Tired of the 'standard' mahjongg tile set? Why don't you create your own? The only limit is your own imagination (and perhaps access to pictures or your artistic limitations...) 

Remember that the Seasons and Flowers tiles are special. When you create a tile set, you must make sure that those eight tiles are identifiable as tiles that belongs to two 'types' or 'families'. The four tiles in each group should have common characteristic marks in order to be identified during the game. Example: You're making a Viking tile set. You have four different pictures of swords and four different pictures of helmets. Voila! Problem solved. And of course you don't use any sword or helmets pictures in the rest of the tile set... . If you don't have an idea for a family of tiles, simply take four identical tiles for each type. They will behave just like regular tiles then.

"I have an great idea for a tile set and would like to use it in *all* solitaire mahjongg games!" Oh, I wish that was possible...but almost every tile-matching game uses a different proprietary file format for sets. You must learn how to make tile sets for your particular game. Read the documentation and/or visit the gameís website first. Is this doesnít help, you must contact the author directly.

One of the few games with it's own 'tile-maker utility' is the Moraff's MahJongg games (shareware). It gets the job done, but it's not 'excellent'. If you compare with the solitaire card games world, producers of solitaire mahjongg has much to learn. The second 'tile set' friendly game is Kyodai MahJongg (shareware), for whom there is several good blank templates and instructions on how to create your own tile sets. Update: Ultimate Mahjong (shareware) has a very good tileset maker.

And now you want to publish your tile set on the net. Where? Well, there isnít any central repository of tile sets, so you have to check out the games websites and/or fan sites first (and / or continue to read below...). If you are lucky, you can submit it to someone who will upload it for you, but you might have to create your own site. 

If you know about sites with tile sets not listed on this page; please contact me!


Tile sets to Kyodai MahJongg:

The website of Marc Lesselberg *was the* starting place for everything related to Kyodai MahJongg. It contained custom tilesets, small tilesets, backgrounds, songs, layouts, skins and themes! Unfortunately, it went offline in March 2004.

'The Link List' was an 100% complete list of other Kyodai MahJongg fan sites. A copy of the list is available at 'Chachi's Kyodai Fan Site'.

Tileset: Ivory on Alabaster, layout: Arena



Some screen shots of tile sets to Kyodai MahJongg I like and use...


Christie Ward's Kyodai Mahjongg Tilesets

Fantasy Art 2

From Andy's Resource Center

Sarah Michelle Gellar

The actress in the TV-series 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer". Available from the 'Sarah Michelle Gellar Solitaire' site.

Sacred Futhark

- Sacred Futhark by Kayo Graco 


Note that tile sets made for Kyodai MahJongg also can be used in the following games:

My Mahj, MahJongg Master 4/5, Amazing MahJongg 3D, X MahJongg (X11/Unix) and Ghost MahJongg



Tile sets to Moraff's MahJongg games:

'Kindly Rat' has three websites with great collections of tile sets: Kindly Rat main site (geocities), second site (fortunecity) and Retro tile sets. Also available for download is a tile set maker utility, a background maker utility and songs. "If you make a tile set, send it to me and I'll post it!"

The 'Dream' tile set used in MoreJongg 7.0



Lewis Carroll's "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland". Also tile sets with wolves, pin-ups, Vampirella and NLF football. From 'The Wonderland Tarot' homepage (Chris and Morgana Abbey)


Sox the Kat
Cats... 6 different tile sets

Sarah Michelle Gellar

'Sarah Michelle Gellar Solitaire'
(for Moraff also? Yes; guess who has made this tile set..

Vocifer's Laboratory

Hand-crafted tile sets - dragons, elves, wacky warners, movie posters, batman/superman, Beania-mania for MoreJongg.


A tile set with images from Wade porcelain and ceramics. Made by fans.

SuperGirls Dad

12 tile sets available for download from the creators Yahoo Briefcase. Motives: Superheroes and Archie. Screenshot: 'Animated Justice League' tile set. 18.09.2004: Dead link, unfortunately!


Mahjongg tiles

Very nice tile sets - among them Russian folk art, stained glass, Easter eggs, Victorian postcards, textures -
22 total.

Guildo Horn

Pictures of Guildo Horn, Schlager-musician from Germany. Website in German.


As the title says. Pictures from a fire-brigade in action. Site in German.


Kris Joyce

Around 30 tilesets - frogs, nature, animals, comic books etc.


Download 'food' tileset (214 kb)


Moraffs Christmas tileset (8,5 mb!) incl. .tls,.3ds, .3db. 


John London

Visit 'RiverRocks' collection of 120 tilesets to Moraffs game. Art images, nature motives, people etc. Gorgeous!.  


Moraff's Forums

An active forum with among others sections called 'Links to Tilesets', 'Help with Tileset Creation and Usage' and 'New Tilesets' (suggestions for)



Tile sets to Activision's Shanghai series:


A tileset to Shanghai: Dynasty made by 'Fritters'. ReBoot is the first network TV series produced entirely with computer graphics (1994). Download at 'The Los Angeles Mental Relaxorium

Satoru Iwatsu

'Shanghai II Dragon's Eye' Custom Tileset for Macintosh - Cairo, Gunshy, Casablanca and My Friends tileset.

Download at Satoru Iwatsu.

CeeJays Tilesets











Tile sets to Dragons Bane: Mah Jongg II:



136 free user-made tilesets available for download at the producers site: Arcanum Computing

CeeJays Tilesets






Tile sets to Mah Jongg V-G-A, Mah Jongg for Windows and Mah Jongg '97:

Lord of The Rings tileset (TIS)

Download from The Tolkien Computer Game Page at Lysator

Billy Bear 4 Kids tileset (TIS)

-billybear_tileset_tis.zip' (14 kb)

3D Gamers tileset (TBH)

"Shooter tileset" - Download from HazDaGeek


Village tileset (TBH)

Author: J. E. L. Jochim
Download from Ron's Shareware

The Mah Jongg Corner
(Jim Gray)

More than 100 tilesets available for download 

Update: Sigh.. downloads
 links not working and he
 does not respond to

Gamers Org
'The Classic PC Games Archives'

44 tilesets (about 1 megabyte) - (TIS)

  Misc. tilesets (839 kb) - (TIS)


Tile sets to Mah Jongg 4.2:

The author is selling disk with tilesets for $5 each.


The Mah Jongg Corner
(Jim Gray)

More than 800 tilesets available for download 


- Misc. tilesets (805 kb)


Tile sets and boards to Shih Dao:


Stone Granite Board and Shaped Holes tileset

- Boards: 
Ripple Paper Fell, Funky bumpy and bubbly, Casino, Stone Granite, Classic green and white marble, Programmers (301 kb)

- Tile sets:
 60's mood stamps, Nature, Oriental, Playing Cards I-II, Casino Chip, Country Shapes, Cyber Cool, Shaped holes, Metal (204 kb)



Tile sets and layouts to
Ultimate Mahjongg:


2 tilesets (Christmas and Valentine Flowers) and 3 layouts


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