Can anybody help me find these games? 


Mah Jongg 2.13 (Russian)
- have two tilesets, some layouts and only in Russian

Tiles 1.01 (Japanese)
- By 'BearSoft', only in Japanese, req. VB5

Syanhai 2.2.0
- Author: Tsuyshi Kawada, only in Japanese

Super Chokyu (Twin Dragons 4.3g)
- Author: Norio Takai - derivative where you have to remove three or four tiles at a time, with the twist that is has to be a suite of tiles (like 4,5, and 6 bamboo tiles). Flowers, Seasons, Winds and Dragons must be removed by four.

- an unknown game included on the discontinued CD '
Mahjongg CD-Professional' by Hemming GMBH some years ago in Germany. Play with the letters and you'll see what kind of game I think is it! Link Wellspent.org



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