In Shisen-Sho (aka 'Four Rivers', 'Szechuan', 'Shisen' or 'Nikakudori') the object is to remove all tiles from the field (as in 'Shanghai'). Only two matching or identical tiles can be removed at a time. The two tiles can only be removed if they can be connected with, at most, three connected lines. They must be connected by an imaginary line which does not pass through any other tile. Distance does not matter. When you remove tiles at the edges, other tiles become available for matching. These games uses what could be called the 'one-layer two-angles arcade rules'.

The number of tiles doesn't matter (as long as it has all four of the tiles used) and the layout may be different from game to game (the traditional one is a rectangular grid).

Remember that there normally are 4 of each tile - matching the "wrong" two first may make you loose the game, the game become unsolvable and you're trapped...

Szechuan is the name of an Chinese province, Shisen-Sho (or Sichuan) the Japanese name for the same area and Four Rivers is the English translation of that name. The myth is that Mahjongg is so popular in the province of Szechuan (probably true) that they created a different variant to play with the tiles (probably false).

Both the name of the original author and time of creation are unknown (probably Japanese).



Ada Links 3.58 Commercial

Shisen-Sho game for the young and silly at heart. Colorful tilesets and backgrounds. Hint, undo, sound, music. 

15 days trial available (only Pokemon tiles, nag-screens) - 5,2 mb. Req.: Windows 98 / Me / 2000 / XP, 32 MB of RAM.
See also LinLinks below.

Producer: AYE Software Price: $14.95


Bloxx It Commercial

Three levels (easy, normal, hard). 3 tilesets, sound, music, highscore, good but cartoony graphics. Play against time (the faster the more points). 
Req.: Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP, P300MMX+ 

A one hour time limited demo (4,25 mb) with one tileset and numerous nag screens is available.

Publisher: Alawar Price: $19.95


BShisen 1.4 Freeware

Shisen-Sho game. Board sizes: 14x6, 18x8, 24x12, 28x16, 32x20. Undo, hint, high score, sound, you can change the background color and picture. Author: Kelvin W Sherlock (2002). Intel/PPC versions (R5). You can make your own tilesets. 15 tilesets available from homepage. You can also upload your own highscore. Based on the GShisen engine. Alternative download site: BeBits. Was shareware, now freeware. More tilesets at Lelldorin.
271/317 kb - download from:  Kelvin Sherlock Price: 0


Four Rivers

Free Online

Nice little online shisen-sho version. Java. Hint, sound, timer. The game is free to play online. It is available for licensing if you want to put it on your own website.

Author: Jos van Uden.


Price: ?


Four Rivers for Windows 1.0e


Elegant tileset. 5 layouts. Hint, undo, sound. 

Author: Masaya Kusunoki (1995). Req.: Win 3.1+

- 309 kb

Homepage: NA

Price: 0


GShisen Freeware for the GNUstep. Author: Enrico Sersale.

MacOS X version


Price: 0 (GNUstep)


GShisen 2000 Open Source

Shisen-Sho clone for Apple II. Review of an old version (1998). Author: Kelvin Sherlock.
34 kb - download from: A2Central Price: N/A

 - old screenshot


gshisen 1.1.1 Open Source

Shisen-Sho port to FreeBSD, uses the GNUstep toolkit. 
48 kb - download from:  Fresh Ports Price: N/A



haihai 2 1.50 Freeware

Small and nice Japanese freeware game. 3 modes: Normal (Shanghai with 5 layouts), Line (Shisen-Sho) and Wall (Shisen-Sho again???). High score (5 best). Req.: Windows 95 /98 /Me /2000 /XP and DirectX 5.0. Download from this page (press the ftp or http button). In game: Right-click for menu (undo, redo, restart) and Enter to select new mode. Alternative download site: Caiman
500 kb - download from:  POKE SOFT Price: 0


Hong Kong Pairs Freeware

In every other level there is blocking tiles who cannot be moved. Matched pairs add to time, unused time adds to score. Author: Howard Clark (BigH) 2001. Runs on Windows 98 at least.
- 451 kb  Price: NA


Jade & Match 1.0 Freeware

Shisen-Sho game for PocketPC (ARM/XSCALE) with pictures of Jade pendant's. A new twist: Stones will block your line, and it will appear after round 10.

Author: Terence Jade

249 kb-download from: Terence Jade Store Online Price: 0


Jong 3D


Very good 3D version of 'Wino Jong 3' (see below). 12 layouts and 5 tile sets. Only 3 layouts and standard tileset available in shareware version. High score list for each layout. Installation, game, help and homepage (choose 'Jeux') in French only. Req.: OpenGL.

3.8 mb - Download from homepage


Price: 11,90€


JongPuzzle 3.41


Describes it-self as a "mah jong - like solitaire game"... 6 sizes (from 8x18 to 20x16) and 4 tile sets (Egyptian, Signs, Fractal, Easy). Sound, hint, undo, auto-play. Graphics not pretty in higher resolutions. Limitations in shareware version: Only three levels and nag screens. With so many good freeware games out there, what do you want with this lackluster?  Author: Andrey Krutikov.
Req.: Win95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP.

1,2 mb - download from:


Price: $11.95


KShisen (ShisenSho) Open Source

KShisen is an open-source implementation of Shisen-Sho written specifically for KDE (graphical desktop environment for Unix/Linux).  Highscore, hint, restart, check solvability, undo, redo, different board sizes, speed, and levels, Manual 'The KShisen Handbook'. KShisen is part of the KDE Games Center. Author: Mario Weilguni.
Screenshot by: Marie-Claude Collilieux (big thanks!)
Available from:  KDE Games Center Price: N/A


LinLinks 4.0 Shareware

Shisen-Sho. Seems to be made for kids? Highscore. Three difficulty modes. 6 tilesets. Sound, music. Req.: Win95+. Very similar to Ada Links above (same Pokemon set and look).
4,9 mb - download from: LinLink.Net Price: $ 19.95


Lin Wu's Challenge Abandonware

MSDOS game from 1990 by an defunct German company called Lasersoft. The review from 'Home of the Underdogs' says it all: " a lackluster Mahjongg game...The gameplay is very straightforward and quite dull...and the graphics is below par. Worth a look only if you collect Mahjongg games."
172 kb - download from:  HOTU Price: N/A


Link 1.0 Commercial

Shisen-Sho game.

3 difficulty levels, music and sound effect, 11 layouts, 6 tilesets, shuffle, hint, online high score.

Req.: PocketPC 

Publisher:  BOOQIO Price: $14.95




Shisen-Sho game made by Japanese company Symphony Inc. Sold in the retail "SHOCKPRICE500 series". Don't know where you can get it (possibly only in Japan...). Versions for Macintosh (68K,7.x) and Windows (95 and above), PlayStation. Some Japanese links: 1 (info. and download of trial versions) - 2 (win/mac68k info) - 3 (Classic/OS8) - 4 (OSX).

This online shockwave is built directly on this game: Play (screenshot)


Symphony, Inc.

Price: ?


Nankin 1.10 Freeware

A strange Shisen-Sho / SameGame variant. 

Made in 1993 by Ikuo Hirohata 'Grow'. Game in Japanese only. Hint, undo, shuffle, highscore. Runs on Win 98 and ???.

Homepage died in 2004

- 22 kb - download Grow's Soft Land Price:0


Noah's Ark Deluxe 1.1 Commercial

Shisen-Sho/SameGame combinations game. Match pairs of animals and save Noah's Ark from sinking. Three modes: Action, Strategy and Puzzle with three levels of difficulty each. Sound, music and high score.

Req.: Win98, ME, 2000, XP

10 times trial (2,6 mb) PopCaps Games Price: $9.95


Mah Jong - Border

Free Online

Online Java applet. Flower theme. A "teaser" for their commercial solitaire mahjongg games.
2 more with a 'Valentine' theme: Regular (screenshot) and  Kids  (screenshot)

Play online at 21st Century Games

Price: 0


PalmShisensho 1.24 Freeware

Shisen-Sho. High score, undo, hint, sound. English text file. Japanese website. PalmOS 5.
24 kb - download from: HumanBalance Price: 0


Palm Mahjong ( Match Mania ) 2.02 Shareware

It looks like a Shisen-Sho game from the bad screenshot.....

Author: Lam Siu Mui. Only first level playable in shareware version.

Req.: Palm OS 3.1

22 kb - download from: PalmGEAR Price: $12.00


Pocket-Jongg 3.71 Commercial


Shisen-Sho game. 

Versions for PocketPC, Desktop PC (Windows9x+) and Windows Smartphone 2002. 

Animation, highscore, 30 different level, multiplayer play via infrared or LAN


Publisher:  C-Labs Price: $ 9.95


Pocket Shisen 1.1 Commercial


Shisen-Sho with mahjongg tileset. 16-bit color display and 5 levels of difficulty.

Requirements: ARM based Pocket PC
Demo version with 60 minutes gameplay available.


600 kb - download from: Kojents FX Price: $8.99


ppcShisen 1.5.2 Shareware

4 levels of difficulty, undo, redo, sounds, 2 tile sets, highscore.

You can save the high scores as spreadsheet "CSV" files. 

Req.: PocketPC2002/2003

1,1 mb - download from: Ranware Price: $9.95


RuniX Shareware

Shisen-Sho with an emphasis on Rune tilesets. 3 difficulty levels. 6 variations (Classic - similar to the NEXTSTEP game "AcChen"), Classic Plus  - larger play area, Blocked - beware of the immobile pieces and don't get trapped, Flatland - one layer only and for children, Progressive, Timeless - no time limit). Req.: Mac OSX 10.1+.
12,3 mb - download from: IllumineX Price: $14.95




Commercial DOS release from 1991 (Amiga version so early as 1988, C64 in 1990). The graphics was perhaps impressive then, but not anymore today...The tiles are stacked on top of each other. The game gets progressively more difficult as rounds pass - both the number of tiles and different symbols on the tiles increase. The precursor to 'Curse of Ra'. Made by German company Starbyte who closed around 1993. Abandonware.

- - 1.2 mb

Homepage: NA

Price: NA


Shenzhen 1.1.4 Shareware

ShisenSho for PalmOS 3.5+ and supports 320x320 and 160x160. 

3 levels of difficulty, 3 board sizes, timer, high score, undo, redo

Author: Brian Williams. Restrictions in shareware unknown.

24 kb - download from: PalmGEAR Price: $5.00




Simple online version. Java applet. Also available as stand-alone windows game in 'The Orient Pack' together with a Solitaire Mahjongg clone for $5.00.

Play at

Price: $5.00



Free Online

Online Shisen-Sho. Javascript. More basic you can't get it...

Play online at: WOHNENimMV

Price: 0




Ordinary, but good clone. 6 different board sizes (from 21x4 to 21x8). Hint, redo / undo, High Score list. Game and website in German only. 

Author: Martin Fiddler. 
Rant: Why can't people give their games a version number???

229 kb - download from:

KeyJ Black Hole

Price: 0


Shisen-Sho 0.9 Freeware

Shisen-Sho game. Author: Martin Hentrich (2000). 

Intel/R5. English language. 

Alternative download page - BeZip

157 kb - download from:  Martin Hentrich Price: 0


Shisen-Sho 1.0.0 GNU GPL Freeware

Shisen-Sho game for the Sharp Zaurus PDA. 

Ported from the KDE project by Robert Ernst. 

Hint. Req.: qpe-base ($QPE_VERSION). 

Source available. 

English and German language


65/72 kb - download from: Zaurus Software Price: 0


Shisen-Sho 1.1


OK game. 5 board sizes (from 14x60 to 30x16) and 5 difficulty levels. Help, hint and High Score list.

Author: Arnold Kraschinski. Website and game in German only.

- 39 kb

Arnold Kraschinski



Shisen-Sho 1.17


A decent clone. Graphics could have been better, though. 18 tile sets (including a road sign tile set), 5 board sizes from 14x6 to 30x16. 5 speed levels and 3 difficulty modes. Hint, Demo and High Scores list. Standard mode, Gravity mode (tiles fall down the board), Fall mode and Attractive mode. Choose bitmaps as backgrounds. Bitmap template with which you can make your own tile sets. Versions for OS/2 (req.: Warp 3 with DIVE or later) and Windows. Review and screen- shot based on Windows version. Author: Daniel F. Valot

A special version dedicated to Irina Allegrova also available.

2.9 mb - download from homepage


Price: 0


Shisen-Sho 1.3 Freeware


Shisen-Sho game for Samsung PDA phone SCH-i519 using the MIZI Linux OS (a Korean Linux embedded OS derivative).  

It is based on the KShisen game by Mario Weilguni for KDE and is available under the GNU General Public License.



70 kb - download from: MIZI Research, Inc Price: 0


Shisen-Sho 1.5


5 difficulty levels. Standard mahjongg tile set. Timer. Author: Jerome Desmoulins. Game (and website) in French only. Req.: Win9x/NT/2000

231 kb - download from:

Jerome Desmoulins

Price: 0


Shisen-Sho for Java 1.2


Nice clone. 5 different board sizes (from 6x14 to 16x30). Cheat and Solve game. The game is a Java application. This means it needs a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) installed on the machine. See the homepage for installation instructions. Author: Barry Neilson (1999).

197 kb - download from homepage:

Barry Neilson

Price: 0


Shisen for Win32  2.10


You can choose your own bitmap or color as background. Online High Score. Cheat. Req.: Win9x/ME/NT/2000/XP. 

Web side and installation in Japanese only, game in English. 
Author: Ono Shinji

327 kb - download from:


Price: 0


Shisen-Sho for Windows 1.5

Freeware (GNU)

Good version. 12 tile sets, 5 sizes from 14x6 to 30x16, 3 difficulty levels and 5 speed levels. Help, Hint, Hall of Fame. Choose bitmap files as background. Based on the KDE game KSHISEN (Linux). The game can use tile sets made for KMahjongg. Author: Jim Mason

The download file is a Microsoft Installer (.msi file)

443 kb - download from homepage:


Price: 0


Shisen for Java 1.0 Freeware

Beautiful. 13 tilesets, multiple screen resolutions supported and automatic scaling of tiles, Hall of Fame, undo, redo, hint, peek, restart, pause, use jpg/gif/png-graphics as background, 3 difficulty levels, 6 board size from 14x6 to 30x16, several themes (look-and-feel), English and German language. Req.: Java 2 runtime (download from Java home). Platform independent (runs on OS/2, Linux, Windows, Solaris and Mac OSX). Authors: Uwe and Jürgen aus dem Moore.
5,4MB - Download from homepage: UJ-software Price: 0


Shisen for OS/2 1.31 Freeware

Shisen-Sho clone - looks very beautiful from the pictures.

Features: Several 'stonesets' (tilesets), multiple screen resolutions supported without scaling from 640x480 up to 1800x1350 and automatic scaling of stonesets, Hall of Fame, unlimited undo, hint. Req: OS/2

Authors: Uwe and Jürgen aus dem Moore (UJ)

2,2 mb - Download from homepage: UJ-software Price: 0


ShisenSho Free Online


Simple ShisenSho game online (java)

Play at Fun-Puzzles


Price: 0


Shisensho - Joshiryo-Hen Emulated Abandonware
Adult Shisen-Sho video game (arcade) made by Tamtex in 1989. The title translate from Japanese as 'Four River Reflection - Women's Dormitory'. The game is known outside Japan as "Match it" (non-erotic version) and also known as "Sichuan II". Info from Arcade History Database  and  EmuStatus.  Available under the MAME emulator. You have to search for the ROM yourself...
Price: 0


Short Circuit 1.3 Shareware

Shisen-Sho game. Here the lines are called circuits. "Tiles must be removed by matching pairs and must contain a circuit. A circuit is a straight, continuous path without any other tiles obstructing it. You can have up to two right angles, so you can have up to three straight lines." Author: Carl Limsico (1997). 

Req.: Any Macintosh Computer with OS 7+.
594 kb - download from: CRL Software Price: $15.00


Sichuan Majong 1.5 Shareware


Shisen-Sho for "Pocket PC / Pocket PC 2002 ( Windows CE 3.0 / 3.5), MIPS / SH-3 / StrongARM".

Seems like shareware version have no limitations. Game available in Chinese and English. 


Download from producer: Mobem Technologies Price: $5.00


Sichuan Mahjong 1.02 Shareware


Shisen-Sho game. 

Limitation in the shareware version: No highscore. Version for Pocket PC, Pocket PC 2002 and Windows Mobile 2003, ARM / MIPS / SH3

[Might be based on the same code as the game Sichuan Majong 1.5 above??]


754 kb - download from: YanCEyWare Price: $ 5.00


Super Circuitry 1.0b Shareware

Based on Short Circuitry mentioned above. 64 levels, highscore, sound, 4 difficulty modes. Colored blocks only and no mahjongg tiles. 

Shareware version only has the 16 first levels.

Req.: Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000
759 kb - download from:  CRL Software Price: $9.95


Take-it! Freeware

Shisen-Sho game. "Syntax Terror Demo" - The first and only mega-demo by Delta Force, which includes two legendary games (Match-It! and Soko-Ban). For Atari ST. From 1990. Works in SainT emulator. Second download site: PaciDemo
814 kb - download from: Price: 0


Take Two 1.00


Nice Shisen-Sho version. 5 tile sets (Chinese, The Simpsons, Gemstones, Road signs, Blitz Basic Coders faces). Create your own tile sets (PNG - 288x320 / 32x64). Play in three sizes (Small, Medium, Large). High score list. Animated background. Hint (gives time penalty). In 'normal mode' is three tokens introduced - you loose a token each time you cheat. 15 levels of grid from 4x4 to 24x8 with time limits (it gets really hard...). Based on 'Take Two' on the Atari ST. 3 more tilesets available on the authors homepage (Star Trek, Sphere and WWE Wrestling). 
Author: Andrew Pointon (aka 'The Caffeine Kid')

983 kb - download from:

TCK's Blitz Remakes

Price: 0


TakoShi 0.1.1 Freeware

Shisen-Sho (from 2001). Minimum requirement: Palm IIIc, Palm OS Color, Palm 3.5+. " Mahjongg tiles are filled with the 14 columns x 10 rows." Hint, undo. Author: Shin-ichiro SHIRAI. 
Update: v. 0.1.2 (for Palm OS 5) download from Japanese site

Later versions are shareware (see Tako2BlandPalmware).

127 kb - download from: FreewarePalm Price: 0


Tautology I Freeware

Shisen-Sho game. "A conversion of Match-It from Delta Forces's Syntax Terror Demo. Runs in 384x240 true colour mode so it is happier on RGB monitors. Will work on VGA to a lesser extent. Features a nifty two player mode and a horrible menu system. Not our finest hour." By Reservoir Gods (1994). For the Falcon 030. One or two player mode. Two tilesets (Shanghai and Fruits)
71 kb - download from: Reservoir Gods Price: 0


Tautology II Shareware

Shisen-Sho game. "A total remake of our earlier puzzle game! Much more refined graphics, stunning music and loads of extra options and features. "Addictive as hell" warned ST Format as they awarded it 93%.". Atari Falcon 030 only, req.: 4Mb of RAM. VGA or RGB. One or two player mode. Made in 1985. Music. 5 tilesets. Highscore.
296 kb - download from: Reservoir Gods Price: ???


The Curse Of Ra [RA] (DOS)


From the review at HOTU
: "Ra is a nice puzzle/logic game by Rainbow Arts with an ancient Egyptian theme. The game plays like Chinese game of Mahjongg, crossed with Sokoban and a dash of Rainbow Arts' own Logical for good measure. At the most basic level, it's another clear-the-field-by-matching-same-tiles kind of game, although each level is cleverly designed (with missing gaps to make moving pieces harder), and pieces are cleverly placed. Fun if you like brain-teasing games in this mold. As an added bonus, the the game includes a level editor and a so-called "arcade" game mode in addition to the logic one to appeal to fans of quick-decision games."

Another review: "Yet another exquisite puzzle-game from 1990. Nice background story: in ancient Egypt you forgot to do your religious duty towards Sun-God Ra - as a punishment you are turned into a bug (not a spider like stated in the attached doc). Your only chance to become human again is to find your way out of the 100 levels of a pyramid. To advance into the next level you got to solve one puzzle per level - you have to make all the pieces vanish. They only do this if they are either horizontal or vertically on one line. This starts easy, but in the higher levels you won't be able to move all of the pieces around. And some other mean things will await you there too. A good idea and every puzzle-fan will love it. You can also play this in Arcade-mode which means time-limits and some other things. Really worth a try this game."

MS-DOS Game from 1990. Abandonware. 
Other versions: C64 (1990), Amiga (1992), Atari ST (1990)

580 kb - download from:

Home of the Underdogs

Price: NA


The Curse of Ra


Good arcade standard graphics. Egyptian twist and hieroglyphic tiles. A derivative of the standard Shisen-Sho, since it has new elements such as bombs, magnets and walls. 50 levels with increasing difficulty, who will challenge both your mind and logic. Single or various multiplayer modes. Level Editor. Languages: English, Español, Deutsch, Français. Author: Philippe Mussler. Req.: Win 95/ 98/ ME/ XP/ 2000 and DirectX 7+. In the shareware version you can only play the first 6 levels.

New levels are being sold in Mission Packs (50 levels each) for $9.95 each : Ra's Revenge, Ra's Empire, Ra's Vegas. There also exists a 'The Curse of Ra Fun Club' where members exchange user made levels. 

Several commercial retail versions is sold by eGames under the name 'RahJongg'  (Spyware!). 'RahJongg' ($19.99), the sequel 'Mahjongg Master: Egyptian Edition' ($14.99), and a 22-level version in the bundle 'Galaxy of Mahjongg 2'.

1,1 mb - download from:


Price: $19.95


Tiles Of Fate Historical

Shisen-Sho with a twist - you have three helpers called 'the forces of fate' located below a tile: The Flash of Chance (allows you to match any matching tiles on the board, even those surrounded by other tiles), The Force of Balance (will eliminate brick walls that block the path) and The Flag of Knowledge (makes your next move - hint). Level editor. Released by American Video Entertainment in 1990 for the NES (Nintendo). More information at MobyGames.
Price: NA


Turn It Abandonware

Ms-dos game from 1990 by dead German company Kingsoft. Game in German only. Features: 1 or 2 player, sound, highscore and 3 difficulty levels. 50 levels with time limits.
115 kb - download from: HOTU Price: N/A


WebShisen 2.02

Free Online

Java applet. Graphics look a little dull. Gravity and Deflation mode. Time limit, hint, replay and help. Online high score. Req.: IE4+ or NS3+. Online version of 'XShisen' , a Shisen-Sho game for X11/Linux (see below)

Play at: 




Free Online


Online Shisen-Sho game played with regular cards, not mahjongg tiles (so it shouldn't really be here...). Hint and undo. Req: IE5+ or Netscape6+, JavaScript enabled. Also: Diugoya (match similar icon faces)

Courtesy of: Nakamichi Game Land

Price: 0


Wino Jong 3


The board is small and the tiles are only loosely based on Mahjongg tiles. High score list. Sound. Shareware version has a five level limit. Installation, game and homepage (choose 'Jeux') in French only.

3.5 mb - download from: 


Price: 9.90€


XShisen 1.51 Open Source

Shisen-sho game for X11. Undo, search (i.e. hint), restart, highscore, auto-demo mode. Source available. Req.: C++ compiler like gcc, Motif 1.2+ or X11R5 Xaw+ (to build), Xpm library. Confirmed to work on Linux 1.3.30 and HP-UX 9.05. Author: Masaoki Kobayashi

Online version: WebShisen (java-applet) 

84 kb (source) download: Homepage Price: N/A


Zador 1.72a Shareware

50 levels, 4 different Chinese music-tunes, highscore, meditation mode, 6 different tilesets: Asian (original Chinese Mah-Jongg tiles), Egyptian, Fantasy, Xmas, Sockquest (find pairs of matching socks..), Kidspanic (variation with simple geometric shapes for kids). For Macintosh v.8 and above.
4,2 mb - download from: Mac-Yun-Soft Price: $ 17


Zador I & II Freeware

Shisen-Sho. Author: Kemal Ezcan (KE Soft). Zador I made in 1989, Zador II in 1992. For 8 bit Atari (Atari XL/XE)

Second download site: Zador I / Zador II

28/47 kb - download from: Kemal Ezcan Price: 0



See also these games (among others) that has Shisen-Sho: Kyodai Mahjongg (shareware), Cats Mah Jong Solitaire (commercial), Galaxy of Mahjongg (commercial),  Ultimate Mahjongg 5 (commercial) and the MahJongg Master Series (commercial).


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