998 (retail price was $14.99 - $19.99). Req.: Mac OS, Windows 95 / 98 /ME. Discontinued and impossible (?) to buy. Watch Amazon!
Producer: Global Star Price: NA




Shisen-Sho game made by Japanese company Symphony Inc. Sold in the retail "SHOCKPRICE500 series". Don't know where you can get it (possibly only in Japan...). Versions for Macintosh (68K,7.x) and Windows (95 and above), PlayStation. Some Japanese links: 1 (info. and download of trial versions) - 2 (win/mac68k info) - 3 (Classic/OS8) - 4 (OSX). This online shockwave is built directly on this game: Play (screenshot)


Symphony, Inc.

Price: ?


NingPo MahJong Deluxe 1.00.27/1.05.04


9 tile sets, 18 layouts and 10 backgrounds in this version. Hint, undo, shuffle, music, sound, high score. Only 2 layouts and 3 tilesets in shareware version. Versions for Windows (95,98,2000,ME,XP and Direct x), Mac OS X (10.2+) and Linux (Linux Operating System 2.2.x or later, Gnu C Libraries (glibc) 2.1.x or later, XFree86). Note: Windows (3.3mb) ($19.95), Linux (5.1mb) ($14.95), OS X 10.2+ (3.7mb) ($19.95). Published by PopCap Games and developed by Pyrogon Inc. The Linux version is ported by Linux Game Publishing.

Download from homepage:


Price: $19.95 (Mac)

Screenshot from Windows version


Piles'O'Tiles Desktop 2.2


28 boards (layout). Four tilesets available (incl. one mahjongg set). Online high score, hint. Tileset /level editor in registered version. Author: Andy Kellett. Req.: Versions for Macintosh (OS8.5 w/ CarbonLib, OS X Compatible, 400Mhz+), Windows (req.:95/98/ME/2000/XP and DirectX 8.1), and Pocket PC (ARM/XScale and MIPS) available. A crippled demo (only five boards and two rounds of play) can be downloaded from the homepage. Review based on Windows version.

 3,7 mb Demo - download from:


Price: $ 16.95

Screenshot from Windows version


Pyramad 1.2


Egyptian theme. Your goal is to build a complete pyramid from randomly drawn blocks. You must match hieroglyphics along each side of the blocks in order to place them together. Good standalone guide explain the rules. Must run in 256 colors. Made by Magicastle 1997. Shareware ($20), probably abandonware today. Only one level in shareware version (and that is the version available for download). Review and screenshot based on windows version. Read other reviews here and here

: The author has announced a comeback in 2005 with an updated shareware version of Pyramad, please see the MagiCastle website.

Pyramad was originally published as a two player board game in 1982, and revamped to a solitaire puzzle game. It's rules are unique and it predates Ishido. You must match symbols along each side of the board and stacking them to form a pyramid.

3,8 mb win 3,5 mb mac

Homepage: NA



QuickTile Shareware
QuickTile is a tile matching game, with a twist. Instead of tiles with static pictures, QuickTile has animated graphics that play continuously in each tile while you remove them from the board. Req.: PowerMac or 68k Mac (68040 recommended) with 3 megs of free RAM, System 7.0 or later, and QuickTime.
1,7 mb - download from: Maverick Software Price: $15


Rhiannon's Realm: Celtic Mahjong Solitaire Shareware
Celtic themed solitaire mahjongg game. Very beautiful artwork and themes! 65 board layouts, 13 desktop wallpapers/backgrounds, windowed or full-screen mode, three different levels of difficulty, hint, shuffle, high score, music, sound, play in Journey or Single Game modes. Available for Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP (200 Mhz Pentium+, 32 Mb ram) and Macintosh OS X 10.2 (500 Mhz G3+, 32 Mb ram). 1024x768. Developed by: Evil Genius Games. Only one background in demo.
20 / 22 mb - download: Hypernova Games Price: $ 19.95


RuniX Shareware
Shisen-Sho with an emphasis on Rune tilesets. 3 difficulty levels. 6 variations (Classic - similar to the NEXTSTEP game "AcChen"), Classic Plus  - larger play area, Blocked - beware of the immobile pieces and don't get trapped, Flatland - one layer only and for children, Progressive, Timeless - no time limit). Req.: Mac OSX 10.1+.
12,3 mb - download from: IllumineX Price: $14.95


Shanghai Abandonware
Black & White. Runs only on older Macs (MacOS 7.0- 8.1).

Early Activision version?

312 kb - download from: Macintosh Garden Price: 0


Shanghai II Abandonware
'Creator Tool', sound, music, several tilesets. 

Old Activision version? (files compressed 1998)

1,9 mb - download from: Macintosh Garden Price: 0


Shanghaï 2.0.1 Freeware (?)
Macintosh, OS 7 or greater. Probably *OLD*....
740 kb - download from: MacFreeGames Price: N/A


Shisen for Java 1.0 Freeware
Beautiful. 13 tilesets, multiple screen resolutions supported and automatic scaling of tiles, Hall of Fame, undo, redo, hint, peek, restart, pause, use jpg/gif/png-graphics as background, 3 difficulty levels, 6 board size from 14x6 to 30x16, several themes (look-and-feel), English and German language. Req.: Java 2 runtime (download from Java home). Platform independent (runs on OS/2, Linux, Windows, Solaris and Mac OSX). Authors: Uwe and Jürgen aus dem Moore.
5,4MB - Download from homepage: UJ-software Price: 0

screenshot from windows version


Super Mah Jong Solitaire 2.06


20 layouts and 3 tilesets. Sound, music. Hint, help, undo, reshuffle, high score. Only 12 tries in the demo version (1,9 mb). Versions for Windows ( 95/98/ME/2000/XP, 32 Mb RAM) and MacOS X (10.1+).

Demo for Mac at Apple Downloads (2,3 mb)



Price: $ 19.95

Screenshot from Windows version


Take Away 2.4.2 Freeware
Several variations: Enigma (Shanghai), Memory (concentration), Gravity (tetris), Follow Me (click on sequences of flashing tiles), The Plush!, Slider (tile slide puzzle). Req.: PowerPC ( 32 mb Ram), MacOS 8.1+ and Apple's DrawSprocket Library. Author: Ian Howle, homepage: Howlewhere. Also available is a 68k version (2.0.4).
7,2 mb - download from: TUCOWS Price: 0


Twilight Mahjongg


Solitaire mahjongg with a science fiction makeover. 15 science fiction themed tilesets, 5 'spacey themed' layouts. Random or replay able layouts. 4 one player games (Standard, Simple (tiles doesn't have to be 'free'),  Space Card Mahjongg (tiles can teleport, change, move etc.) and Memory Match. Two players can compete against each other in 'Time Challenge' or 'Match Off' (match most tiles). High score, sound, shuffle. Shareware version only one tileset, 2 layouts and limited number of available puzzles. Versions for Windows (req: Win 95,98,ME,NT4,2000,XP and DirectX 6.1+) and Mac (by Red Marble Games). Listing based on on windows version. 

5,5 mb - download from:

Twilight Games

Price: $19.95 

- screenshot from windows version


World Championship Mah Jongg Solitaire 2.11


19 tilesets, 100+ layouts, 51 background images, 13 music pieces. online and local high score, Standard and two-player mode. 3 bonus games (incl. a memory game). Use your own image files as backgrounds. Layout Editor. Versions for Windows and Mac OS X. 15 days trial w/nag screens.

3 mb (win) / 3,5 mb (mac) trial:




Zador 1.7.2a Shareware
Shisen-Sho. 50 levels, 4 different Chinese music-tunes, highscore, meditation mode, 6 different tilesets: Asian (original Chinese Mah-Jongg tiles), Egyptian, Fantasy, Xmas, Sockquest (find pairs of matching socks..), Kidspanic (variation with simple geometric shapes for kids). For Macintosh v.8 and above.
4,2 mb - download from: Mac-Yun-Soft Price: $ 17


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