Shanghai 1986


From: Moderator David Gelphman... (INFO-MAC-REQUEST@SUMEX-AIM.ARPA)
Subject: INFO-MAC Digest V5 #21
Newsgroups: mod.mac
Date: 1986-12-05 17:44:00 PST

INFO-MAC Digest Friday, 5 Dec 1986 Volume 5 : Issue 21

Date: Thu, 4 Dec 86 18:35:08 PST
From: <DAVEG@slacvm.bitnet>
Subject: demo of shanghai, a game for the Mac

I am posting this for the author who had problems getting it to the net directly. DAVEG

This is a demonstration version of Shanghai. Shanghai is a captivating strategy game played with 144 Mah-Jongg tiles arranged in a dragon-shaped pyramid. Players search for matching pairs of tiles, and remove them according to a few simple rules. The goal of the game is to
remove all 144 tiles. Though easy to learn, Shanghai offers a continuing challenge. The tiles are randomized for each game, so every time you play you must work out a new strategy. At any point in a game, many of the tiles are hidden from view, so each move involves luck as well as skill. The Help menu lets you backup a move, see all possible moves, and so on.
In addition to solitaire play, the game includes a tournament variation, in which any number of players can try their hands at the same arrangement of tiles. Another variation lets two players take turns finding moves in the same arrangement, under a time limit; the player who finds the most moves wins.

The accompanying application is a demonstration version of Shanghai. It contains one arrangement of tiles--a single game to whet your appetite. Shanghai was reviewed in the October and November issues of MacUser, and a recent issue of MacWorld. (It's also available in Apple ][, C64, Amiga, Atari ST, and IBM PC versions.) UnBinhex the file, then unPackit.



Quoted with the permission of Brodie Lockard



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