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Tile-matching solitaire mahjongg, Shisen-Sho and Ishido games for some other Operating Systems and machines.




Mah Jongg 0.02 Freeware

!MahJongg by David Chapman, 1998

For the Acorn machine with RISC OS

185 kb - download from: Quercus Price: 0


!Shanghai Freeware

!Shanghai made in 1996 by Joe Chan. 

Highscore. For the Acorn machine with RISC OS.

52 kb - download from: Quercus Price: 0




Drachen 2.0 Freeware

Solitaire mahjongg game. Author: Dirk Woitha. Game in German, an English translation by Jochen Fass exists. Versions for ST Color and ST monochrome. Only standard layout, demo, cheat (remove tiles), high score. Drachen means Dragon. Written in GFA Basic.

Available in 'Serenade Disk 5' 

741 kb - download from: PaciGame Price: 0


Peking 3.11 Freeware
Solitaire mahjongg game for the Atari machine. "Runs on all systems and emulators". One or two player mode. Extra tilesets available. Game and homepage in German. 

Minimum req.: 320x200. Author: Gunnar Gröbel

464 kb - download from:  PPP-Software Price: 0


Premium Mah Jongg II Freeware
Solitaire mahjongg game. Authors: Jens Schulz & Thomas Grube. English, German and Swedish (v. 1) language versions. Color and mono version. You can change the background and tile colors. Timed or untimed game. Atari ST/STe/TT. From 1993. Playable in 320x200/16 colors to 1280x1024/256 colors. Documentations says shareware; author has confirmed it's freeware status to me. 
250/300 kb - download from:  Jens Schulz Price: 0


Take-it! Freeware
Shisen-Sho game. "Syntax Terror Demo" - The first and only mega-demo by Delta Force, which includes two legendary games (Match-It! and Soko-Ban). For atari ST. From 1990. Works in SainT emulator. Second download site: PaciDemo
814 kb - download from: Pouet.net Price: 0


Tautology I Freeware
Shisen-Sho game. "A conversion of Match-It from Delta Forces's Syntax Terror Demo. Runs in 384x240 true colour mode so it is happier on RGB monitors. Will work on VGA to a lesser extent. Features a nifty two player mode and a horrible menu system. Not our finest hour." By Reservoir Gods (1994). For the Falcon 030. One or two player mode. Two tilesets (Shanghai and Fruits)
71 kb - download from: Reservoir Gods Price: 0


Tautology II Shareware (??)
Shisen-Sho game. "A total remake of our earlier puzzle game! Much more refined graphics, stunning music and loads of extra options and features. "Addictive as hell" warned ST Format as they awarded it 93%.". Atari Falcon 030 only, req.: 4Mb of RAM. VGA or RGB. One or two player mode. Made in 1985. Music. 5 tilesets. Highscore.
296 kb - download from: Reservoir Gods Price: ???


Zador I & II Freeware
Shisen-Sho. Author: Kemal Ezcan (KE Soft). Zador I made in 1989, Zador II in 1992. For 8 bit Atari (Atari XL/XE)

Second download site: Zador I / Zador II

28/47 kb - download from: Kemal Ezcan Price: 0





B-Jongg 0.0.4 Freeware

Tucows review: "A nice MahJongg program for the BeOS. Smooth graphics and simple options. Also gives you hints if you can't figure it out." Versions for PC (Intel) and Mac (PowerPC). Versions for R3 and R4.5. Source available. Author: Chris Wiggs from Shambles.com (dead now). Made in 1998. Alternative download locations: Tucows / Soft.am
40/56 kb - download from: BeArchives Price: 0


BShisen 1.4 Freeware

Shisen-Sho game. Board sizes: 14x6, 18x8, 24x12, 28x16, 32x20. Undo, hint, high score, sound, you can change the background color and picture. Author: Kelvin W Sherlock (2002). Intel/PPC versions (R5). You can make your own tilesets. 15 tilesets available from homepage. You can also upload your own highscore. Based on the GShisen engine. Alternative download site: BeBits. Was shareware, now freeware. More tilesets at Lelldorin.
271/317 kb - download from:  Kelvin Sherlock Price: 0


Ishido 1.01 Freeware
Ishido game. No mahjongg tileset. Author: Martin Hentrich (2000). Intel/R5. Only in German. 

Alternative download site: BeBits
34 Kb - download from: Martin Hentrich Price: 0


Lopan 0.9 Open Source

A clone of the Amiga version of Activisions's original 'Shanghai'. Req.: SDL (Simple DirectMedia Library) who is a cross-platform multimedia library. Author: Dave Ashley. Originally named 'SDL Shanghai' (name was changed after legal threats from Activision). Also known as 'SDL Lopan'. Works at least in Linux and BeOS (R5/Intel). BeOS version ported by Eugenia Loli-Queru.
368 kb - Download from homepage:  BeBits Price: 0


Mahjongg 1.7 Freeware

Undo, reshuffle, hint, timer, highscore, several tilesets, layouts and backgrounds. Author: YNOP Talton (2000) Req.: R5. Authors homepage dead. Some tilesets available at Lelldorin. Anyone have a working download link for v.1.7 ?? BeBits list v.1.7 - but download dead.
287 kb - download from: BeZip (v. 1.6) Price: 0


Shisen-Sho 0.9 Freeware
Shisen-Sho game. Author: Martin Hentrich (2000). 

Intel/R5. English language. 

Alternative download page - BeZip

157 kb - download from:  Martin Hentrich Price: 0



Commodore 64


Mah-Gong Special Edition 1.0a Shareware
Timed or classic mode, sound, 48/72 or 96 tiles mode, special gong tiles. Made in 1993 and updated in 2001 by Cameron Kaiser. and distributed by Computer Workshops, Inc. For the Commodore C64 system. Req.: A joystick, Commodore 64/128/SuperCPU. Supports the following emulators:  Frodo, Power64 and C64S (not tested with VICE, PC64 and CCS64). Powered by HyperLink-To-Go!
49 kb - download from:  Computer Workshops Price: $ 7


Sha-Jongg 1.9 Abandonware
Solitaire mahjongg game for the Commodore 64

Made by Magna Media. Author: Stephan Hradek (1994)

27 kb - download from: Magyar Commodore 64 H.Q.  Price:0




Mahjong Tower 1.7 Commercial

 Java game for the Nokia 3108 mobile phone. 

 For customers of 'One2Free'.

43,5 kb - buy/download: One2Free Price: $15.00 


Shisen-Sho 1.3 Freeware


Shisen-Sho game for Samsung PDA phone SCH-i519 using the MIZI Linux OS (a Korean Linux embedded OS derivative).  

It is based on the KShisen game by Mario Weilguni for KDE and is available under the GNU General Public License.



70 kb - download from: MIZI Research, Inc Price: 0


Tiles Of Fate Historical
Shisen-Sho with a twist - you have three helpers called 'the forces of fate' located below a tile: The Flash of Chance (allows you to match any matching tiles on the board, even those surrounded by other tiles), The Force of Balance (will eliminate brick walls that block the path) and The Flag of Knowledge (makes your next move - hint). Level editor. Released by American Video Entertainment in 1990 for the NES (Nintendo). More information at MobyGames.
Price: NA



(The Newton MessagePad/eMate series 1993 - 1998 by Apple).





Risc OS

Shanghai 1.06 Freeware

17 'tile formation', 4 tile sets and if you want you can design your own and use those. 

Author: David Chapman (2001). For computers running the RISC OS.

514 kb - download from: David Chapman Price: 0


Shanghai 1.04 Freeware
Author: Paul Vigay (2002)

A RISC OS desktop version. Req.: ABCLib v4.14, RISC OS 3.1+, 468K.

99 kb - download from : Paul Vigay Price: 0





Mahjongg for Pocket PC 1.0 Commercial



Versions for Pocket PC/WinCE, Pocket Manager OS Pocket Manager OS (Casio BE-300 and Casio BE-500) and Sony Ericsson P800/P900 (SymbianOS). 

15 days trial are available from the homepage. 

Screenshot from PocketPC version

The same game is being sold by ClickGamer under the name of 'Mahjong'... 


Producer:  Top321 Price: $7.95




Zaurus is a PDA (personal digital assistant) sold by Sharp. It runs a Linux variant known as "Embedix". Also uses Trolltech's Qt technology.

Mahjongg 1.0.0 GNU GPL Freeware


Small solitaire mahjongg game. 6 layouts. Hint. 

Graphics from Kmahjongg (KDE). Source available. 

Ported to the Zaurus by Robert Ernst. 
Available in German and English.

Req.: qpe-base ($QPE_VERSION)


61/67 kb - download from: Zaurus software Price: 0


tkcMahjongg 2.0 Commercial

The game contains 105 tile layouts, two tile sets, and eight different backgrounds (mostly anime nude art). You can create your own layouts with a layout editor. 

"Qtopia application". Req.: 1.3mb of RAM. Versions for both SL-5x00, and C-7xx series Zaurii. 

Favorable reviews are at LinuxDevices and at PDA Buyers Guide.

Publisher: theKompany.com Price: $4.95


Shisen-Sho 1.0.0 GNU GPL Freeware

Shisen-Sho game. 

Ported from the KDE project by Robert Ernst. 

Hint. Req.: qpe-base ($QPE_VERSION). 

Source available. 

English and German language


65/72 kb - download from: Zaurus Software Price: 0




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