Tile-matching solitaire mahjongg games and Shisen-Sho games for IBM's OS/2 operating system. 

Please note that I am not an OS/2 user and neither have access to this OS and that all information and screenshots are taken from the publishers sites and/or other sites who lists OS/2 games. If you should find any errors or omissions (who I'm sure there are plenty of...); please contact me.


IBM Mahjongg Solitaire 2.20 ???
From OS/2 World: This a nice Mahjongg game that comes included with Warp 4 Client. It includes several kind of mahjongg in the same game, check the screen shot. From: PSP Boca Programming Center, written by: Jurg von Konel. Technically it's not freeware. You could say it 'free' with OS/2. And it's almost abandonware (I mean OS/2...)
Homepage: None Price: N/A


Mah Jongg 2.1 Abandonware
7 tilesets (it's possible to make your own), several layouts and backgrounds, Statistics (high score?) . Author: Bernd Wetzel. For OS/2 (Req.: 2.1 or higher, runs on the workplace shell). Shareware US $25 (1995), abandonware today. Wrongly named 'Mah Jongg Dragon' on OS/2 World.
279 kb - download from: OS/2 World Price: N/A


Mah Jongg Solitaire 1.1


Old (1992/1993) game for Windows and OS/2 (Req.: Warp 3 with DIVE or later). Nothing to see here, move along people...
Review based on Windows version. Made by 'Syncrosoft'. Shareware then ($20), abandonware today.

  - 49 kb (os/2)


Price: 0


Mahjongg solitaire 1.17 (D. F. Valot)


OK game. 13 layouts and 18 tile sets. Re-sizeable. Undo and Hints. High scores. You can design your own tile sets (bmp-files). Author: Daniel F. Valot. Versions for OS/2 (req.: OS/2 Warp 3 with DIVE or later) and Windows available. Review based on Windows version. 

2,6 mb - download from:


Price: 0


Shisen for Java 1.0 Freeware
Beautiful. 13 tilesets, multiple screen resolutions supported and automatic scaling of tiles, Hall of Fame, undo, redo, hint, peek, restart, pause, use jpg/gif/png-graphics as background, 3 difficulty levels, 6 board size from 14x6 to 30x16, several themes (look-and-feel), English and German language. Req.: Java 2 runtime (download from Java home). Platform independent (runs on OS/2, Linux, Windows, Solaris and Mac OSX). Authors: Uwe and Jürgen aus dem Moore.
5,4MB - Download from homepage: UJ-software Price: 0


Shisen for OS/2 1.31


Shisen-Sho clone - looks very beautiful from the pictures. Features: Several 'stonesets' (tilesets), multiple screen resolutions supported without scaling from 640x480 up to 1800x1350 and automatic scaling of stonesets, Hall of Fame, unlimited undo, hint.  Authors: Uwe and Jürgen aus dem Moore (UJ)

2,2 mb - Download from homepage:


Price: 0


Shisen-Sho 1.17


A decent clone. Graphics could have been better, though. 18 tile sets (including a road sign tile set), 5 board sizes from 14x6 to 30x16. 5 speed levels and 3 difficulty modes. Hint, Demo and High Scores list. Standard mode, Gravity mode (tiles fall down the board), Fall mode and Attractive mode. Choose bitmaps as backgrounds. Bitmap template with which you can make your own tile sets. Versions for OS/2 (req.: Warp 3 with DIVE or later) and Windows. Review and screen- shot based on Windows version. Author: Daniel F. Valot

2.6 mb - download from homepage


Price: 0


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