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Shisen/2 - 1024x860 - 112 kb 
From: UJ homepage


Tiles - 33 kb - 400x300


Majiang - 1024x768 - 643 kb From: Mahjong Network


Majiang/2 -1280x1024 -227 kb From: Mahjong Network

Mahjong Tiles - 1024x768 - 95 kb - More sizes at NanoGames

247 kb - 800x600 - 
From: Don't remember



Mahjong ScreenSaver for ManiacJunkee
 Special 1.41 (oct. 1999)

32 kb download from author: H."sander".Ishikawa 


Kyodai Mahjongg Screensaver, Theme and Active Desktop

Download from the author LaGiraffa
 (WARNING: Only for the bold and brave - my anti-virus screamed spyware and Trojans/ backdoor virus)

Chin-itsu Mania Screen Saver 1.1

Win95/98/NT - a screen saver showing some kind of (true) mahjong-based puzzles - (143kB). In Japanese only. By : Danchan




Mahjongg tileset, made by Extdesk, based on an actual mahjongg tileset. Best viewed at 32*32. The set is made from the default tileset of Kyodai Mahjongg.

Download from EXTDESK 


Play with real tiles

Is it possible to play a 'solitaire mahjongg' game with real mahjongg tiles?

"Shanghai certainly is playable with real tiles -- and, IMO, Shanghai is definitely the best solitaire game for Mah-Jongg tiles -- but we have made many different ways to play Shanghai. However, I don't think you will enjoy playing Shanghai with real tiles as much as you will enjoy playing the computer version. When you play with real tiles, you have to laboriously build the layout (trying all the while not to allow yourself to arrange the tiles in either an unwinnable or winnable fashion), then after you have removed several pairs and find yourself stuck, there is no computer to tell you where there's a move -- and there is no computer to tell you where you took the tiles from so you can back up to the point where you got stuck. Shanghai does all that, and more.

Source: Tom Sloper ('Solitaire Mah-Jongg' -4 Jan 1998 - in rec.games.mahjong


"The Turtle" stacked with real tiles (courtesy of Pedro Gimeno Fortea)


Shanghai auto solver

Most solitaire mahjongg computer implementations can generate puzzles that are guaranteed to be solvable. 

Even so, it is impossible to come up with an algorithm that could always solve them (according to Jarno Elonen). This is correct for the case where you are not allowed to peek below the tiles

If, however, you are allowed to peek under the tiles before taking them (complete-information variant of the game), it is obviously possible to write a solver. Pedro Gimeno Fortea have made an excellent article and a C program about an auto-solver for mahjongg solitaire (shanghai auto solver).

The solver program covers the solution of boards from Kyodai, XMahjongg, Nels Andersons game and KDE.


Shanghai True Type Font
- of course we got to have that too! :-)  - 28 kb


The World's Greatest Solitaire MahJongg game ever !!!




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