“The real game” is a board game for four players somewhat similar to the card game “Gin Rummy”, but played with tiles instead of cards. There are at least 28 known varieties of mahjongg; with the six major varieties being: Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese, American, Western and Filipino. All the different Mahjongg games uses pretty similar basic rules, but different scoring and different strategies, special hands and tile combinations.

Myth and History – a myth claims that mahjongg was played by Noah in his Ark during the biblical Flood. Another myth claims that it was the great Chinese philosopher, Confucius, that invented the game about 500 years B.C. A third myth claims it was created during the T’ang Dynasty (618-907).  The much more probably theory is that it was created around AD 1850 in the area of Ningbo, China by merging several card, tile and domino games.  

Photo by Tom Sloper


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