Tile-matching solitaire mahjongg games, Shisen-Sho and Ishido games for PalmOS systems. 

Please note that I am not an user of or an owner of any PalmOS handheld system and that all information and screenshots are taken from the publishers sites or sites who list programs and games for handheld systems.

If you should find any errors or omissions (who I'm sure there are plenty of...); please contact me.


9.95 Mahjong Commercial
Solitaire mahjongg game. 50 layouts (12 to 154 tiles), backgrounds, 3 tile sets, unlimited undo/redo, high-score, hint, shuffle, 

Versions for PalmOS (3.5+) and PocketPC

Publisher: 9.95 Soft Price: $9.95

Screenshot from PalmOS version


Absolute Mah Jong 1.0


4 game modes: Classic, Word (collect words and form letters), Math (build mathematical expressions) and Shuffle Mah Jong (tiles reshuffle automatically if there is no free moves left). Highscore can be published on the net, layout editor, shuffle, auto save, 66 layouts. There is a very crippled demo available (it will expire after 10 games among other things). For PalmOS5 (320x320+ and 65000 colors) and PocketPC (Color device, WinCE 3.0+). Also versions for Windows, Mac and Linux. Review based on Windows version.
Download demo (1,6 mb/1,2 mb) Absolutist Price: $16.95

Screenshot from Windows version


FreeJongg 1.0c Freeware

Solitaire mahjongg game for PalmOS. 320x320 high-res graphics, 15 layouts and 7 table backgrounds. Undo, redo, hint, shuffle.

Req.: Color or Grayscale Palm OS device running OS 3.5 or later (supports Palm OS 5) and make sure you have at least 350 KB of free memory after installation. Will not run on the Handara 330. Author: William Osborne
135 kb - download from: William Osborne Price: 0


Gamebox Asia Commercial
Graphics and features looks impressive. Three game modes: Standard solitaire mahjong, Shisen-Sho, and Nagori (memory). 320x320 high-res graphics, 80 layouts, 3 tilesets and 7 backgrounds. Tournament mode (28 levels), multiplayer, unlimited undo, sound, music, shuffle, hint. 2 reviews: PDASquare and Schoon's Place. Versions for Palm OS 5 and Pocket PC. Demo versions available.
Producer: Gamebox Asia Price: $9.95


Ishido 1.0 Freeware
Ishido clone for Palm V and Palm OS v3.5. 

Author: Juergen Bermann (2002)

7 kb - download from: FreewarePalm Price: 0


Mah Jongg 1.33 Commercial
Solitaire mahjongg game for PalmOS 3.5+. 

Features: Change point of view, peek under a tile (only once), all games solvable, 10 layouts. Available in English and German. Trial version available (game stops before the end).

Publisher: Price: $ 7.00


Mahjongg+ v1.0 Commercial
Solitaire mahjongg game for PalmOS 3.1+. Several layouts, unlimited undo, replay, support for color, 16 levels of gray scale, four levels of gray scale, and black and white. A trial version was available at Palm Gaming World earlier, but has disappeared. Author: Chris Olson. Free add-ons still available at Palm Gaming World
Publisher:  PalmGear Price: $10.00


Mahjongg 2.01 Commercial

3 difficulty levels, 8-bit color and greyscale support, several layouts, tilesets and backgrounds, expansion packs available, undo, hint, shuffle, hints, zoom, sound, highscore.

Req.: Palm OS® 3.0 or above. You can only play 10 times in the demo version (276 kb).

A repacked version of v. 1.00 called Mahjongg for Palm OS by Global Star Software Limited is being sold for $10.99 at Amazon. Works only in PalmOS 3.5.

Producer: Astraware Price: $17.95


MahJongg for PalmPilot version 1.1a Freeware
7 layouts, undo and hint. Using the grayscale features of the PalmPilot comes with  4-gray-color graphics. Released in 1998 (Ingolf Kübler) and was developed under Palm OS 2.0 on a Palm Pilot Professional. This game is perhaps of historic interest only, it doesn't run on newer Palms and is no longer available from the authors site
- 46 kb Ingolf's PalmPilot Page Price: 0


Masque Mahjongg Commercial
8 layouts, 3 tilesets and 4 backgrounds, 2 difficulty levels, hint, undo, reshuffle, highscore (individually or for all games).

Req.: Palm OS 3.5+, 250k storage memory, color recommended.
Pocket PC with WinCE 3.0+. Supports ARM, MIPS, and SH3, 675k storage memory,  65000 color screen recommended. Versions for Windows and Mac also available.
Publisher: Masque Publishing Price: $24.99

Masque Mahjongg PalmOS screenshot

Pocket PC screenshot here


P-Jongg 5.5.2 Shareware
Formerly known as PalmJongg. Three in-built tile-sets (Palm PDA, Alpha and symbol). Two in-built layout-sets. Standard has 4 layouts and Dynamic can generate a total of 1,199,976 different layouts. Hint, undo, shuffle. highscore, sound. Support board size of 15(W) x9(D) x5(H). PalmOS 3.5 to 5.x. Optimized for HandEra 330, Sony Clie, and OS5 devices. Trial version (0,5 mb) with limitations: Splash screen at start, after 30 plays there is a start-up delay and the delay will increase on each new game startup. "Extensions" with more layouts are available for free.
Publisher: TKM Handsoftware Price: $12


Palm Mahjong (Match Mania) 2.02 Shareware
It looks like a Shisen-Sho game from the bad screenshot.....

Author: Lam Siu Mui. Only first level playable in shareware version.

Req.: Palm OS 3.1

22 kb - download from: PalmGEAR Price: $12.00


PalmShido 1.01 Shareware
Ishido game for the PalmOS. System requirements

PalmShido runs on any Palm OS™ handheld and needs about 17 K of free memory on the device. Nag screen in shareware version.
46 kb - download from: PalmAdd Software Price: $ 9.00


PalmShisensho 1.24 Freeware
Shisen-Sho. High score, undo, hint, sound. English text file. Japanese website. PalmOS 5.
24 kb - download from: HumanBalance Price: 0


PARIshido 1.5 Freeware
A "bare bones version of Ishido". Includes a "learning mode" that shows the player all available moves (good for beginners).

Req.: Colour Palm. Author: PRyan (Sitenook)

8 kb - download from: Sitenook Price: 0


Pocket Mahjongg Shareware  
Pocket Mahjongg allows you to customize backgrounds and tile sets. User made tile sets and backgrounds available. Highscore.

The PalmOS version will only run on high-resolution color Sony CLIE! machines. Different versions for PocketPC and Pocket PC 2002.

Trial versions available from the producer (121 kb Palm, 417 kb pocketpc, 148 kb pocketpc 2002). Trial versions expires after 15 days.

 Screenshot Sony CLIE! version

Publisher: Oopdreams Software Price: $15

Pocket Mahjongg Pocket PC screenshot


Shanghai Pocket Essentials Commercial

Solitaire mahjongg game for PocketPC and PalmOS, 

Layout Editor (up to five levels deep), grayscale or color, 100 layouts, highscore, 2 difficulty levels (36 tiles or 24 tiles), timer, hint, 3 tilesets (9 in PalmOS version) , bonus packs available (music/tilesets), 4 ways to play - incl. standard and Contemplation (tiles are upside down).

14 days trial versions available.


Publisher: Landware Price: $14.95

Screenshot PocketPC version


Shenzhen 1.1.4 Shareware

ShisenSho for PalmOS 3.5+ and supports 320x320 and 160x160. 

3 levels of difficulty, 3 board sizes, timer, high score, undo, redo

Author: Brian Williams. Restrictions in shareware unknown.

24 kb - download from: PalmGEAR Price: $5.00


Star Majong 1.0 Freeware
Some kind of mahjongg tetris hybrid? "Match non adjacent tiles either vertically, or horizontally to remove them. Another option is tiles that are adjacent (diagonally included on this one). With each match, all tiles atop the selected pair will drop down. This presents new options for matches. The aim of the game is to play smart and clear the screen." Made in 2003. For PalmOS 3.x
16 kb - download from: Starship Systems Price: 0


TakoShi 0.1.1 Freeware
Shisen-Sho (from 2001). Minimum requirement: Palm IIIc, Palm OS Color, Palm 3.5+. "Mahjongg tiles are filled with the 14 columns x 10 rows." Hint, undo. Author: Shin-ichiro SHIRAI.

Later versions are shareware (see Tako2BlandPalmware).

127 kb - download from: FreewarePalm Price: 0


The Emperor's Mahjong



Very good graphics and game. Single and two player mode. 72 layouts, 6 themes, 3 tilesets, 3 difficulty levels. In the 'Emperor's Challenge' you have to solve the 12 layouts in each theme successive. Music, hint, undo, reshuffle, online high score. Layout Editor. Developed by Hexacto, sold by Broderbund. Req.: PocketPC/Windows CE 3.x. Palm OS 3.5+. Win9x+ version also available. Review and screenshot based on Windows version.



Price: $ 19.95


Yiching 1.1.4 Shareware
"A variant of mahjong where you match tiles in the same row/column, or diagonally adjacent". Some kind of SameGame variant.

3 levels of difficulty, 3 board sizes, timer, high score, undo, redo. 

Req.: Palm OS 3.5+. Author: Brian Williams.

Restriction in shareware version: no highscore or statistics.

23 kb - download from: PalmGEAR Price: $5.00



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