Here are listed every shareware / trialware solitaire mahjongg I'm aware of. Do you know about other shareware solitaire mahjongg games? Please, let me know... Due to lack of server space, I can not offer all files for download. Visit the games' homepage to download. If any links are dead and you're unable to download a game, please contact me, and I will make the game file available for download.

Shareware is 'try-before-you-buy'. You are both legally and morally obliged to pay for it if you wish to continue to use it after the test period. In the original shareware concept the games very fully functional. Today shareware have various restrictions like limited features or are time limited. The difference between shareware (or trialware) and and a demo is often unclear. I consider games with an limitation on how many times you can play or is so crippled that's it's almost unplayable as demos and they are listed in the Commercial section.


3DJongg 2.5


Good 3D version. Rotate the "cube" around and match two and two tiles. Approx. 50 layouts and 4 tilesets (no mahjongg tile set). Select backgrounds and sounds. Fully functional (only nag screens). Author: Alex Saenko, Strong Games. Req.: Win95 /ME /NT /2000 /XP, Pentium 200MHz, 32 MB  RAM and OpenGL. Replaced with 'MaxJongg' 

- 2.7 mb - download

Price: $14.95


 3D Elite Mah Jongg 3.96


Pseudo-3D (2D pre-rendered 3D) game with 25 layouts, 3 tilesets (Chinese, Roman, and Egyptian), 4 backgrounds, Layout Editor, and music. Sound, peek, cheat, high score. A review in ESCMag. Made by 'GameDay Software LLC' in 2001. The producers has vanished. I don't know where you can buy and get the registered version. Req.: Win 95, 98, Me, 2000, DirectX 7.0. The shareware version only has the traditional layout and the standard Chinese tileset.

25 mb - download from:


Price: $19.95


3D JongPuzzle 1.53


Nothing special about this one. 25 layouts (only two in shareware version and it's a 15 days trial only) and 5 tile sets. No mahjongg tileset. Shuffle and hint. Author: Andrey Krutikov. Req.: Win95/98/NT/2000/ ME/XP

1,5 mb-download from homepage



Aki Mahjong Solitaire 1.0.2 Shareware

Screenshots says beautiful graphics... Timelimit play, highscore, 3 levels of difficulty, 12 levels, several layouts, 3 music tracks. Fragments of Japanese culture and history during gameplay. Requirements: Mac OS X 10.1 or later. Only three levels in demo.
17,7 Mb - download from: Ambrosia Software Price: $20.00


Amazing Mahjongg 3D 1.2.4


3D solitaire mahjongg game. 4 different layouts and 4 tile sets. Undo, hint, sound, help. Option to play with solvable boards only. Instructions for how to create your own tilesets. It is also possible to use tilesets created for Kyodai Mahjongg. You can use your own .jpg graphics as backgrounds or download from the homepage. English, German, French and Russian language. Not amazing, but pretty good. Author: Andrew Ovcharov. Req.: Win 95/ 98/ ME/ NT/ 200/ XP, 400 Mhz Pentium II and 8 MB 3D video card with OpenGL support. PocketPC/Windows CE version available.

1,8 mb -download from:

Thinking Thing Softw.

Price: $15


AnumJong 2.0


AnumJong is short for "A Numbered MahJongg" game. 2 tile sets, standard (4 variations) and a numbered tile set. 10 different layouts (only standard in shareware version). Layout Editor. Several difficulty levels. Classic music, sounds. Req.: Win95/98/ME.

3,2 mb - download from homepage:

MG Software



Burning Monkey Mahjong Solitaire 1.1 Shareware

"Burning Monkey Fun..." , "multiple tile layouts (40), random layout generator, monkey pals, customizable backgrounds, with photos by Sandia Ren". The colors are bright and charming, the animations are a bit crude but fun. Reviews: Applelinks, MacGamer. For Mac OS X 10.1 or higher, ram req.: 64 Mb, 333MHz G3, 60MB hard disk space
22,8 mb - download from: Freeverse Price: $19.95


CEtaipei 1.0 Shareware
For: PocketPC, MIPS, WinCE 2.11+. Author: KyrandiaSoft (2000)

Homepage dead (unknown where you can register the trial version). Download site for SH3 version? : PilotZone. The trial version of CEtaipei will stop after reaching 150 points.

357 kb - download demo: CEArchives Price: $13.00


Champion Mahjongg II (2.3)


Three modes: Standard solitaire mahjongg, Lee Play (match with time limitations) and Free Drop (match only tiles that similar to the 'Drop' tile shown in a window). 44 layouts (user made layouts available on the homepage). High score. 6 different backgrounds. Layout Editor in the registered version. Req.: Win95/98/ME/2000/XP and DirectX 8.

4,7 mb- download from:

Guardian Light Studio

Price: 19.95


Desktop Taipei 2.1


70 layouts, 6 tilesets and several backgrounds (only 3 layouts and one tileset in shareware version). Unlimited undo, hint, change backgrounds (.jpg), sound, midi music. Layout Editor. Author: Lena Pankratova.

Req.: Win 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP. PocketPC version available (Pocket Taipei).

1,0 mb - download from:

Lena Games

Price: $ 12.00


Dragons 6.0


Stylish game. 360 layouts, 48 tile sets, 72 backgrounds and 15 songs. 3 game modes: Finesse (the regular...), Agility (against the clock) and Wisdom (clear tiles by creating words). Hall of Fame, shuffle, hint, sounds, music. It's difficult to get an opinion on the game since the trial is limited to one layout, one tileset and one background. An identical version is being sold under the name 'Playsage Mahjongg 1.0' at Playsage Inc. (the download link is the same as for Dragons 5.0). Author: Ron Heuse. Note: The homepage uses words as "free" and "freeware" - this is not true! Bad advertising!

5,5 mb- download from homepage:

Ron Heuse

Price: $29.95


Dragons Bane: Mah Jongg II v.1.2


'Dragons Bane' is a ms-dos game and is the successor to Nels Andersons popular shareware game 'Mah Jongg'. High score, sound, hints. Use your own .pcx pictures as backgrounds. 6 tilesets and 4 layouts. Tileset Editor and Layout Editor. 136 user-made and free tilesets are available for download on the homepage. Review at Shareware Junkies.

Author: Nels Anderson. From 1996. Req.: MS-DOS 3.3 or higher. If you have a Pentium 200Mhz or better, you must use a "slow down' utility.

960 kb - download from:

Arcanum Computing

Price: $16


Game of the Winds 2.2 Shareware

20 layouts and an layout editor, 4 tilesets ("Letters" - alphabet, "Shapes" - shapes and colors, "Road Signs" and standard "Mahjongg", high score. German and English. Author: Martin Cordsmeier. For Macintosh. Req.: System 7.0 or later.
830 kb - download from:  Martin Cordsmeier Price: $10.00


Gekko Mahjongg World Championship 1.18


2 game modes: Classic and Championship. 12 layouts and 6 tile sets in Classic mode (only 2 layouts available in the shareware version). Your own music (mp3/mid) and backgrounds (jpg) can be used in the game. In Championship mode all players play the exact same games and high score can be uploaded and compared on the net. There are 1000 unique levels. Very good graphics. Built in auto-update feature. Available in English, Deutsch and Nederland's. Req.: DirectX6.1 or higher. A French version called 'Maxi Mah-Jong' is sold by Micro Application (14,95 €).

3,6 mb - download from:


Price: $19,99


Ghost Mahjongg 1.3 Shareware

3 modes: Standard, 'Time attack', Memory (3 levels). Music, sound, layout editor, hint, high score. Multilingual (Catalan, English, French and Spanish). You can use tilesets (slightly modified) made for Kyodai Mahjongg. Includes more than a hundred layouts and tilesets. Author: Mike Hardy (Asylum Studios). Note the terrible and self-centric website.

Limitations in trial version (not possible to change background or tilesets). The theme and name comes from the horror movie by Warner Bros. called "13 Ghost!" The game was originally known as vbMahjongg. Req.: Windows 98+. I don't recommend this game (there are better offerings out there).

3,8 mb - download from : Asylum Studios Price: $21.27

Kon-Mei32 2.07


Old game and lackluster graphics. You can make own layouts and own tile sets (edit bitmap file). 50 more layouts available for registered users. Hint and sound. Author: Junichi Saitoh (1998). Old, limited and not worth the hefty price tag.

- 304 kb

Homepage dead

Price: $22


Kyodai MahJongg 19.99


The best shareware solitaire mahjongg out there (you can quote me on that...). 2D and 3D mode. Hall of Fame (high scores list for all games and levels), tile highlights, many layouts, oriental music, backgrounds, sounds effects, layout editor, multi-lingual (27 translations). The game is fully customizable - backgrounds, tilesets, layouts and music can be made by yourselves and changed. Also 6 mini-games: Rivers (Shisen-Sho), Memory, Clicks ("Same Game"), Slider, Hashira ("Tetris"), and Kumika. Author: Reni-Gilles Deberdt (Naoki Haga). Different versions are sold by eGames as 'MahJongg Master'. Req.: Win 95/98/ME/ NT/2000/XP, DirectX 8.

4 mb-download from:

Kyodai MahJongg

Price: $23


Mah Jong Solitaire 2 v.1.80 Shareware

32 bit high resolution graphics, OpenGL 3D, music player, layout browser, statistics, undo, shuffle, suggest, five difficulty options, six different game modes including memory, two turns, and classic. Layout Editor, use your own backgrounds, 11 tilesets, 50 layouts, high score. Req: Mac OS X 10.1+. There is also available a 'Mah Jong Solitaire' 1 v. 3.25 ($ 8.50) with X 10.1+ version and classic version (8.6+).
15,4 mb - download from: Bonehead Projects Price: $12.50


Mah Jongg 4.2


Old ms-dos game from 1994, but very popular in it's time because of all the user made tilesets available (800+ in .TIL format). Tile Editor, timed games, high score, hint.
Author: Nels Anderson. First version in 1987. EGA version.
640x350 pixel mode.

206 kb - download from:

Arcanum Computing

Price: $15


Mah Jongg '97 v. 1.0b


Uses .tis and .tbh tilesets. Sound, backup function, high score, hint, reshuffle. Tile set creator. Author: Ron Balewski. Made in 1997. Req: Win 95+ / NT. The successor to his 'Mah Jongg for Windows'.

1,5 mb - download from:

Ron's ShareWare

Price: $20


Mah Jongg for Windows v. 3.1


10 tilesets (.TIS) with the game. More than 100 user made tilesets available. Tileset Viewer and PCX to .TIS utility. High score. Author: Ron Balewski. The shareware version is from 1992 (and is v.1.0). Req.: Win3.1+. Registered users receive v.3.1 with: .wav sound support, magnify mode, new hi-res 256-color/true-color tile format (.TBH), easy tile set design (save bitmap files), floating customizable ToolCube, tile magnify window shows enlarged view of current tile, and cheats.

229 kb - download from:

Ron's ShareWare

Price: $20


Mah - Jongger 1.2


Not the words best graphics in this one. 30 levels (layouts) and 5 skins (tilesets). High score, sound, music. In the shareware version only three levels and default skin. Author: Alexander Militsin. Req: Win95/98/ME /2000/XP and DirectX7/8.

4,7 mb - download from:

Nordos Game Studio

Price: $19.95


Mah-Gong Special Edition 1.0a Shareware

Timed or classic mode, sound, 48/72 or 96 tiles mode, special gong tiles. Made in 1993 and updated in 2001 by Cameron Kaiser. and distributed by Computer Workshops, Inc. For the Commodore C64 system. Req.: A joystick, Commodore 64/128/SuperCPU. Supports the following emulators:  Frodo, Power64 and C64S (not tested with VICE, PC64 and CCS64). Powered by HyperLink-To-Go!
49 kb - download from:  Computer Workshops Price: $ 7


Mahjong Dragon 1.0 Shareware

Solitaire mahjongg. Nice photos as backgrounds, hints, sound, music, 11 layouts, play with or without time limitations.

Versions for "All Pocket PCS - ARM, XSCALE and Pocket PC 2000 - MIPS". Limitations in trial version unknown.
Download demos from producer: ClickGamer Price: $14.95


Mahjong Palace 1.02 Shareware

Several layouts, backgrounds, tile sets, Layout Editor, hint, shuffle. Author: Glenn Seemann. For Macintosh. Req.: Mac OS 8.6/9/X, 12mb Ram, 800x600 display
7,3 mb - download from: GlennsGames Price: $14.95


Mahjong Solitarus Shareware

5 tile themes, 20 game levels, layout editor (share your layouts over the net with other users), "chill-out" music, high score for each layout. No access to the 20 game levels and the layout editor in the shareware version. 

Req.: Mac OS X, G3 400Mhz, 16Mb video card.

4,2 mb - download from: DanLabGames Price: $ 15




Nice version. 3 game modes: Standard , Against the clock, Against the computer. 12 layouts and 4 tilesets. Undo, hint, music (Midi-player and CD-player). Layout Editor. Only one tileset and max. 800x600 screen resolution in shareware version. Author: H. Müller. Made in 1999. Website, installation and game in German only. MediaGlobe sells it on a CD-rom labeled 'Shanghai-Mah Jongg'. Req.: Win 95+

6,3 mb - download from:


Price: DM 29,90


Mahjongg Solitaire 1.4


I'm sorry to say: This game is ugly...bad graphics and sound effects. Hint, shuffle, sounds. In the shareware version there is only the standard tile set and layout and games can't be saved or loaded. Registered version promises more tilesets and layouts. The author Arthur Crump has made approx. 40 games and as an competitor said: "He chose quantity over quality..." Req.: Win95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP

1,3 mb-download from:

Unique Games

Price: $10


Maxi Jongg 1.0


Perhaps the worst solitaire mahjongg version I have ever seen! Terrible graphics and music ('oriental new age') you can't stand for a second. And the shareware version is so crippled (one layout, standard tiles, flashing nag) that's it almost unplayable. In the registered version you get 15 layouts and 2 tilesets (Gold and Classic). Hint, shuffle, redo. High score list for each layout. Use your own bitmaps as background. Also known as 'Animated Mahjongg' (made by UltiSoft but have disappeared without a trace). Author: Alessandro Gironacci. Homepage died winter 2004 - I don't know where you can download the shareware version (I'm not spending server space until someone asks (begs!) me for this game...)

2.6 mb - download upon request


Price: $20

Here is a small screenshot of Animated Mahjongg (to prove it existence at least)


MaxJongg 1.11 Shareware

Good 3D version. Rotate the "cube" around and match two and two tiles. 5 languages: English, Germany, French, Dutch, Russian. Layout Editor, 3 tilesets, 50 layouts, 15 backgrounds, highscore. Author: Alex Saenko. Req.: Win 98/ME/NT/2000/XP, 3D Accelerator Card, DirectX 8.1+, 266 MHz, 32 Mb RAM. 
10,5 mb - download from: StrongGames Price: $19.95


Midnight Tiles 1.4.3


Basic solitaire mahjongg game (perhaps too basic to justify it's price). 10 layouts and 5 tilesets. Undo, hint, sound. Use your own jpg graphic files as backgrounds. All tiles are placed on top of each other, they can't "sit" on two tiles on the same time....

Author: Andreas Huttenrauch (LoungeCoders). Req.: Pentium Pc and Win95/98/NT/2000. Homepage died summer 2004.

1,9 mb - download from:


Price: $12.95


Mindjongg 6.2


Standard solitaire mahjongg game. Comes with 24 different layouts, 70 background images and 17 tilesets. Sound, unlimited undo, shuffle, high score, save and reload. 4 tile sizes to fit different screen resolutions. You can use your own sounds, music and photos as backgrounds. 30 days trial with only 2 games. Originally released as "Shanghai 97".

5,3 mb - download from:

Minder Technology

Price: $11


Mombasa 1.5 Shareware

Author: Glenn R. Wichman. For Mac Classic.
181 kb - download from: TUCOWS Price: $7.00


Moraff's MahJongg Games


Moraff's is one of the biggest actors in the solitaire mahjongg game market. Perhaps more because of intensive marketing than the quality of the game. They are good, but not that good. And giving the game several themes and then sell them each as new games seems a bit trickery. And the game's core code is from around 1996. Before people flame me, I'm a registered user and play some of the games a lot...

The games are sold separately  or in CD or DVD collections. Features include (DVD): 107 cursors, 150 layouts, 10 reward categories, and hundreds of tilesets, 2500 high resolution, full-screen background images (or use your own), create your own layouts, create your own tilesets, use your own music. Good, clear and large tiles (three formats). There are lots and lots of user-made tilesets available (see tilesets section).

Moraff MahJongg (aka MoreJongg - the flagship title), MomJongg (with children's artwork), ArtJongg (famous painting images tileset), KidJongg (Kids tileset and simpler rules), AlphaJongg (alphabetical tileset), July4Jongg (American patriotic theme), YourJongg (use your own pictures), SpaceJongg (interstellar theme), SphereJongg (derivative: uses 3D-spheres instead of tiles), MarbleJongg (derivative: uses balls or circles instead of tiles), RingJongg (derivative: uses rings instead of tiles), 3D-Jongg (derivative: you must remove three identical tiles instead of only two).

Moraff's now also create customized games for interested companies / organizations. Two shareware versions called 'Christian Mahjongg' and 'Art and Portraits Mahjongg' is currently available. 

Author: Steve Moraff. Download shareware versions from the homepage. They have very irritating nag screens with audio!


Moraff's World of Games

Price: $19.00 - DVD


MousePeople MahJong Solitaire 1.0  Shareware
Solitaire mahjongg game. Has 40 different layouts. 

Features: Undo, hint, stats, game timer, reshuffle.

For Pocket PC ARM/MIPS/SH3 devices. 
Demo or shareware version ??

292 kb - download from: MousePeople Price: $12.95


MyMahj 4.1


Three versions: 2D, 3D (Open GL) and 3D (DirectX). Re-sizeable window (can be played in all screen resolutions). 21 layouts available and 4 tile sets. Can use tile sets made for Kyodai Mahjongg. Use your own images as backgrounds. Make your own layouts with the included Layout Editor. Available in  English and French. Formerly shareware, turned freeware. Also earlier sold as 'Paraben's Mah-Jong'. Author: Olivier Playez. Req.: Win98+, DirectX 8.1+.

2,6 mb - download from homepage:


Price: 0

Screenshot from v. 3.4a


Naughty Mahjongg 1.0 Shareware

"10 very naughty sexy nude images" can be used as background. Click and click until you see all of her... 

100 layouts. Music, sound, undo, hint. No adult pictures and only standard layout in trial version. Req.: Windows 98+. 

2,3 mb - download from: Heartbreak Software Price: $12.95




NingPo MahJong Deluxe 1.x


9 tile sets, 18 layouts and 10 backgrounds in this version. Hint, undo, shuffle, music, sound, high score. Only 2 layouts and 3 tilesets in shareware version. Versions for Windows (95,98,2000,ME,XP and Direct x), Mac OS X (10.2+) and Linux (Linux Operating System 2.2.x or later, Gnu C Libraries (glibc) 2.1.x or later, XFree86). Note: Windows (3.3mb) ($19.95), Linux (5.1mb) ($14.95), OS X 10.2+ (3.7mb) ($19.95). Published by PopCap Games and developed by Pyrogon Inc. The Linux version is ported by Linux Game Publishing.

Download from homepage:


Price: $19.95 (Win)

Screenshot from Windows version


P-Jongg 5.5.2 Shareware

Formerly known as PalmJongg. Three in-built tile-sets (Palm PDA, Alpha and symbol). Two in-built layout-sets. Standard has 4 layouts and Dynamic can generate a total of 1,199,976 different layouts. Hint, undo, shuffle. highscore, sound. Support board size of 15(W) x9(D) x5(H). PalmOS 3.5 to 5.x. Optimized for HandEra 330, Sony Clie, and OS5 devices. Trial version (0,5 mb) with limitations: Splash screen at start, after 30 plays there is a start-up delay and the delay will increase on each new game startup. "Extensions" with more layouts are available for free.
Publisher: TKM Handsoftware Price: $12


Pocket Mahjongg Shareware
Pocket Mahjongg allows you to customize backgrounds and tile sets. User made tile sets and backgrounds available. Highscore.

The PalmOS version will only run on high-resolution color Sony CLIE! machines. Different versions for PocketPC and Pocket PC 2002.

Trial versions available from the producer (121 kb Palm, 417 kb pocketpc, 148 kb pocketpc 2002). Trial versions expires after 15 days.

 Screenshot Sony CLIE! version

Publisher: Oopdreams Software Price: $15

Pocket Mahjongg Pocket PC screenshot


Pretty Good Mahjongg 1.11 Shareware

32 different classic solitaire mahjongg tile matching layouts (more added on homepage by users). 10 tilesets available. Layout Editor available in registered version. Undo, redo, snapshots, statistics, high score lists. Also 21 original mahjongg solitaire games based on and inspired by traditional solitaire card games and played with mahjongg tiles.  Author: Thomas Warfield. Req.: Windows 95/98/NT/2000/Me/XP
4.1 mb - download from: GoodSol Dev. Inc. Price: $24.95


Pyramid 2.30


Simple game. Numbers and Fruits tileset. 4 different backgrounds and 3 music tracks. Hint, English and Russian language. Req.: Win 95/98/ ME/NT/ 2000/XP

1,3 mb - download from homepage:


Price: $ 10


QuickTile Shareware

QuickTile is a tile matching game, with a twist. Instead of tiles with static pictures, QuickTile has animated graphics that play continuously in each tile while you remove them from the board. Req.: PowerMac or 68k Mac (68040 recommended) with 3 megs of free RAM, System 7.0 or later, and QuickTime.
1,7 mb - download from: Maverick Software Price: $15


Rhiannon's Realm: Celtic Mahjong Solitaire 1.1.1 SW

Celtic themed solitaire mahjongg game. Very beautiful artwork and themes! 65 board layouts, 13 desktop wallpapers / backgrounds, windowed or full-screen mode, three different levels of difficulty, hint, shuffle, high score, music, sound, play in Journey or Single Game modes. Available for Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP (200 Mhz Pentium+, 32 Mb ram) and Macintosh OS X 10.2 (500 Mhz G3+, 32 Mb ram). 1024x768. Developed by: Evil Genius Games. Only one background in demo.
20 / 22 mb - download: Hypernova Games Price: $19.95


Shanghai Majong 1.5 Shareware

Solitaire mahjongg game for " Pocket PC / Pocket PC 2002 ( Windows CE 3.0 / 3.5), MIPS / SH-3 / StrongARM"


Seems like shareware version have no limitations. Game available in Chinese and English. 


Download from producer: Mobem Technologies Price: $5.00


Solitile 5.0c


Good, but simplistic graphics. Its default tile set uses "westernized" pictures. Uses .stl (Solitile style tilesets) and .til (mahjongg style tilesets). Layouts of up to 168 tiles. Use .bmp files as backgrounds. Layout Editor. Midi music. Sound, help, hint. Licensed version has 200 tile sets and over 70 layouts. Some user made layouts and tilesets available on the homepage. Author: Everett Kaser. . Req.: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000.

MS-DOS version available - v3.6 ($15), 212 kb (screenshot)

1,1 mb - download from:

Everett Kaser

Price: $19.95


Small Rockets Mahjongg


Average or below game. Only the standard tile set and layout in the trial version. Three more layouts and tilesets in registered version. Sound and music. Versions for Windows (req.: Win95/98/ME/NT4/2000) and Linux (req.: X Windows, SDL 1.2, GTK libraries). Review and screenshot based on Windows version.

4.8 mb (win)  / 3,6 mb (linux)

Small Rockets

Price: $14.99


The best of Shangai


19 backgrounds, 10 tilesets, 3 layouts and 25 music tracks. Play against time, Save and load games. English and Spanish language. Only 5 backgrounds, 3 tilesets, and 5 music tracks in the demo. Author: Javier Lopez Lopez (Loover Studios)

Owned by Xing Interactive. Distributed in Holland by Dice Computer Games and Xplorys Publishing. Sold in the USA as 'Mahjongg' (a 'SNAP!' title) by Topics Entertainment
Req.: Win95+, Pentium200+,32 MB RAM, 4 MB of Video RAM

8,3 mb [download down, email me!]

Topics Ent.



Tiles 32 v. 1.00


From the ad: "With Tiles 32, you can use different tile graphics, different layouts, different tile sizes and aspects, different tile thicknesses, and even different play rules. And best of all, you can design your own games and share them with others!". Author: Ron Balewski. Made in 1996. Req: Win 95+

949 kb - download from:

Ron's ShareWare

Price: $20


Twilight Mahjongg


Solitaire mahjongg with a science fiction makeover. 15 science fiction themed tilesets, 5 'spacey themed' layouts. Random or replay able layouts. 4 one player games (Standard, Simple (tiles doesn't have to be 'free'),  Space Card Mahjongg (tiles can teleport, change, move etc.) and Memory Match. Two players can compete against each other in 'Time Challenge' or 'Match Off' (match most tiles). High score, sound, shuffle. Shareware version only one tileset, 2 layouts and limited number of available puzzles. Versions for Windows (req: Win 95,98,ME,NT4,2000,XP and DirectX 6.1+) and Mac (by Red Marble Games).

5,5 mb - download from:

Twilight Games

Price: $19.95 


Ultimate Mahjong 1.2 Shareware

2D and 3D solitaire mahjongg game. 200 layouts, 4 tilesets, 16 backgrounds. Layout Editor and Tileset Editor (any size bmp/jpg/gif). Online highscore, local highscore, sound, oriental music, visual effects, hints, peek, unlimited undo and redo, shuffle. I recommend this game, especially because of the way to create new tilesets (very good!). The demo is fully functional, but is time-limited (15 min each time). Req.: Win XP/2000/ME/98, Pentium 300+, 32mb RAM, DirectX 9 
3.5 mb - download from: Inertia Software Price: $17.95


World Championship Mah Jongg Solitaire 2.11


19 tilesets, 100+ layouts, 51 background images, 13 music pieces. online and local high score, Standard and two-player mode. 3 bonus games (incl. a memory game). Use your own image files as backgrounds. Layout Editor. Versions for Windows and Mac OS X. 15 days trial w/nag screens.

A repacked and renamed version 'Championship Mahjongg Solitaire' is available from DreamQuest Software ($19.99)

3 mb (win) / 3,5 mb (mac) trial:




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