The rest of the bunch: Other solitaire games played with mahjongg tiles or somewhat related to the 'mahjongg universe'

Mah Jongg Wall 2.1


Want to add more mystery, strategy, and challenge to the tile-matching solitaire game? Try MahJongg Wall. Good graphics (but too small) and music. First you throw dices to determine the prevailing wind who controls which tiles are free and not. The tiles you match (discarding) are used to build a new wall. The goal is to complete this wall. Entirely original rules. And you get nice Chinese words of wisdoms when you win. Author: Russel Wilson. Req.: Win 95+. 
A commercial version called 'Mah Jongg Magic' was earlier sold by Cosmi Corporation (seems to discontinued by now)

4,4 mb - download from:

Cypress Lane Div.

Price: $19.95


Arcade MahJongg 1.25


A new twist: Adding action and shooting. You must clear levels by firing bullets from your paddle at matching tiles (and they are moving). Too many mismatches and you're dead. Shareware limitations: Only 10 minutes of play and only 15 of 100 levels available. Author: Simeon Peebler. Req.: Win 95/98/ME/ 2000/XP and DirectX 8.0+.

4,0 mb- download from:

BrainBlock Int.

Price: $19.95


Pretty Good MahJongg 1.11


21 original mahjongg solitaire games based on and inspired by traditional solitaire card games and played with mahjongg tiles. Also 32 different classic solitaire mahjongg tile matching layouts (more added on homepage by users). 10 tilesets available. Layout Editor available in registered version. Undo, redo, snapshots, statistics, high score lists. Author: Thomas Warfield. Req.: Windows 95/98/NT/2000/Me/XP

A commercial version called 'MahJongg Patience' is sold by eGames (10 games - $9.99) and is also included in the 'MahJongg Master Deluxe Suite'.

4.1 mb - download from:

GoodSol Dev. Inc.

Price: $24.95


Mah Jongg Klondike 1.00


Simple Klondike ("solitaire") type card game with the 'look and feel' of Kyodai MahJongg. Meant as a tribute. 8 backgrounds (use your own jpgs - 639x463) and 8 different card backs. Sound. 3 languages: English, German and Norwegian. Authors: Marc Lesselberg (graphics, idea) and Vegard Krog Petersen (the author of this site). Req.: Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP and Visual basic 6 runtime.

- 982 kb (exe) - 862 kb (zip)


Price: 0



Made by Japanese company Metro 3D and released in 1994 on SNES (Super Nintendo).

" The goal is not just to remove the tiles from the layout/structure, but also to avoid filling the hand." 

Source: Tom Sloper: 98/03/29 Re: Mahjong solitaire games /

Several versions available to play under the MAME Emulator: Toride - Last Fortress, Toride - Last Fortress (Erotic version), Paitoride II - Adauchi Gaiden, Dai Paitoride

Fire up your "google" and search for the ROM's...


Screenshots and information from GameFAQs

Toride - Last Fortress

Toride - Last Fortress - 
Erotic version



Made by Japanese company SunSoft and released on Sega GameGear and Sega Genesis (1991). And on Sega MegaDrive and Nintendo Game boy.

Basically, it's a little like Sokoban (Boxxle) - you push little blocks which mostly look like Mahjongg tiles. If identical tiles touch, they disappear, clearing your way to the exit.

Shikinjo might mean "point-blank castle" or "close-range castle" or something similar in Japanese. (Shi Kin Joh)

A web-based java-clone can be played at

Sources: Tom Sloper and 'Pawn' in newsgroup '' 2001-09-19 in the thread: Does anybody remember a game called Shikinjo? and GameFAQs / GameFAQs

Shikinjo - Sega GameGear

Shikinjo - Sega Genesis


OTHER (sic!)

You can also play several other games with mahjongg tiles:


(screenshot from Kyodai MahJongg's 'Hashira')

(screenshot from Kyodai MahJongg's 'Clicks')


(screenshot from Kyodai MahJongg's 'Memory')



Mahjong Rain 1.0 Shareware

Tetris with mahjongg tiles. "The object of the game is to build a winning hand in each 'game' before the mahjong tiles fill up the screen." Music, peek and highscore. Req.: Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP, 800 x 600. Author: Edwin Chiu
4,8 mb trial- Publisher: IWriteSoftware Price: $12 


MahJongg TetriX 1.2


Not much 'mahjongg' about it. Included because of the name.

A combination of Tetris and "MahJongg Clicks" (SameGame). Manage 4 figures falling simultaneously. 10 speed levels. Music. Alternative download site: WinSite

Author: Alexander V. Stepoukhin. Req: Win 95/98/ME/2000/XP

2,6 mb - download from:





Nanching Mahjong 1.02 Shareware


Some kind of SameGame variant with mahjongg tiles. 

" 1. The symbols on the face of the tiles must match. 2. The tiles must be in the same row, column, or immediately diagonal to each other. As tiles are removed from the board, the tiles above them will fall to fill the gaps."

For Pocket PC, Pocket PC 2002 and Windows Mobile 2003, ARM / MIPS / SH3. Limitation in the shareware version: No highscore.

753 kb - download from: YanCEyWare Price: $8.00


Nankin 1.10 Freeware

A strange Shisen-Sho / SameGame variant. 

Made in 1993 by Ikuo Hirohata 'Grow'. Game in Japanese only. Hint, undo, shuffle, highscore. Runs on Win 98 and ???.

Homepage died in 2004

- 22 kb - download Grow's Soft Land Price: 0


Noah's Ark Deluxe 1.1 Commercial

Shisen-Sho/SameGame combinations game. Match pairs of animals and save Noah's Ark from sinking. Three modes: Action, Strategy and Puzzle with three levels of difficulty each. Sound, music and high score.

Req.: Win98, ME, 2000, XP

10 times trial (2,6 mb) PopCaps Games Price: $9.95


Star Majong 1.0 Freeware

Some kind of mahjongg and SameGame hybrid? "Match non adjacent tiles either vertically, or horizontally to remove them. Another option is tiles that are adjacent (diagonally included on this one). With each match, all tiles atop the selected pair will drop down. This presents new options for matches. The aim of the game is to play smart and clear the screen." Made in 2003. For PalmOS 3.x
16 kb - download from: Starship Systems Price: 0


Super Pai-oh 2 v.7.0 Shareware

A SameGame variant. The gravity point is no longer the bottom, but the center of the screen. You must match two and two tiles and think ahead. The board hides drawings of Japanese girls who progressively undress along with your success. 3 difficulty levels (only one in trial), sound. Installation and game in Japanese. Author: Koji Sato (SGL) (2001). Abandonware? There seems to be no mention of the game in SGL's homepage.
- 1,4 mb N/A Price: N/A


Yiching 1.1.4 Shareware

" A variant of mahjong where you match tiles in the same row/column, or diagonally adjacent". Some kind of SameGame variant.

3 levels of difficulty, 3 board sizes, timer, high score, undo, redo. 

Req.: Palm OS 3.5+. Author: Brian Williams.

Restriction in shareware version: no highscore or statistics.

23 kb - download from: PalmGEAR Price: $5.00




Dragon Scales 2.0


A mahjongg solitaire derivative. Uses scales or other shapes instead of tiles. Same goal: remove scales in pairs that are not overlapped by other scales. Animated textures or fabric scales. 3 different skill levels (make your own), background music, create own layouts and rules. Author: Gerry Quinn. Req.: 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP

1,8 mb - download from homepage:


Price: $14.95


Pick 11 v.3.0 Shareware

A mahjongg solitaire derivative. Clear the field by summing the open (free) tiles up to 11. After clearing all the tiles you will be transferred to next level (8 levels) Online tournament mode. In demo version only one level is available. Windows and PocketPC.
888 kb - download from: XI-ART Price: $11.69 


Rechen-MahJongg 1.0 Freeware

A mahjongg solitaire derivative. Mathematics training for children (and adults :-) ). Tiles can be removed in pairs, if the calculation and the result is correct. Differences: Only one height level and only two 'identical' tiles. Fire background pictures (or use your own jpg files). 

Author: Thomas Fellner.

293 - download from:  Thomas Fellner Price: 0


Steve Moraff has, among his other games, made two derivatives:

RingJongg and SphereJongg are shareware, visit Moraff's.

Moraff's RingJongg

Uses rings instead of tiles

Moraff's SphereJongg

Uses 3D-spheres (balls) instead of tiles


The older MarbleJongg 2000 v. 1.09 is freeware (nagware). 

- MarbleJongg 3,9 mb 

Moraff's Marble Jongg

Uses balls or rings instead of tiles


Pokie Magic: Golden Dragon


Since I have not tried the game myself; here is the ad:
"Pokie Magic - Golden Dragon is an Aussie style 20 payline 5 reel poker machine (also called a slot machine or a "Pokie"). It has an exciting Mahjong Feature which if you are very lucky will lead into the Golden Dragon Feature, for massively exciting wins!"

2,7 mb - download from:

Pokie Magic

Price: $15.00


Taipei Solitaire Shareware

"...a tile matching game that uses cards rather than the traditional tiles. The object is to clear the layout by matching free cards of the same value."

Well, it doesn't seems to be a Shisen-Sho game; then it must be a 'standard' solitaire mahjongg game (I think...). 10 layouts, replay, 2 difficulty levels, choice of background color.

Req.: Win CE 3.0, Pocket PC, ActiveSync 3.1. Supports ARM, MIPS and SH3. The trial version has a 15 day evaluation period.

2,1 mb-download from Publisher: PuzzleExpress Price:$15.00


Trentyguy Freeware

Sokoban - style. Quote: "Arcade / puzzle game that combines the gameplay of Pac-man with Mahjong. You must navigate little Trentyguy to collect pairs of tiles in order to clear each board, all the while avoiding traps and obstacles. Several levels, a children's mode, music and cheat codes". Also a sequel: Super Trentyguy. By Kenny Wright
7,1 mb - download from: Mandelbrotjulia Price: 0

Strip Mahjongg: 

A popular 2 -player game (one-on-one) used mainly in Japanese arcade machines between a human player and a computerized female opponent. When the human player wins, the girl removes one article of clothing. Strip Mahjongg is more similar to 'true' mahjongg and strictly speaking should not have been listed here. 

In Japan these games are known as 'd
atsui maajan' ('datsui' means 'remove clothing') and they have their own newsgroup: japan.videogames.datsui-mahjong

Many video mahjongg games (who are mostly of the strip-mahjongg variant) are available to play under an emulator. Check out M.A.M.E. (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) at

Sites about video mahjongg:
Mahjong in MAME, An Introduction to MA-JAN Video Games, Mahjong games in M.A.M.E., Mahjong för Sega Saturn (Swedish language only).

The only windows game I am aware of is 'Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai III'. There is supposed to be a couple more, but I have not researched this further (partly because the websites where it's possible to get information are in Japanese...). The games need the Japanese version of Windows to run.

RONG RONG - under M.A.M.E

"The matching tiles must be free to slide at least one direction, and must connect to the partner tile with three or fewer line segments".

More info. and pictures available at MAME Gem: RONGRONG
WARNING: Nude pictures (adults only)

- Download (2 mb)

Non-computer games:

  • Catching the tortoise: a face-down solitaire mahjongg game for one to four people (Tom Sloper's FAQ13)

  • Tai Ping San (Victoria Peak) - designed by Alan Kwan, intended primarily to be played with MJ tiles when you cannot have 3 other players. The game was later removed (the author was not satisfied with it)

  • Domi-Jongg - Eckhard Becker's site (in German) that shows how to play dominos with mah-jongg tiles. 


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